These actions of the mother affect the child's life, if you don't pay attention, it will be too late!
These actions of the mother affect the child's life, if you don't pay attention, it will be too late!
Let children grow up in educated, loving, warm families.
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A good mother is worth a hundred teachers." "

in fact, even a hundred teachers cannot replace the influence of a mother on a child.

Imitation is the nature of the child, and in the process of growing up, the mother's every move will become a key factor affecting the child.

A small gesture by the mother is likely to plant a small seed in the child's heart, poppy or sunflower, which will not be known until it blossoms.

through observation, egg moms carefully found that mothers often do these 11 little moves have a great impact on their children! Moms, check to see if you've done it!

someone says: destroying a child and letting him down three times is enough.

  • pick up food for the children

picking up food in a child's bowl is a very bad habit.

  • help the child dress

it saves a lot of trouble, but it misses the best time to cultivate children's independence.

  • pointing at the child

" XXX! If you say no, don't you? "

moreover, children follow suit and will use this impolite behavior elsewhere, so mothers should never point their fingers at their children no matter how angry they are.

  • laugh at children

" are you a pig brain? I can't do such a trifle! "
"you can't even hold chopsticks, what else can you do!"
"it's not shameful to wet the bed too old!"

language is the sharpest knife, the speaker doesn't mean to listen, and mothers may not think it, but they don't realize that such ridicule is fatal to the child.

  • perfunctory treatment of children

whether it is a full-time mother or a working mother, there are always times when children are powerless, so many times they will unconsciously ignore their children.

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the more mothers do, the smarter their children are, and moms will learn quickly!

  • smile

Karl Spitler said:" smile is a language with multiple meanings. "

for the child, the mother's smile is the power to appease the heart and give the child light and hope.

A child raised by a gentle mother who likes to smile tends to be full of love and life.

  • embrace

the child grows up in the mother's body and is most familiar with the mother's temperature and smell.

Research shows that hugging can help people relieve stress, improve happiness and happiness, and relieve pain and help their physical and mental health.

the most important thing is that parents embrace their children, which can enhance their children's self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • squat

  • Equal dialogue has always been a key topic in parent-child education.

    how to establish effective communication with your child? First of all, it is necessary to physically let the child feel the respect of the mother, and the best way is to squat down while talking to the child and look flat at the child.

    Don't underestimate the small act of squatting down. It is a bridge that connects you to your child's dialogue and communication. It is a real key to your child's heart.

    • walk behind the child

    usually such a child doesn't have a say at home, and his mother likes to take care of everything for him, so he has a cowardly and inferiority character and doesn't want to get out of his parents' umbrella.

    • self-discipline

    A self-disciplined mother who knows how to restrain herself has a great impact on her children, which is also what we often call the power of example.

    Children's judgment is weak, and what they are good at is imitation. At this time, parents' every move becomes the nearest observation object of the child.

    Seneca said:" those who can restrain themselves are the most prestigious. "

    Child is a copy of parents

    parents need to learn and work hard to educate their children bit by bit.

    let their children grow up in educated, loving, and warm families.


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