The recent photo of the 61-year-old actor "disfiguring" has been exposed: why on earth did he beat Tony Leung by tearing up Andy Lau?
The recent photo of the 61-year-old actor "disfiguring" has been exposed: why on earth did he beat Tony Leung by tearing up Andy Lau?
I hope that when you and I are chasing our dreams, we will not change our original mind and will be true all our lives.

some people on the Internet divide poisonous tongues into two types:

one is to make people unhappy for their own pleasure, and the other is to tell the truth to make everyone feel good.

Wu Zhenyu belongs to the latter kind.

during this period of time, my uncle's happiness has come to the variety show "Infinite surpassing Class".

in just a few episodes, Wu Zhenyu made the students look embarrassed on his own, making the audience shout!

how sharp is his comment?

program, after Zhou Keyu took the stage, er Dongsheng issued a soul torture question: do fans accept your kissing scene?

Zhou Keyu hesitated for a moment and said he didn't accept it.

Wu Zhenyu, who couldn't stand it, smiled and said, "you don't even care whether your mother accepts your kissing scene or not, and you're worried about your fans."

after listening to these strange comments, Zhou Keyu's face turned blue.

what is more exciting is yet to come.

when Zhao Yingzi introduced herself, she proudly called herself "Dimi Mengza."

(sister power: are you all right?


Wu Zhenyu directly dismantled Taiwan: "Don't you think it's a derogatory term for the four dissimilarities?"

then, Zhao Yingzi added, "they look a little alike, but I don't compare my acting skills with them, so I compare myself with myself."

Wu Zhenyu's "intimate" translator: I don't mind the face, don't have anything to do with me.

later, Zhao Yingzi "uncovered her scars", saying that the red carpet was not a dive.

but Wu Zhenyu was not used to it and mercilessly exposed: "Why did you fall so fake?"

it seems that when he opens his mouth, he can always give everyone unexpected "surprises".

some people tease: is Wu Zhenyu's mouth red?

there are also netizens who shouted after listening: "too relieved!"

in fact, Wu Zhenyu's venomous tongue does not lie in his criticism of the actors, but in speaking everyone's mind.

in the entertainment industry, which is full of business blows, it is hard not to impress people with his right-to-the-point comments.

as early as many years ago, Wu Zhenyu was already famous in the entertainment industry for his daring to speak out.

in the 23rd Golden Sculpture, he nominated the actor for the role of Ni Yongxiao.

at that time, his performance was compared to the "godfather" of the East, and many fans thought he deserved the award, including himself.

unexpectedly, he was finally cut off by Liu Dehua.

when interviewed by the reporter, he said single-mindedly:

"the entertainment industry in Hong Kong talks about luck, contacts and audience affection, but it does not talk about strength, which comes last."

this sentence not only offended Andy Lau's fans, but also offended the program group.

later, his good friend Huang Qiusheng was also severely teased by him with this matter.

"when the word 'Dehua' was announced, I saw him stretch out his arms and hug Andy Lau. Qiusheng, the actor was the actor, and he looked so sincere, sincere and sincere at that time."

the implication is that Huang Qiusheng is good at acting.

in a talk show, Wu Zhenyu once mentioned his idea: why can't I have an award? Why him?

he admits that making a movie is a love of expression, just to win a prize.

he felt that the lost Shadow Emperor was obviously very lost, but he had to pretend that he didn't care, which was very "fake."

after more than 30 years of ups and downs in the entertainment industry, Wu Zhenyu has served as an actor and played numerous classic roles, but he has never learned the human experience of being welcome to and from others.

fans who come to visit the class will be scolded by him "ruthlessly":

"Don't waste your time on me. I think our relationship is done in the cinema.

isn't it ironic that some idols don't do well at the box office because they just want to see his real person and don't want to see his movies? "

he is always unhappy with people and things he doesn't like.

the reporter asked him: your "Juliet and Liang Shanbo" received rave reviews. What do you think of this film?

he said bluntly, it's a pity that Ye Weixin doesn't make such films anymore, and money has corrupted him.

few people in the entertainment industry dare to tell the truth, and everyone is compromising for the sake of the rules, but Wu Zhenyu is partial.

this is what makes Wu Zhenyu different. He would rather offend others than go against his heart.

and ruthless Wu Zhenyu got up with a "venomous tongue" and even spared himself.

he once created stand-up crosstalk and made fun of the reasons why he became a star in crosstalk:

"first, stars do not need academic qualifications, and many big stars have not read books, so they still earn a lot of money.

second, stars do not need to go to work regularly. Read the newspaper to know that those aunts and aunts are either late or not.

Stars contain the essence of my two aspirations-beggars and pretty boys. "

I don't like to go to work and become a star just to be a pretty boy. This is what Wu Zhenyu really thought when he was young.

Wu Zhenyu was born into an ordinary family in Hong Kong. As an adult, because of his poor academic performance, his mother asked him what he wanted to do.

the idea in his mind is to be a pretty boy and let a woman support me.

for fear of being scolded, Wu Zhenyu changed his sentence: "it's best to have a job, no education, no regular work, and a good salary."

Mother was still angry after hearing this: then go and be a beggar!

Wu Zhenyu thinks about going back and forthWhen I decided to be an actor, I went to take the exam of the TVB Unlimited TV Artist training course.

as a result, I failed in 3 exams and 3 times.

without experience, he either fails his lines or fails to perform.

for the third time, after the examiner refused him, he wrote on a piece of paper that there was something wrong with the man's eyes and that he was cross-eyed when he was nervous.

it got off to a bad start, but the harder part is yet to come.

after graduation, Wu Zhenyu began a long career.

janitor boys, elders of the gang, ordinary villagers. It took seven or eight years for a director to say to him:

"your eyes are so cheap. I'll give you a gangster role."

but even if he is a villain, he strives to do his best in every character.

he is confident about this:

"villains actually need acting skills more. People will ignore that my other roles are not bad, but because my villains are too good. Besides, some bad guys need me to act, and others can't."

this is true. At that time, he became a villain professional, specializing in roles such as gangsters, nerves, mentally retarded and perverts.

even if he only appears for a few minutes, he will try his best to figure out how to make the characters live.

Huang Qiusheng has an interesting comment on him.

he says that he is Qiu Chuji, a master of internal skill, who can be both good and evil; Liu Qingyun is Guo Jing, who mostly plays a positive role, acting like a fool, while Wu Zhenyu is Huang Yaoshi, a pure evil master.

Wu Zhenyu, a master of evil factions, has gradually come into everyone's view.

in the Man of Ancient deception, he plays a gangster villain named Liangkun.

the image of this hoarse, slightly neurotic eldest brother suddenly made him popular, and the role of "Liangkun" has become a classic in the history of ancient deceit.

in Infernal Affairs 2, he incarnated as "gentle scum" Ni Yongxiao, gentle on the surface, but ruthless in fact.

this role is extremely malleable, and with his accurate grasp of the characters, he rigidly plays the supporting role as the leading role.

when Wu Zhenyu went to Peking University to give a speech, he talked about a famous bus theory:

"the road to success is like waiting for a bus. When there are a lot of people, everyone has to wait in line. If someone cuts in the queue, the one behind you may be more popular than you, and those who have private cars will certainly get to their destination faster than you."

in 1999, the movie "gunfire" was released, in which Wu Zhenyu contributed excellent acting skills.

the Golden Horse Award judges gave him the comment: "although it is 1/5, but the eyes let him jump out."

years of precipitation has made a qualitative breakthrough in his acting skills.

with this film, he beat the popular Tony Leung to become the first Golden Horse actor in his career.

after more than ten years from entering the entertainment industry to winning the movie star, he finally got his own bus.

Xie Na, who has worked with him, once said: "I don't know why, he's scary."

because he has played too many perverted characters that are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, many people think that he is also a difficult person to get along with.

this is not the case.

people who know him well know that Wu Zhenyu in the film is a bad man who does everything evil, and he is a rare "good man" in his life.

some people say he has a bad temper, but in fact, every time he loses his temper, it is for his family.

when he participated in the variety show before, his son Feynman was injured and left an irreversible permanent injury to the corner of his eye, but it has not been solved.

Wu Zhenyu was so distressed and angry that he tore the program group directly in the interview.

his family will always be his weakness.

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having been married for many years, he has held two weddings for his wife, and he is thinking about holding a third and fourth time in the future. In his eyes, to love someone is to keep marrying her.

in the program, he complained publicly


too fat to have a neck.

Feynman is Dad's

No.1 black powder

", he publicly disagreed with his father again and again, and in the end, he was even blocked by Wu Zhenyu's support club.

this kind of father-son relationship, which is like both brothers and friends, is the envy of netizens.

he is very concerned about his family, and he is also kind to strangers.

Li Bingbing once told him, "Today's newcomers in acting seem to be well-off. If I were born ten years later, I might not be able to afford to go to film school."

he, who was also born in poverty, was deeply touched.

later, he specially set up a movie website to support young people who love movies and have no money, and provide them with all kinds of opportunities.

he said: "the motivation that supports me to make bad movies is to give the money back in a fun way."

this year, Wu Zhenyu is 61.

after having a child, his good friend Huang Qiusheng said that he had become gentle.

Wu Zhenyu laughed: some things should not be too gentle, because sometimes you have to express your emotions.

in him, we see a man who lives truly and bluntly.Born.

whether in performance or life, he has not been changed by the entertainment circle as a place of fame and wealth.

Wu Zhenyu, who is unaffected, unhypocritical and uncompromising, is the actor needed for our time.

, I hope Wu Zhenyu can stay awake all the time, and I also hope that when you and I pursue our dreams, we will not change our original mind and be true all our lives.