The sleeping position of the child affects the IQ, if the parents don't watch it, it will be too late.
The sleeping position of the child affects the IQ, if the parents don't watch it, it will be too late.
What kind of sleeping position does your child usually sleep in?
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every parent wants his or her child to be smart and intelligent.

to make children smarter, a good night's sleep is very important.

We all know that people secrete growth hormone during sleep, so a good sleep is more conducive to the healthy growth of children.

only if the child sleeps well and eats well, his spirits will be good.

Egg moms often see all kinds of weird sleeping positions of baby babies on the Internet. The baby seems to sleep well, but lifting the quilt is a variety of strange sleeping positions, which makes people laugh.

there are also many complaints in life: children sleep uncomfortably in the middle of the night, fail to get up the next morning, and cry sleepy in class during the day. In fact, these are also related to the child's sleeping position at night.

it is necessary for a child to maintain the correct sleeping position. Do you know which sleeping position is suitable for the child? Now let's take a look at



Sleeping on

sleeping on your back is the most common sleeping position, and it is also one of the safer sleeping positions.

sleeping on your back can avoid excessive friction between the child's face and pillows and quilts, thus effectively reducing the risk of obstructing the child's breathing.

sleeping on your back relaxes a child's muscles and allows her limbs to move freely during sleep, and also .

sleeping on your back can also make it easier for parents to see their children's sleep status and give them sleep care at any time.

but sleeping on your back also has some disadvantages for younger children.

egg mother still advises sleeping on his back accompanied by his family, and never let the child lie on his back as soon as he has been fed.


lie down

many parents will find that their child always likes to sleep on his stomach, and if he is not corrected, he will maintain this position all night.

in fact, the baby keeps this curl position in the mother's belly, and they like to sleep on their stomach because, for them, is a relatively sense of security-like sleeping posture.

it can also play a certain role in relieving children who eat too much during the day, do not digest, and have gastrointestinal discomfort.

but sleeping on your stomach is also the most controversial sleeping position for parents.

for younger peopleFor children, sleeping on their stomach is in danger of suffocation and is prone to accidents.

the muscles in their necks are weak. Once the child is unable to look up and turn his head, sleeping on his stomach may lead to dyspnea, which may lead to choking.

it is not convenient for parents to observe their children's sleeping on their stomach. In addition, there are not a few cases of lying down and sleeping accidents online, and the risk is too high, so parents must pay attention to it.


side sleep

side sleeping is a kind of sleeping position recommended by experts.

from a physiological point of view, the baby sleeping on his side accords with the physiological curvature of the spine, which also keeps the child's breathing unobstructed and relaxes the muscles.

for young children, it can also prevent them from choking milk. If vomiting occurs, it can also overflow along the corners of the mouth to prevent suffocation.

in fact, there are many kinds of sleeping positions for children, and they don't say which position is the best. Whether sleeping on your back, lying on your back, or sleeping on your side, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so what is appropriate is the best.

parents should take advantage of their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, avoid their children sleeping in one position for a long time, and strengthen supervision and care of their children so that they can have a good night's sleep.


A simple sleeping position may greatly affect the child's health, and even affect the child's life and study.

whether the child is smart or not, you can tell by his sleeping position.

Children usually have a large amount of activity. In order to make their children sleep well at night and have a good rest, parents can prepare their children before they go to bed.

Don't let the child do strenuous exercise before going to bed, lest the child will be overexcited and affect falling asleep.

you can talk about ballads with your child, listen to some soft music, or let your child play some quiet games and toys.

wants children to be smarter, to read more books, to develop good study habits, to eat more foods that are beneficial to brain development , to replenish adequate nutrients, and to add parents' companionship and care.

so, what kind of sleeping position is your child usually in? Welcome to the message area to chat with Egg Mommy.


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