The really good people are living a low decibel life.
The really good people are living a low decibel life.
Rise abruptly based on accumulated strength in time, and live out your own vast mountains and rivers.



there is an old saying: to cultivate self-cultivation and rule the country.

it is said that only by self-cultivation can one run his own family well and make an extraordinary career.

when the environment is noisy and impetuous, the easiest way to conserve your body and mind is to live a "low decibel" life.

speak low decibels:

if you don't have enough self-cultivation, you will make a noise

have you ever experienced such a scene in your life:

on the bus and subway, I wanted to close my eyes for a while, but someone around me was talking loudly and making phone calls all the time.

in the restaurant, I was enjoying delicious food with my friends, but there was a constant noise of "five drinks and six drinks" next door.

at home, I wanted to go to bed early, but I was bothered by the heartbreaking noise downstairs until midnight.

one's own noise has caused trouble to others, but he is unaware of it, or even complacent, which is a sign of lack of self-cultivation.

Liang Shiqiu said that it is instinctive to speak loudly and to speak in a low voice is civilization.

the volume of a person's speech hides the books he has read, and the road he has traveled reflects one's self-cultivation.

Volume and sound quality can even change a person's fate.

she hawks loudly in the street every day, with a shrill voice, and is repulsively called "the woman who makes disgusting and uncomfortable noises".

then she met voice professor Higgins and realized that if she went on like this, she would be poor for life.

so he decided to change his spoken pronunciation, improve his language accomplishment and change his destiny.

she took out all her savings and asked Higgins to teach her how to control her voice.

half a year later, the rude flower girl's voice became pure and soft, and the person became elegant and confident.

finally, I got a sweet love.

there is an impressive line in the film: by listening to a person's tone and volume, you can tell what level he belongs to.

in real life, careful observation will find that those who are prone to turn up the volume and have no scruples often lack self-cultivation and self-confidence.

the more confident people are, the more they know how to solve problems with a pleasant face, which makes people feel like a spring breeze, and the so-called dignitaries speak in a low voice.

there is a line in the movie "ride the Wind and waves":

"you don't need to be so loud. Controlling your voice is the most powerful aura."

A university professor once said that when he lived in the professor's dormitory, he could not hear people talking loudly or quarrelling between husband and wife for several years.

after moving into the private apartment, he was shocked to find that people were talking loudly and quarrelling hysterically every day.

the higher the self-cultivation, the more respectable people are, the more able they are to take care of others and control their emotions.

on the contrary, no matter in public or private space, there are no scruples, and people who make a lot of noise generally live unsatisfactorily.

people who are too noisy often fail to become a climate, and only by keeping their voices "low decibels" can they have an extraordinary life.

low mood decibels:

if you don't have enough concentration, you will lose control

behind every seemingly calm face is unknown grievance and persistence.

because they know that once their emotions get out of control, there will be endless troubles.

Gu, her best friend, works in a consulting company and meets a big client who is difficult to deal with at once.

A proposal has been revised over and over again, but the other party is still not satisfied.

seeing that the half-year assessment is approaching day by day, if we fail to win this contract, not only the department's performance will not be up to standard, but also our promotion opportunities will be lost.

as a result, Lao Gu couldn't sleep and revised it again according to the customer's request.

unexpectedly, the customer is still not satisfied.

Lao Gu collapsed instantly, threw the plan in front of the client, and roared angrily:

"if you don't want to cooperate, just say it. There's no need to bother people like this. Don't think it's great to have a little money. I won't wait on it!"

then, the cooperation was cancelled, Lao Gu was demoted, and the annual bonus was cancelled.

years later, Lao Gu recalled the experience and said to himself: shouting is the most stupid and incompetent performance.

this is the way life is. If you can't be the master of emotions, you can only be slaves to them.

Olison Madden wrote in the Capital of a Life:

"at no time should all actions be subject to one's own emotions, but should be controlled in turn."

A mature adult knows how to give up his emotions and quietly clean up the mess.

Zhihu once saw a question and answer:

since when do you feel like you have become mature?

A highly praised answer is: start by learning to control your emotions.

when walking in society, a person will inevitably encounter unfair treatment, grievances smashed in the face, and even framing and calculation, hovering on the brink of collapse countless times.

when you are unable to change the status quo, please break your teeth and swallow your blood, quietly put away your negative emotions, remain calm and deal with them calmly, believing that over time, you will become a winner in life.

Fu Seoul said: "the collapse that cannot be hidden is just a scar."Oh, the collapse hidden is the medal. "

adjusting the mood to low decibels, joyful but silent, bitter but silent, angry but not angry, sad but not hurt, is the highest ability of adults.

desire is low decibels:

if you don't control yourself enough, you will indulge

in the American science fiction philosophical novel catch the fallen leaves, there is such a plot:

Human beings are created by extraterrestrial intelligence and then sent to Earth to experience this life.

but Meriam, a female employee, is worried that humans will fall in love with Earth when they go there and never return.

so she deliberately dug a hole next to the human heart, using this defect to draw the human must return.

when the male employees who worked with her saw it, they were afraid of being punished by their superiors, so they tried their best to fill the hole.

he injected love, anger, sadness, happiness and other emotions into the hole and tried to fill it.

the male employee said hopelessly, "No matter how much we fill it, we can never give them what they want."

"what do they want?" Asked Meriam.


Yes, the black hole of human desire can never be satisfied.

looking at the world, how many people pursue fame and wealth all their lives, or even do whatever it takes to achieve their ends.

Laozi said, there is no greater misfortune than discontentment, and no greater guilt than desire.

he told us a long time ago that the root of most scourges stems from the weakness of human nature: insatiable greed.

there is a poem "discontentment" in the Qing Dynasty, which vividly portrays an insatiable image:

when you are busy all day long for hunger, you have to think about clothes when you are full.

both food and clothing are abundant, and there are few beautiful wives in the room.

marry a beautiful wife and a beautiful concubine, go in and out without a sedan chair and ride a young horse.

groups of mules and horses are ready, and the fields are not widely used.

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he has acquired tens of thousands of hectares of good land, and he has no official position to be bullied.

Seven and five are still too few, and three and four are still too low.

when Yipin was prime minister and envied Wang as emperor.

I am content to be the son of Heaven, and I hope there will be no time to die forever.

the general manager's delusion never stops, and a coffin is covered with hatred.

when he is poor and white, he only asks for food and clothing. After he has enough food and clothing, he wants to marry a beautiful wife. He has a lovely wife and children, and he feels that he is short of a big house.

want more and more, the goal is higher and higher, the heart is also more and more tired.

A lot of pain and anxiety of modern people come from this.

Zhou Guoping said:

"as long as a person is willing to restrain his desires and be satisfied with a relatively simple life, the territory of life will be wider."

learn to simplify your desires, get rid of turnips, and be content, so that you can live a free and easy life.

Mr. Yang Jiang said:

"the most beautiful scenery in life is the calmness and calmness of the heart."

Please lower your decibel for the rest of your life:

improve self-cultivation, lower the volume, and insist on speaking in low decibels;

increase internal force, keep quiet, and achieve low mood;

learn to abstain, put an end to extravagance, and achieve low decibels of desire.

, may you and I both have awe and self-discipline.

rise abruptly based on accumulated strength in time and live out a vast expanse of mountains and rivers.