The secrets of different ways of education for three generations: what is the best education for children?
The secrets of different ways of education for three generations: what is the best education for children?
Give advice to the novice parents of the post-20s baby!


2020 has come quietly. With the arrival of the first batch of post-20s, the post-90s group has reached the age of running for three or four years, and has even been ridiculed as" the old people of the last century ".

what a bald truth. The former post-90s also shouted "over International Children's Day" and "I am a baby", and then the "midlife crisis" came. According to this trend, the "old age crisis" is probably not far away.

the post-20s generation looks at the post-90s generation, just like the post-90s generation ".

well, unwittingly, the post-90s are no longer the" fresh flesh "of this era, and they are gradually being" photographed on the beach "by the post-20s wave.

what is more sad is that apart from the anxiety of age, how to educate the post-20s baby has also become the focus of post-80s /90s families. After all, this group has reached the age of parents born in the 20s.

and it is said that with the intergenerational deepening of parents and children, the burden of growth and education is becoming heavier and heavier.

" seeing that the baby is about to be born, I am happy and perturbed. I wonder if I, as a mother who is four generations behind, can educate the post-20s baby well. "


traditional new knowledge, paternalistic education

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when it comes to post-60s and 70s parents, the first thing that comes to mind is stereotype and tradition, and they find it difficult to communicate with and get close to them.

she is not allowed to major in architecture when she grows up, saying that it is better for a girl to study architecture and be a teacher.

can participate and guide them, but do not be parents'"decision makers" in their lives, but listen to their voices more and more from the perspective of children . Only in this way can they have their own lives.

parents of post-80s generation:

collision between the new and the old, pluralistic education

post-80s parents, who are in a period of alternation between the old and the new, coupled with the rise of society as a whole, they reflect more complexity, in addition to retaining some traditional ideas, there is more yearning for new parenting.

when the son is tired from walking on the mountain road, all kinds of exercise children should be urged to walk slowly, and if they go the wrong way, they have to go again.

finally get into the house and continue to issue a command, "if you let me step on the threshold first, let's start all over again."

although his original intention is to exercise his son's ability of independence, if he can be softer in method, it will be of great benefit to both parent-child relationship and child's growth.

therefore, parenting should not only pay attention to strategy, but also pay attention to the grasp of the scale, do not let their own excessive love, causing parenting harm.

parents of the post-90s generation:

Love and Freedom, Equality Education

to make friends with their children and establish an equal relationship.

in addition, they all suffered from their parents' idea of" for your own good ", so they can respect their children when faced with their own children's ideas.

I remember that Zhang Haochen, the father of the post-90s generation, really made friends with his children in a program:

when you see children's slightly messy dorms, they will teach them to take care of their living environment.

in the face of children's behavior of asking for sugar, they can squat down to communicate equally.

in his view, whether as a teacher or an elder, he needs to communicate gently and equally with his children, and slowly reason with them and strive for mutual understanding.


it is true that parents of different ages, the way of raising children, the concept of education will change with the changes of the times.

remember that on Zhihu, someone initiated a topic: which parents have you seen "amazing" to your parenting style?

some parenting styles of the following parents are worth learning-

the little boy spilled the milk, and the parents took the example and took the child to bow and apologize and accompanied the child to clean up.

A child does not do well in the exam and never criticizes education. He will only give encouragement and affirmation when he is discouraged.

in fact, parents of different generations not only have differences in educational concepts, but also choose different ways to record their children's growth.

at first, we can only rely on our eyes to capture new moments; later, we like to use pictures to freeze joy. And now, with the popularity of the video, our beautiful moment is beginning to become vivid.

Family longing, well-prepared toys, and moments of rebirth. All are recorded clearly and vividly, and has become the treasure of the baby's future forever.

2020 with the first batch of post-20s babies as promised, OPPO use video recording to greet the arrival of the post-20s, and use Reno3 Pro to focus on the first batch of 20 around the world. begins the warm journey of recording the birth of the post-20s around the world.

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through Reno3 Pro shot, we can also turn every laughing moment into a flowing blockbuster, frame by frame,

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in fact, changes in both education and recording methods are following a dynamic upward trend, that is, from a rigid state to more lively.

for the 20 post-20s who were born in a free and smart era, I believe they can all portray a different growth trajectory in a quiet and moving period ~

mothers, if you have any educational ideas or record the way your children grow up that you would like to share, leave a message: Oh