There is a girl's mother at home. This is the last article you should miss.
There is a girl's mother at home. This is the last article you should miss.
Your daughter is what you are.

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" our little princess, please don't get hurt. "

as Feifei grows older and more sensible, that's what the father always says.

especially the second-child couples like ours, who are more" precious "towards their daughters, but also have troubles in raising their daughters:

want to make my daughter look good, and I'm worried that my daughter will focus on her appearance too early.
always guard her daughter's innocence, but fear that she only learns to be conceited but doesn't know the world.
strict, but also worried that she will be submissive and not confident when she grows up.

Today, Egg Mommy will talk to you about raising girls.

Personality shaping

to educate girls to form good personality traits, we need to start from these aspects:


about money

people often say "girls should be rich, boys should be poor", but if you blindly believe in the proverb, raising girls will fall into the trap of extravagance and obscenity.

whether you are a boy or a girl, remember to teach him to develop a correct concept of money from an early age: Gentleman loves money, take it wisely, use it wisely, use it wisely, and use it wisely.

money is the foundation, but consumption should be controlled, matched with your income, and used more in useful places.

it's not shameful to love money, but don't worship it blindly, use proper labor and pay to get it.


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about suffering


is it true that girls can't bear hardships more than boys?

actually it's not. So many great women in history have overcome great pain with extraordinary courage in order to achieve something: Helen Keller, Zhang Kaidi.

since childhood, Feifei's upbringing method is the same as that of eggs. I am not reluctant to let her go to endure hardships just because she is a girl.

I hope my daughter will not be devastated by minor setbacks in the future.

Life is too long for me to stay with her all my life , there will be ups and downs in the future. I believe she will be able to face it independently in the future.


about temper

" Girl, you have to be kind, and you have to be kind. " This is a sentence that I often warn my daughter.

when it comes to touching the principle and the bottom line, have the courage to say no.

kind ≠ is easy to bully, magnanimous ≠ is unprincipled, teaching children to refuse is also an important lesson in raising girls.

in case of an emergency," shrew "is OK. The most important thing is to protect yourself.


about the horizon

what should a girl's life be like?

as a mother, I prefer my daughter to have more more options:

see the world, read more, broaden your horizons
engage in your favorite industry and make some achievements.
financially independent, independent personality, find a lover for life.

Don't be a uppercase girl because of your narrow vision.

how important is it to cultivate girls' aesthetic consciousness?

backstage received a message from her mother who was isolated from any costume since she was a child, and her parents criticized her for dressing up.

the battered woman gave up her image to take care of herself, leaving only an inch and entering a men's clothing store, so that the road to adulthood was fraught with obstacles in dealing with interpersonal relationships.

does not mean to dress up your daughter from an early age, or to dress up in rich clothes, but more importantly, to practice both internally and externally.

  • "smile is the best pass."

  • posture is equally important.

  • keep tidy

Why do some people clearly use the most expensive accessories and wear expensive clothes that don't make people feel beautiful?

  • temperament

  • keep confident

every girl has a period of inferiority when she is growing up.

when your daughter has a certain sense of autonomy, you must remember to tell her that everything she has is a gift from God, and she will always be the most beautiful princess in the eyes of her parents.

raise your face, be yourself firmly and confidently, and be yourself.

parents' influence on their daughters

especially the relationship between parents, which greatly affects the child's later mate selection and family, and even the reproduction of the original family.


Dad's influence

surveys show that when choosing a mate, women tend to choose men who are close to their fathers, especially girls who lack fatherly love from an early age.

A good father will give his daughter sufficient sense of security to better guide his daughter's future life development direction.

Father exists as a great, protective character.


font-size: 15px Mother's influence

your daughter is what you are. this degree of similarity extends to personality, behavior, interpersonal relationship handling and other aspects.

if you are irritable and grumpy, your daughter is also grumpy.
if you are untidy and your house is in a mess, your daughter will not tidy up and take in.
if you endure domestic violence again and again without resisting, your daughter doesn't know how to deal with violence.

these influences imperceptibly affect the growth of girls. Sometimes this influence is invisible, but for children, it is engraved in the bones as an imprint, so it is difficult to make it more difficult.Change.


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