The wife is pregnant and wants to eat 40 jin of strawberries. The husband's behavior is too real.
The wife is pregnant and wants to eat 40 jin of strawberries. The husband's behavior is too real.
Only by protecting each other and driving together can we live a good life and love each other for a long time.


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backstage received a message from a man:

my wife is pregnant and wants strawberries very much. It costs 40 yuan per jin. My financial level is average. Should I buy it for her?

this reminds me of a story I once saw on Zhihu:

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I briefly sorted out the story:

A woman was pregnant and had a craving for cherries, which was about 70 yuan per jin at that time.

the family is not rich, but she can still afford it, but her husband just won't buy it.

she can only wait until there is a price cut and buy something not so fresh to satisfy her craving.

when she was in the month, she wanted to eat again and specially asked her husband to buy it, but her husband still didn't buy it.

later, she got divorced.

when I saw this story, I was particularly distressed by this woman.

in marriage, women tend to give more, but they don't want much.

A considerate word from my husband and a small gift to take home can make them happy for a long time.

but my husband is stingy to give even this little sweetness. After a long time, women will only choose to turn around and leave.

what do women really care about in marriage?

when watching the Happiness Trio, Chen Jianbin and Jiang Qinqin were the couple who impressed me the most.

program, Jiang Qinqin is pregnant with her second child and does housework with a big belly every day.

Chen Jianbin, on the other hand, either drinks tea or sleeps, and can lie down and never sit.

netizens all complain: how can he sleep more than his pregnant wife!

when he went out to buy food, he took it in his pocket and let his wife take care of it all by himself.

when he cooks and cooks, he directs blindly if he doesn't help.

Jiang Qinqin let him come by himself in a fit of anger, and as a result, he was embarrassed again.

such an undiligent husband at the stall, netizens couldn't bear to watch it and advised them to leave one after another.

but Jiang Qinqin said that he was very happy, because Chen Jianbin would support his family and hurt people.

indeed, Chen Jianbin can write poems to his wife.

will quietly cram his poems in his wife's suitcase.

will also leave a message to his wife to encourage her to be herself.

he is a straight man of steel, but he never ignores his wife's emotions.

he said: "Jiang Qinqin never told you the answer directly, which tempered my insight."

it can be seen that Chen Jianbin has the intention to observe and satisfy Jiang Qinqin's emotions and needs.

the couple, who are not favored, have stumbled to the present.

some people say that Jiang Qinqin worked too hard in this marriage.

but it was precisely the sweet that her husband gave her that made her willing to swallow the bitterness.

Chen Jianbin understands Chiang Chin-chin, and what he gives is exactly what she wants.

for most women, isn't it the same?

Don't be vigorous, don't ask for a lot of money, just a visible heart.

you can coax her when she is tired, and you can rest assured that what she has said can help her buy what she wants to eat.

these simple and trivial concerns constitute a woman's full understanding of a happy marriage.

A "hypocritical" woman in marriage

because I have saved too much disappointment

remember Liu Mintao?

for the sake of her family, she gave up her excellent acting career and worked as a full-time housewife for seven years.

eventually divorced, but because her husband did not buy her an ice cream.

some people may say: isn't it just an ice cream? As for it?

I believe many women are familiar with such words.

just a bouquet of flowers? As for it?

just a meal? As for it?

just a movie? As for it?

but many men don't know that it is often these seemingly insignificant little things that overwhelm marriage.

one of my senior sisters just got divorced last year.

she talked to me about what made her decide to divorce.

speaking, it's still a small thing:

once the elder sister came to her period and was so tired that she really didn't want to cook, so she ordered a takeout for the child.

when my husband came home from work, he went on and on about his sister for an hour, saying that she was lazy and unworthy to be a mother.

similar little things keep going on in my sister's life.

during the meal, she picked up a few more dishes that her son liked to eat with chopsticks, and her husband reminded her, "Don't rob my son!"

go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. She especially wants to eat steamed fish, but her husband just won't let her buy it.

also said: "No one in the family likes fish, can you eat a whole piece by yourself?" If you can't finish it, don't waste it! "

when the family traveled abroad and picked out a gift for her mother-in-law, she wanted to buy a dress for her mother. Her husband frowned and said, "next time, I'll miss the plane."

the elder sister said, "I have paid so much for this family, but in his eyes, I am a person who does not deserve to eat a steamed fish!"

some people ask: what is the most terrible thing in marriage?

if you ask me, it is not an affair or a quarrel, but the indifference and disregard of "knowing you want it but not giving it to you".

he always pretends not to see your needs.

he always deliberately does not respond to your emotions.

you're falling apart.Yes, he also called you hypocritical, asked you as for it?

Psychology says that a place where there is no response is a desperate situation.

No woman divorced because of a trifle.

she must have experienced countless similar little things and accumulated enough disappointment before she decided to leave.

what makes a marriage happy?

tell me about a little thing that happened to me.

I have a series of fever recently. I either throw up or have diarrhea at night.

every time I throw up or pull, I have to get up and scrub, change my clothes, change the sheets, and go back to sleep.

sometimes when I pull three times a night, I have to get up three times, and then I can't sleep anymore.

it just so happens that I have to work overtime with my father these days, and I have to carry it by myself at night.

over the past few days, fatigue and discontent have accumulated more and more, and I am about to explode. I just want to get a chance to quarrel with my father.

Last night, my father rarely came home early. As soon as he entered the door, he handed me a mouthwash cup.

he said, "didn't you say the mouthwash cup was too small last time?" I bought you a big one. "

the moment I took the cup, I suddenly found that I was not angry at all and I didn't feel tired.

even a little happy: I forgot what I said casually, but my husband still took it to heart.

in this way, a brewing quarrel was resolved by a mouthwash cup.

married sisters can probably understand how I feel.

most of the time, women are easy to coax.

it doesn't matter to be bitter and tired. It's true that there is no one to help, and you can carry it by gritting your teeth.

as long as your husband can see your hard work and know the cold and hot, it is enough.

I have seen someone ask on the Internet: what has my husband done to move you?


@ Dragon

Brother's sidekick


"to get the first shot of the vaccine, my husband went out early, fearing that I would forget my ticket and didn't want to wake me up, so he pressed it under the glasses I had to look for every morning.



@ is Daisy


"Last night I inadvertently said that I wanted to eat Tomatoes on sticks. As a result, my husband bought two strings for me at noon and then hurried back to work.



@ Great History


"on the first Mother's Day of my life, my husband sent me a bunch of flowers and a small card full of words.



@ small D


"my husband wants to sleep next door at noon, but he still helps me turn on the air conditioner and close the curtains.


and netizens

@ Wang Candy


"lying on the bed watching variety shows, my husband came in and turned on the lamp for me, laughing like a fool." he said he was afraid I would see myself blind.


indeed, these are trivial things.

but these little things, like candies, nourish every woman who carries a heavy burden in marriage.

emotional master Tu Lei said:

"what do women care? What women care about is the feeling of being cared about. Not how expensive bags to buy for her, but to care about her, this is the real care.


similarly, what is the key to lasting happiness in a marriage?

is that each other can see each other.

see each other's emotions, feel each other's feelings, care and love into the habit of life.

Marriage is difficult, life is not easy.

only by protecting each other and driving together can we live a good life and love each other for a long time.

, may more women be cared for and loved in marriage.

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