The reason why you can't live a good life: your skin is too thin.
The reason why you can't live a good life: your skin is too thin.
Express yourself bravely, face yourself squarely, and sell yourself.

A few days ago, I saw a paragraph that Ma Weidu commented on himself:

"I am so thin-skinned that I dare not go up and say anything. Thin-skinned is a fatal flaw in today's society. If you have something to say, you can't say it. If you don't say it, people will never know. "

"people must make their skin thicker. This is the so-called insensitivity."

in his view, practicing "thick skin" is very important to a person's growth.

many people fail to succeed, often not because of lack of ability or opportunity, but because of being "thin-skinned".

in life, thin skin does often inadvertently become an obstacle to success.

those who can't lose face, put on airs or open their mouths can only watch the opportunity pass by, leaving nothing but regret and remorse.

Why do you always have a bad life? Because he is too thin-skinned.

people with thin skin are the most likely to suffer losses

the most direct manifestation of the so-called "thin-skinned" is that he is reluctant to open his mouth, does not know how to refuse, and is ashamed to ask for help.

just because of temporary embarrassment and face-saving, many people have come to the situation of "benefiting others at the expense of themselves".

my friend Xiao Hong has encountered such troubles. One day she was shopping when she walked into a beauty parlor before she knew it.

she couldn't stand the enthusiasm of the salesperson, so she agreed to try the latest tattooed eyebrows.

in life, some people lose money because they are thin-skinned, and some people almost lose their lives as a result.

read a piece of social news, the protagonist can be said to show the consequences of "thin-skinned" incisively and vividly.

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the young man accidentally fell into the water when he was walking by the lake to take photos. He, who could not swim, drifted down the current to the island in the middle of the lake and was trapped for two whole days without water and food.

the island in the middle of the lake is not far from the other side, and the young man could have called for help in time.

when asked "Why didn't you try to ask passers-by for help", the young man said sheepishly that he was "embarrassed" to open his mouth because there were too many people, but he couldn't hold on until he made up his mind.

as soon as the news came out, many netizens said that they might not be able to open their mouth, pulling down their faces and shouting for help, which in the eyes of many people is even more painful than losing their lives.

in fact, not a few people are bothered by being "thin-skinned".

some people can't talk to the person they like and miss a good marriage.

some people can't refuse troubles that could have been avoided, wasting their energy and time;

there are still people who dare not open their mouth to fight for their reasonable rights and interests, so they are simply taken advantage of.

"thin skin" is like a sharp sword over many people's heads. it always falls suddenly at those critical moments, standing between people and solving problems, making people breathless.

the consequence of being too thin-skinned is that people often fall into the cycle of "embarrassing to do-regret not doing-swallowing bitter fruit", and finally inevitably be dragged into a psychological "dead end" by feelings of self-pity.

the essence of being thin-skinned: not confident enough

someone on the Internet has discussed a question: what is going on inside those thin-skinned people?

netizens' answer is heartbreaking:

"I am afraid that others will say hello to me, and I will be very nervous, because I have no sense of humor, other people joke, I will not answer, so I am very silent." I am afraid that a carelessness will expose my boredom and stupidity. "

they are afraid that what they say will show timidity and be ridiculed, so they would rather harm their own interests than make it passable.

I remember that when I was just working, an old classmate who had not been in touch for a long time suddenly came to me. With few pleasantries, he said that he wanted to borrow 500 yuan for an emergency.

at that time, when I first came out of campus, I had little experience and was thin-skinned. I obviously didn't want to have anything to do with people's money, but I was afraid that I would be called "stingy" and "haggle", so I had to transfer the money.

unexpectedly, such a small sum of money has been delayed by the other party for a whole year.

from then on, I made up my mind not to be wronged by the opinions that others might have. Showing timidity is only temporary, and I must be "thick" when I should be thick-skinned.

everything pursues the principle of "no headline, no merit, no publicity". He is clearly well prepared in his mind, but he is always used to being polite and modest when it comes to words.

the essence of most people's "thin skin" is that they are not confident enough and care too much about "skin".

because I am not confident enough, I am afraid that I am not good enough to meet the expectations of others.

in fact, what thin-skinned people lack is the courage and confidence that they don't care about the opinions of others.

once you have crossed the hurdle in your heart, the problem of being too thin-skinned will be easily solved.

A thick-skinned person will not have too bad luck

as the saying goes, "the crying child has milk to drink". This sentence is more appropriate to explain the function of "thick skin".

cultivate a thick skin so that you can fight for yourself when the opportunity comes, be good at laughing at yourself in the face of frustration and embarrassment, and be calm in the gossip of the outside world.If.

the famous host sa Bing is a veritable "cheeky".

when he first arrived at Peking University, he heard that the school radio station was recruiting a director, so he immediately introduced himself and raised his hand to apply.

the requirement given by the teacher in charge of recruitment at that time was "worked as an announcer, Putonghua standard". In fact, sa Bei did not meet it, and he even had a Hubei accent in Mandarin at that time.

but he didn't pay attention to this detail and brazenly became the only person at the scene to raise his hand, thus successfully getting the chance to become radio director.

on "very quiet distance" many years later, he was particularly proud of the story when he recalled it.

host Li Jing asked him in surprise: "you are too bold, aren't you nervous?" He smiled and said, "I'm thick-skinned."

it was because of "thick skin" that sa Bei was able to win the grand prize for a non-host in the "Challenge Host" competition after missing the interview with the host of Today.

on practicing a "thick skin", Professor Li Meijin once shared a method of "desensitization".

she says that a person's psychological development is a process in which you have to do something in front of him in order to prevent anything from happening to him later.

there is a concept called desensitization. Desensitization is to get used to a certain kind of bad things slowly, not to touch them at once.

the reason why many people are thin-skinned is the lack of desensitization environment.

in this case, you might as well take the initiative to create some opportunities for yourself, try to make a public speech, try to take the initiative to talk to strangers, try to say "no" in life, and try not to care less about other people's comments.

you know, thick-skinned is not born, thin-skinned is not unchangeable.

the process from thin skin to thick skin is essentially a process of mental maturity and EQ improvement.

when we get out of the limitation of being "thin-skinned", we will find that what we thought was "impossible" and "impossible" to refuse is not so terrible.

some people say that people can't be black, but they can be thick-skinned.

in today's society, "the smell of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley" has become a thing of the past, a thin-skinned harvest, often only missed and regret again and again.

writer Feng Tang once said that his creed in life is: don't worry, don't be afraid, and be shameless.

be a mature and calm "cheeky"! Express yourself bravely, face yourself squarely, and sell yourself.

even if we suffer thousands of blows in life, being thick-skinned will make us find the answer to life in the process of getting more and more brave.