The revelation of German parenting: love children, don't do this wrong!
The revelation of German parenting: love children, don't do this wrong!
Parenting is no small matter, and every point touches the hearts of parents.

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recently, Chenmum saw a short film" Baobao "on Weibo, and she was deeply impressed after watching it.

at the beginning of the short film, a Chinese woman living in Chinatown ate a" steamed stuffed bun "boy" for breakfast.

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in the long run, these love controls will wear away the baby's nature.

you know, in parent-child education, sometimes "giving up" is more important than "receiving", just as "giving up" is better than "getting" in philosophy.

on this point, Chenma highly values the "German parenting method", which emphasizes the baby's growth, whether it is climbing, sitting and standing in childhood, or greater exploration and trial and error. We should all follow its free development, only correct mistakes and do not interfere with people.\" data-oversubscription-url=\ "\" data-ratio=\" 0.5767543859649122\ "data-src=\"\" data- Type=\ "jpeg\" data-w=\ "456\" style=\ "width: 100% Height: auto;\ ">

layer by layer supervision, milk powder is more stringent and safe

in addition to natural gifts, Beweitar milk powder has always been recognized by baby mothers.

its strictness comes from Germany's strict management of dairy, milk and food safety and a high degree of self-discipline.

one of the most noteworthy is that in Germany, companies really want to fake is tantamount to destructive suicide, especially once food companies are on fire with counterfeiting, it is basically equivalent to bankruptcy.

, "Cow closed Loop Management", "Seven Common principles of Safety Law", and other safety standards such as

so you see, Bei Wei's group has been able to stand in the position of one of the three major German brands, which proves its strict and self-disciplined entrepreneurial spirit.

pan> Beweitar Milk Powder all go through layer upon layer of quality inspection, and in strict accordance with the standard of one can , you can rest assured that it will be handed over to every baby mother.\ "data-ratio=\" 0.6199095022624435\ "data-src=\"\" data-type=\ "png\" data-w=\ "221\" data-width=\ "100%\" height=\ "auto\" opacity=\ "\" style=\ "box-sizing: border-box;width: 100% control height: auto;\" title=\ "Picture 1.png\" width=\ "100%>\" data-ratio=\" 0.6164383561643836\ "data-src=\"\" data-type=\ "png \ "data-w=\" 219\ "data-width=\" 100%\ "height=\" auto\ "opacity=\"\ "style=\" width: 100% Height: auto;\ "title=\" Picture 2.png\ "width=\" 100%\ ">

in addition, Bei Wei he uses wet processing technology to retain the natural nutrition of milk powder. As for the specific advantages, Chenmama first popularizes dry-wet process .


  • the raw material used in wet process is unprocessed liquid milk.

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