There are three signs of family decline, one of which is also a bad thing, so we should be vigilant.
There are three signs of family decline, one of which is also a bad thing, so we should be vigilant.
A wealth of money is not as good as a good family style. A good character is better than a collection of ten thousand books.

as the saying goes, "there are more than ten generations of moral inheritance, followed by ploughing, reading, poetry and books, and wealth, but three generations."

it can be seen that if you want to be rich for more than three generations, it is almost impossible to pass on the family by wealth.

A good family style is the foundation of a prosperous family.

however, the good family style that has been handed down from generation to generation may be corrupted in one generation.

the decline of the family is not without trace, there are often three obvious signs, one is also a bad thing, we should be vigilant when we encounter it!

Children suddenly fall into bad habits

there is a saying in Shiji: "the world is all for profit, and the world is bustling for profit."

No one is immune from vulgarity when he is alive.

it is only natural to pursue fame and wealth or spiritual prosperity.

sometimes, ideals, fame and wealth, goals, materials, etc., are the driving force for people to forge ahead.

A person without a goal tends to live blindly, and a person who has no pursuit at the spiritual or material level is often at a loss.

pursue, struggle, and then enjoy.

it's just that people often get the order wrong, fantasize about getting rich, and so on, so as to bring unpredictable crisis to the family and even the family.

when I went back to my hometown for the Spring Festival, I listened to a distant uncle talk about his son:

my son Xiao Hao graduated from junior college. After graduation, my uncle asked someone to find a job, which can not be said to be too much money, but fortunately stable.

usually follow the project, enterprises do greening, road construction, where the project is located, where the office is located.

at first, Xiao Hao was very attentive, worked hard and planned what exam to take in the future.

as he grew older, he began to talk about marriage.

someone told me about a relationship, and after meeting the girl, they fell in love at first sight. After more than half a year of understanding, both parents had a meal, chose a good day, and settled on the engagement and marriage.

after the engagement, my uncle wants to buy a house for him. After getting married, he will be stable.

when the whole family is in full swing to get married, the woman is going to renounce her marriage.

it turned out that Xiao Hao had got into a bad habit, and everyone around him had borrowed it all but his parents, and his reputation was completely tarnished.

seeing this, the fiancee was completely separated from him.

my uncle was not only burdened with a lot of debt because of his son's marriage, but also went around looking for people to raise money, plugging the hole.

but not a year later, Xiaohao was heavily in debt and didn't come back for the Spring Festival. He only knew how to deceive relatives and friends to borrow money.

this reminds me of the Xue family in A Dream of Red Mansions.

that Xue Kui was profligate, and no matter how big his family business was, he was completely defeated, and he could only rely on Jia's government to help him make a living.

in fact, no matter whether they are rich or ordinary people, what they fear most is that their children get into bad habits.

bad habits are easy to catch, but it is difficult to change, which will not only destroy yourself, but also bring unbearable danger to the family.

after all, children are the future of a family.

quarrels between husband and wife

people say that everything is happy at home.

but many people don't know how to get along with the family.

especially between husband and wife, how many couples are glued to each other because of whose house they go for the Spring Festival and whose responsibility is it that their children are mischievous and mischievous, blaming each other and complaining about each other?

the reality is that after getting married and having children, many couples struggle to cope with life, work and children, and become estranged from each other.

the pressure of life on both husband and wife, often make people out of breath.

there are some things you don't want to say and some things you can't say.

if you don't tell, I won't ask. Over time, a little contradiction can lead to a huge quarrel.

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after the event, maybe both of them will regret their emotional impulses and should talk well.

but next time, it will be like a powder keg.

some people say that if you make up after a quarrel, the relationship will be deeper than before.

however, if there are more quarrels, the proportion of peace and reconciliation is bound to decrease, and gradually become tired of each other.

naturally, the good fortune slips away.

A harmonious couple has many blessings, but a discordant couple has many calamities.

so how to ease the quarrel between husband and wife?

stabilize your mood

when it comes to emotion, no one is wise, and some blurting words are very hurtful and heartbreaking.

at this time, you should learn to exercise restraint, forcibly suppress your emotions and calm down.

hurtful words, don't say, urgent words, speak slowly.

there is no contention for right or wrong

between husband and wife, we don't have to fight for right or wrong about everything. Be a listener, listen to what the other person is saying, understand and tolerate, rather than criticize and picky.

think of others

be considerate of each other, consider the other person's current state and problems, try to look at the problem from the other person's point of view, and get to know each other in a relationship and caring way.

to achieve the above three points, I believe that there will be much less conflicts and quarrels between husband and wife.

Balzac, the great master of literature, said:

"A happy marriage is the result of spiritual fusion between husband and wife."

spiritual integration, in fact, is to understand each other's ideas and tolerate each other's shortcomings.

understand that quarrels never solve problems, they only deepen conflicts.

only through serious communication and mutual tolerance can we go further hand in hand.

the elderly are ill and their children are unfilial

if children are filial and unfilial, their parents will know once they get sick.

as the ancients said, "one mother can raise ten children, but ten children cannot support one mother."

I used to think that this sentence is a bit exaggerated. With so many children, why can't they support their parents?

slowly, I realized how realistic and heartbreaking this sentence is.

most parents, always afraid of causing trouble to their children, do their best to help their children when they can help them.

as you get older, your ability to take care of yourself becomes worse. Once you get sick, you need to be taken care of by your children.

but all children have their own homes and lives.

some people even work in other places, and they don't see their parents a few times a year, let alone take care of them.

not long ago, I saw a piece of news:

83-year-old Huang Guoxiu took his five children to court.

Huang Guoxiu, an old man, her husband died young, and all six children were brought up by the old man alone, and helped to get married and start a career.

more than 10 years ago, the old man's second son, Gao, died in a traffic accident. Now two men and three women are still alive.

in order not to burden their children, the elderly have always chosen to live alone and be self-sufficient.

when the elderly are not self-sufficient, their children are divided over the issue of support, and no one is willing to take the initiative to support the elderly.

it was only after mediation by the court that the old man's five sons and daughters were willing to support the old man Huang Guoxiu.

it's chilling to see this.

such things are not uncommon.

there are many children in my hometown because their parents are ill in bed all the year round.

Blood used to be thicker than water, but now there is no contact between old age and death.

what's more, there was a big fight.

many people may forget a maxim: there is an old man in a family, such as a treasure.

Old people can bring happiness to a family!

Children are not filial to their parents and do not support their parents.

then your children will follow suit, and the whole family will fall into a crisis.

Sima Guang's family motto says:

"if a provident fund leaves children and grandchildren behind, they may not be able to keep it. Accumulate books to leave behind children and grandchildren, who may not be able to read. It would be better to accumulate Yin virtue in the dark and think that the children and grandchildren will have a long-term solution. "

A wealth of wealth is not as good as a good family style.

A collection of ten thousand volumes is not as good as a good character.

there is no secret to the prosperity of a family. Filial piety for children, harmony between husband and wife, and prosperity of the family. On the contrary, the family is bound to fail.

, may your husband, wife and children be filial and prosperous.

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