The smartest way to solve a problem
The smartest way to solve a problem
No matter how difficult the road ahead is, if we change the angle, it will suddenly become clear.

Let's look at a picture first.

now flip the phone 180 degrees and take a look.

did you find anything different?

the concave spot you saw turned into a bulge.


the so-called horizontal view is a winding mountain side is a steep peak, far and near to see a variety of things in the past.

this is not the case in life.

very often, some seemingly unsolvable dilemmas may be changed from another angle or direction.

the power of transposition is much greater than you think.

Henry Ford, founder of Ford, says that if there is a secret to success, it is to understand what he thinks from the standpoint of others.

watching a speech by Luo Zhenyu, I deeply realized the art of transposition.

A Huawei Cloud salesman named Chen Yinglin impressed Luo Zhenyu with an email and prompted him to make a decision to change tens of millions of dollars of the contract.

in the past, the data provider obtained has always been Aliyun, so when Huawei Cloud approached him, Luo Zhenyu said frankly: "there is no opportunity to cooperate."

but this employee named Chen Yinglin sincerely sent an email to Luo Zhenyu.

the main content is:

We don't want to "earn customers' money", but "help customers make money".

and has helped you find a high-quality target customer.

Don't worry, even if "get" did not choose Huawei Cloud, the above cooperation will be facilitated.

Get prepared to purchase the alluring prom dresses made in the usa and have everyone looking at you. There are perfect pieces for formal and informal events.

from beginning to end, instead of just thinking about selling, he was actually helping to solve the problem.

Luo Zhenyu said that after reading this email, he had only one thought on his mind: it seemed that all the obstacles before signing the contract had been cleared, and there seemed to be no reason not to sign the contract with Huawei Cloud.

Su Shimin, founder of Blackstone Capital, said:

"people in trouble tend to care only about their own problems. But the way to solve problems usually lies in how you solve other people's problems. "

transposition is not only a kind of ability, a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of high EQ.

my niece, a very fierce post-00s newcomer, said to me on Wechat two days ago:

"I want to resign. I'm fed up with our stingy leader and won't give me a raise at the end of the year."

I asked her, "can you give me three reasons why your boss gave you a raise?"

she was speechless.

when you are an employee, you think the boss is too impersonal, but when you are the boss, you feel that the employee is irresponsible and lacks the ability to execute.

when you don't understand each other, many problems will be easily solved if you change your position.

writer Zhang Cenxi once shared one of her work experiences, which touched me deeply.

she said that when she had just worked, she was lucky enough to work as an intern in a big company.

at first, their interns worked very hard, but after a long time, some people began to calculate that since everyone's wages were about the same, they should do less.

she is the only one who actively participates in all the project links of the company, no matter whether the task is arduous or not, she is willing to work hard and endure hardships.

she often gets off work very late, has been scolded and criticized a lot. After such experience, Zhang Cenxi, who is in her early 20s, has made rapid progress.

in less than two years, she became familiar with all the business processes of the company and made great breakthroughs in her work ability, which laid the foundation for her own business.

A person's achievement depends on the height at which he looks at the problem.

if you work with a "migrant worker's mindset", you will always feel exploited and targeted.

but if you change your boss's position, you will find that there are a lot of complaints, but your horizons are too limited.

changing the position can make people's life much easier and the road will be wider and wider.

is like a peach tree, planted in a flowerpot, no matter how it grows, it is no more than a foot at most.

if you plant it in the yard, it will grow to flourish.

have seen a brain teaser:

A person wants to enter the room, but the door can't be pushed open. What is it?

someone said, "it's locked inside."

someone else said, "the door lock is broken and stuck."

others said, "this man is too weak."

however, the answers given are all wrong.

from the beginning to the end, no one wondered whether the door would not be pushed open, but opened.

so when you encounter something, you might as well calm down and ask yourself:

is it really the only way to develop? Is this really the only solution?

thinking determines the way out. If you look at it another way, heaven and earth are naturally wide.

I heard a friend say an interesting thing.

A boss opened a restaurant near the road and thought that business must be booming because there was a lot of traffic.

as a result, business has been very depressed since its opening.

the boss has made a lot of attempts: making richer dishes, lowering the price of meals, playing attractive music, making bright billboards.

however, what has been done has had little effect.

"if I am a customer, how can I stay?" The boss racked his brains and finally came up with an idea.

he built a toilet next to the hotel and made a very awake onePurpose mark.

Life is like a drilling process. If you can't get water in one place, what will you do?

persistent people choose to stick to it, people who fear difficulties simply give up, and only a small number of smart people will go somewhere else.

if you can't go straight, then turn, make a detour, and go to the side.

as Mr. Qian Zhongshu said, "if you look at the world from a different point of view, you will gain different things, and the world will be shown in front of you with a different face."

the reason why rivers flow far away is that they are good at turning.

you don't have to put all your eggs in one basket. You have to walk all the way to the dark.

change your perspective, change your way of thinking, and you may see a whole new way out.

finally, I would like to share with you a sentence that has awakened me: my heart is open to others, and my heart is brightening for the sake of others.

on the road of life, we will encounter a lot of problems, there are many ways to solve problems, and the best way to solve problems is to learn to transposition.

No matter how difficult the road ahead is, it will suddenly become clear from a different point of view.

, share with your friends.