The relationship between people is seasonal.
The relationship between people is seasonal.
Your relationship with anyone has a time limit.

Tai Jai Ji wrote in his book disqualification on Earth:

"meeting is always caught off guard, parting is premeditated for a long time, we should get used to the hot and cold around us, but also look down on those who are drifting away."

the relationship between adults is much more fragile than we think.

at the beginning, everyone made vows that would accompany each other for a long time.

can end, but tacit understanding to choose to disappear from each other's life, and even a good farewell, all feel that it is a kind of disturbance.

the relationship between people is seasonal.

whoever it is can only accompany you for a ride.

some people break up as they walk

Twenty years ago, with the singing of "accompany you to see the meteor shower" in the streets, four big boys walked into the hearts of countless people.

Meteor Garden became a hit, making F4 a popular idol boy group in Asia at that time. In the days that followed, the four of them toured together, participated in activities and were interviewed, inseparable.

in front of and behind the scenes, they are tacit brothers, sharing the glory and troubles of fame and wealth, but also witnessing each other's youth and growth.

, they seldom appear in the spotlight together and seldom contact each other in private.

Zhou Yumin devoted himself to the film industry; Wu Jianhao formed a new singing and dancing group; Yan Chengxu played the leading role in the idol play; and Zhu Xiaotian chose to study and retire after going through great ups and downs.

not long ago, Wu Jianhao participated in the recording of the variety show "Please listen up, Friends" and was asked by the host why the group was disbanded.

he thought about it for a long time, but he didn't seem to find an answer, but vaguely explained: "maybe it's because everyone has different choices for the future."

writer Liu Tong said: "the friends you once thought were good friends, those who you thought would accompany you forever, don't know when they got separated on the road."

from talking about everything when you are young to having nothing to say when you grow up.

it takes care to maintain a friendship, and sometimes it is inadvertently to end a friendship.

We meet some people at every stage of life, and we walk together because of similar goals.

however, when the focus of life shifts in different directions, some people choose to return to their families, while others continue to work hard.

when our lives no longer intersect, there are fewer and fewer common topics.

maybe occasionally, we still think of each other, just click on the chat box, after a few pleasantries, we find that we don't know what to talk about.

slowly, a former good friend becomes a contact who hasn't been clicked on for a long time in the address book.

friends, this is how to get separated, it is not who has done anything wrong, but different experiences, they are no longer willing to pretend to know each other.

I didn't understand that sentence until I grew up:

"breaking up is the norm in life, and we are no exception."

those who have confided with us will one day have to part ways with the passage of time.

there are some feelings, but it fades away when we talk about it.

Gong Beibei complains that Liu Sili only asks three questions when she comes home from work every day:

how is my son doing in kindergarten today? Is the parents' blood pressure normal? Do you have enough change for vegetables at home?

apart from that, there is no communication between the two.

looking back on her marriage life, Gong Beibei is full of grievances.

the two sons were pulled by her alone, while the husband didn't care about anything, and he didn't even change a diaper for the children.

not only does she have to take care of the children, but she also has to wait on her husband.

once, she went to buy breakfast for her husband after the night shift. Instead of being grateful, he complained that the Youtiao was cold and asked her to change it.

she got up early and late at night, busy for the family, just wanted to hear her husband say a considerate word, but she never got it.

hearing this, Liu Shili disagreed. On the contrary, she felt that Gong Beibei was making trouble for no reason and asked, "isn't that what marriage is for middle-aged people?"

disappointed Gong Beibei filed for divorce.

there is a hot topic on the Internet, "what will the life of a middle-aged couple be like?"

some people say that marriage has entered an ordinary period, and the passion has faded, leaving only chicken feathers.

some people say that they just make do with each other, do not talk to each other, and rely on their children to scrape by.

some people say that both sides are like boil on fire, want to leave, but can not leave, think about it, but not good.

how many marriages, at the beginning, both parties hold hands and make vows to grow old together;

before long, you and I are strangers, saying one more word has become an extravagant request, and there is no response to a word of comfort.

there is no cheating, no betrayal, just because you are no longer willing to take the time to listen to my anger, and I no longer have the patience to understand your hard work.

how happy the intimacy was, how cold the alienation of reality is.

the man who promised to spend his life together went his own way at the crossroads of life.

the relationship between people is seasonal

the writer Yishu said:

"in the journey of fate, the time for everyone to perform is specified, and when it is time to leave, how reluctant it is to leave."

when he was young, ZengFantasize that meeting is forever; when you grow up, you will understand that there is nothing forever.

the so-called forever is to take a lifetime to go farther and farther.

Life is a long journey, meeting and seeing each other at the same time.

the train of years, some people get on the train, some people arrive at the station.

you have to slowly learn to accept that there are too many people and break up as you walk; if you have too many feelings, you will fade away when you talk about them.

the relationship between people is seasonal, and most people can only travel with you for a while.

relatives are drifting away from each other.

even if blood is thicker than water, one day we have to accept separation. If we want to meet each other, we have to cross thousands of rivers and mountains and piece together some time.

between partners, it is a compromise between them.

even if you were once attached to us, one day you will understand that romance is short-lived, that real marriages depend on each other, and that you have to work hard at the end of the day.

the exchange between friends is the equivalent exchange that you and I understand.

dependence, which was once thought to be indestructible, will one day realize that when you are of no use to others, the boat of friendship will turn over.

when the person who accompanies you is about to leave, even if you are reluctant to give up, smile and wave goodbye, there will be weak water for the sea, and there will be no Acacia to send to Wushan.

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your relationship with anyone has a time limit.

just as flowers bloom sometimes, it is inevitable to wither; when the seasons turn, they will not stay for anyone.

the best way for adults to get along:

cherish it when you come and let it go.

in the feelings of adults, there are not only mutual help, but also yin and yang mistakes, unexpected encounters, and dying without illness.

it is lucky to be together, but there are often regrets.

although there are regrets, but accept calmly, this is the dignity that should be in the relationship.

when people reach middle age, after experiencing parting and tasting regrets, they gradually understand that Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) is just a good hope and that impermanence is the daily routine of life.

although many people do not accompany you to the end, they have warmed you and me for a period of time, which is still precious.

Liang Shiqiu wrote in his prose "send-off":

"you go, I won't send you, you come, no matter how windy or rainy it is, I will pick you up."

the best way for adults to get along with each other is to cherish when they come, to be relieved when they go, to do their best, and to let nature take its course.

people around you, cherish it, do not leave regrets; those who are separated, put down the pressure, silently bless.

for the rest of your life, may you not let the one who loves you sad, don't worry about the one who is not worth it.

: "2023, New Relational Theory (unique)". One

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