The recent photo exposure of 59-year-old "Xu Xian" is comparable to "disfigured". The whole net is shocked: how did she become like this when she was married to a wealthy family for 34 years?
The recent photo exposure of 59-year-old "Xu Xian" is comparable to "disfigured". The whole net is shocked: how did she become like this when she was married to a wealthy family for 34 years?
May we all face up to our age and accept ourselves for who we really are.


when it comes to childhood drama, apart from Journey to the West and Pearl return, the most popular one is probably the Legend of the New White Lady.

"wait for a thousand years, I have no regrets."

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Prelude, whose DNA starts to move?

in the play, the mournful love story between Xu Xian and the White Lady, I do not know how many audience tears!

especially Ye Tong's performance in the play.

"there is no more Xu Xian after Ye Tong" is not only a praise, but also a success.

but few people know that Ye Tong was famous long before he starred in New White.

19-year-old, the first film "Youth on Fire", male lead Zhang Guorong.

different from the fresh campus love, it is avantgarde and bold, and there are a lot of nudity scenes in the play.

although Ye Tong was still a newcomer at that time, his performance in the emotional play was extremely amazing.

ignorant, enthusiastic, excited. Ye Tong was nominated for Best New Artist at the Academy Award as soon as he made his debut with his carefree acting skills.

years later, Zhang Guorong appeared on the talk show and said publicly that "this girl is a genius."

and leave appreciation words like "if (I) were a director, I would find Ye Tong for the first play."

, Ye Tong kept playing together.

the following year, in the comedy movie "expressing the wrong Love for seven days," Ye Tong played "Xiao Jiao's wife" Yang Naidong with Anita Mui and Zhong Zhentao.

her bold and vivid performance not only allowed her to beat Lin Qingxia and Zhong Chuhong to win the Best Actress Award, but also made this small-budget film break out, ranking second among the top 10 top-grossing films of that year.

Ye Tong was 21 years old this year.

after winning the prize, her fame has greatly increased, and the bright door of starlight is also open to her.

then, Ye Tong starred in many popular films such as "waiting for Dawn", "half Love", "The Smiling、Proud Wanderer" and "Flying Twilight".

her partners are all established Hong Kong male stars such as Chow Yun-fat, Xu Guanying, Zhong Zhentao, Hui Guanjie and Leong Jiahui.

up to now, that is the proper "male god harvester"!

and the performance of "the Legend of the New White Lady" made her popular all over the country.

whenever I revisit the classics, I will marvel at Ye Tong's acting skills.

first acquaintance with Bai Niang, love at first sight of "meeting each other as I wish";

separation from his wife, numbness, grief, despair. The emotional level is progressive and the portrayal is in-depth, allowing the audience to be there.

who would have thought that such a weak and pedantic scholar should be played by a woman?

the out-of-circle of "New White" has brought unexpected attention to Ye Tong, and her Xu Xian has become a classic.

but it is clear that Ye Tong's ambition does not stop there.

she can play a gentle young man, and she can also release all kinds of amorous feelings that only belong to women.

whether it is Zhao Min, who is domineering and tender in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, or Shao Xiaoman, a charming woman in the Peace Hotel.

Ye Tong used acting skills to explain what is meant by a thousand people.

as Ni Kuang said: "Ye Tong is really strange. No matter how you look at her, she is not a very beautiful woman, but she is a very beautiful woman."

Chow Yun-fat also praised her: "there is a feeling of electrocution in acting opposite her. (she) acting in an emotional play has reached the stage of perfection."

frankly, Ye Tong's face is not out of the ordinary in the entertainment industry, but she is so malleable that few people can match her.

has not only been nominated for the Hong Kong Academy Awards and the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards 12 times, but also won Best Actress twice and Best supporting Actress once, but also the first double actress in the history of the Academy Awards.

from this point of view, it is a pity that the only role remembered by the audience is "Xu Xian".

it is often said that Ye Tong's acting career is so smooth that he must have the help of his family (husband).

that's right and wrong.

in 1980, 18-year-old Ye Tong applied for an advertising model and was taken in by Chen Guoxi, an assistant advertising director.

after eight years of dating, the two entered the hall of marriage.

I thought it was the right fruit of a pair of wall men, but after all, it was fate and robbery.

Chen Guoxi was born into a wealthy family, and the nature of the playboy has not been restrained because of marriage.

according to incomplete statistics, Chen Guoxi was cheated on eight times after 34 years of marriage.

but Ye Tong chose to swallow his anger, clarifying the scandal and posting a loving photo.

occasionally asked, the cloud is light on the surface, but the discerning eye can tell at a glance that she is deceiving herself.

otherwise, he would not still choose to trust the other person after saying, "I can't stand it a little bit, he should behave himself."

although this marriage is not favored, Ye Tong has been working hard.

now at the age of 59, she has come back to enjoy life after a thousand sails.

wiping the table can also give you a sense of music, and grasping a green onion can also be a "bungee dance".

No partner? It doesn't exist, isn't it fragrant to the mirror hot dance?

I am not afraid when I am not proficient in guitar skills. If I fiddle with it at will, it will come.

Last year, she appeared at TVB's "thousands of Star Awards" and the 63-year-oldYu Anan presented the award in the same frame, and his temperament remains the same.

although a head of white hair is considered "disfigured" by netizens, it is the most comfortable and natural state for her.

in daily exposure, there is no content of cosmetic technology.

seeing Ye Tong, he suddenly understood:

what about gray hair and wrinkles? beauty is a reality that no one can change.

being able to grow old calmly is another kind of beauty!

there are many actresses who are not afraid of age and appearance anxiety like Ye Tong.

Zhou Xun has been in film for 20 years. Since she first appeared on the big screen at the age of 17, she has created a lot of classic characters.

Smart, playful, young girl. It's the label that surrounds her.

to the face of such remarks as "Zhou Xun is old" and "there is no aura at all", she also fell into anxiety and thought of using a knife.

but after waking up, the sentence "screw you" is open-minded, and she is still the domineering "Childe Zhou"!

now that Zhu Yan has changed and Fang Hua is no longer, then take the play that suits your age, and the acting skills of the middle-aged mother in Xiaomin's Family are still exploding.

Ni Hongjie also plays the mother.

in "the Stars and the Sea", the 44-year-old mother of her age Liu Tao, the audience resentful of her, but she did not care.

"(most importantly) know yourself and have confidence in yourself in order to do better and better."

Zhong Litti, known as the "beauty of the world", was the dream lover of many boys when she was young.

when you reach middle age, your figure will inevitably get fat and out of shape.

netizens ridiculed her for being "like grandma", but she felt that she was young and always at the right time.

wearing a ponytail, dressed in a broken flower surfing suit, and 12 years younger husband Zhang Lunshuo in the same frame, there is no age difference at all.

they were all young and maiden, but they could not stay in the world. Zhu Yan said the flowers and trees in the mirror.

since time is wasted, let's go up and face it!

some people see the stars, others see the dust.

on Zhihu, posts about women's age anxiety abound, and the age of 30 has become the threshold for anxiety escalation.

Women's mind about age has even reached the moral level.

not only ordinary people, but also stars are even more afraid of getting old.

when Jiang Shuying found the first wrinkle, her biggest feelings were "sadness" and "desolation".

Yang Zi asks for help online, how to eliminate the "legal pattern".

Zhang Tianai gives tight care to her skin every day in order to resist gravity.

I don't know if it's useful, it sounds mysterious.

Yi Neng Jing spends as much as seven figures (NT $) on maintenance every year.

Poverty restricts me to be beautiful.

these are just the tip of the iceberg that women want to fend off age.

Aging does not mean that life will come to a standstill, it is a new beginning and a gift of time.

finally, I would like to conclude with a passage from teacher Yong Mei:

"Don't flatten all my wrinkles, it's hard for me to grow.

I have reconciled with my wrinkles, age is not my enemy, my story is written on my face. "


, may we all face up to our age and accept ourselves for who we really are.

No matter how old she is, long live happiness!