The smartest way to solve the problem is just two words.
The smartest way to solve the problem is just two words.
No matter how difficult the road ahead, it will suddenly become clear.

there is an old saying:

"the old thing, either go or go, or brag or blow, or strong or win, or load or win."

all things in the world, all living beings, have various forms, each of which is different.

the same is true between people, with different positions and angles, there will be a deviation in what they see and think.

never judge others by yourself. only by knowing how to change positions, understand each other, and learn to understand, can we turn swords into swords and resolve all contradictions in the world.

between people, the most difficult thing is to understand

people often say, "Don't put your feet in other people's shoes."

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I think so. Most of the time, we can't know the whole picture of things, let alone tell the truth of things.

moreover, because the environment is different, one cannot empathize with one's feelings; the experience is different, and it is difficult to fully understand it.

if you always judge other people's lives and define their words and deeds from your own point of view, words will only become a sharp sword to hurt others and yourself.

once read a true story:

there is a boy who goes to school every day with an embroidered handkerchief.

his classmates scoffed at his behavior, and all kinds of gossip attacked him.

some people even say that he is a pervert who likes things like girls, but even brings them to school, affecting the atmosphere of the school.

when the teacher heard about this, he called the boy to ask why.

the boy cried and told the teacher that his mother had just passed away, and this was his mother's only legacy.

only when you hold it in your hand can you feel that your mother is still around. Every time you miss your mother, you will miss others with your handkerchief.

get along with others, we can not know the story behind it, if random evaluation, wanton accusation, will only bring unexpected pain to others.

there is a saying in Zhuangzi: "if you are not a fish, how can you know the joy of a fish?"

if you are not me, how can you understand my happiness and sadness?

in life, what we see and hear is often only 1/10 of what we actually see.

only the parties themselves know the ups and downs, joys and sorrows of life.

from one's own standpoint, one can only see the surface; from one's own point of view, it will only increase contradictions.

if the burden is not on you, you can naturally guide the world quietly over the years; if the pain is not in your heart, you can naturally talk and laugh with joy.

the greatest malice of human nature is to judge and blame others with "I think".

have not experienced the experience of others, have not experienced the pain of others, if you can not understand each other, please shut up and be kind.

transposition is a mercy for yourself and others

there is a saying in the book: "if you do good deeds, there will be no tracks; if you say good words, there will be no relegation."

truly kind-hearted people know how to push themselves and others, think of others, and be able to be considerate and protect others in subtle ways.

everyone has different situations and encounters. Do more warm things and talk less with indifferent words. This is the highest wisdom to get along with others.

only by being considerate, always compassionate and heart-to-heart, can we win hearts and accumulate blessings.

in ancient times, a scholar moved to a new home, and a family of three lived next door.

one day, the chief hunter was framed for investigating the case, leaving behind a young son and a helpless wife.

in the past, scholars never brought their keys when they came home from school. When they came to the door, they called their father to open the door.

but when the neighbor catcher died, his father always opened the door in advance and told the scholar not to ask him to open the door.

the scholar was puzzled and asked his father why.

the father said, "because every time you call your father, you remind the boy next door that his father is gone. I'm afraid he will feel uncomfortable."

the scholar did what his father told him to do, and would quietly protect the boy when he went to school, fearing that he would be bullied when he was young.

later, the two families took care of each other and started a business together.

the meaning of life is to put yourself in other people's shoes, worry about what others are worried about, and rejoice in what others are happy.

anyone and anything can get along well only if they compare their hearts, understand other people's difficulties, and speak and do things from the point of view of others.

as the saying goes, "I have known the world, but I still feel sorry for the green vegetation."

the more successful people are, the more they know how to be compassionate and kind to the people and things around them.

this is not only the mercy of yourself and others, but also the highest kindness in the world.

you know: no one's life will be plain sailing, and no one's life will be calm.

more understanding, less blame; more understanding, less harm.

when others fall to the bottom, do not laugh at, do not make public, silently lend a helping hand.

there are good thoughts in the heart, know how to transposition, kindness will eventually be rewarded, sincerely will be able to harvest the truth.

transposition is the cleverest way to resolve contradictions

there is such a couple:

wife is cooking in the kitchen, husband

as soon as I got home, I nagged around: the fire is too big, it's going to be scorched, put less oil, you can't cook it like this.

the wife couldn't stand it and shouted, "get out. I know what to do. I don't need you to tell me what to do."

the husband listened and said calmly, "I just want you to understand that you kept nagging in the copilot while I was driving, and I felt the same way.". "

later, the couple no longer quarreled over their husband's driving and his wife's nagging.

you are parents, and you want your children to become dragons and phoenixes; you are children, and you hope your parents will be more patient.

you are the husband, I hope the wife will pay more attention; you are the wife, and I hope the husband will be more tolerant.

No one is at fault, but the position of the station is different.

when people live in the world, most of the difficulties and contradictions come from not understanding and understanding each other.

self-centered, always standing in their own position to look at others, the conclusions are not good.

will only plunge yourself into a whirlpool of anxiety and grumpiness, which will not only aggravate the existing problems and aggravate the contradictions between them.

and know how to think of others, is to stand in each other's position, really consider each other's feelings.

"Zengguang Xian Wen" says: blame yourself with the heart of others, and forgive others with the heart of forgiveness.

in this world, everything is mutual, feelings are mutual, trust is mutual and respect is mutual.

when you encounter things, learn to transposition, understand more, be more tolerant, be more considerate, and everything will be easily solved.

Laozi has a saying: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

transposition, it is to recognize oneself, but also to understand others.

in this life, people will encounter all kinds of problems, and there are many ways to solve them, but the best way is to transposition.

think about everything from each other's point of view, take a look, use your sincere and kind heart, be considerate of others, warm others, and others will repay you with the same kindness.

No matter how difficult the road ahead, it will suddenly become clear.

, may you and I both know how to transposition, choose good deeds, be kind to life, and be free and happy.