The "raging wind" is so hot that it can't carry her.
The "raging wind" is so hot that it can't carry her.
There may be a long way to go in the future. I believe she will eventually be seen by more people.

popular drama, "the Storm" ushered in the final!

for this play, many people should think the same as me, good-looking, really good-looking!

in addition to the battle of wits between the two leading men, one persistent and the other crazy, Zhang Songwen and Zhang Ying experienced the feeling of a traffic star for the first time.

especially Zhang Songwen, with his superb acting skills, he finally got out of the circle at the age of forty.

but as the heroine in the play, Li Yitong is complained by the audience that she is superfluous and controversial.

Busylooking for a piece of boho formal dresses to flaunt your sexuality? You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

in a kidnapped play, she completely exposed the deficiency of her acting skills.

obviously she was greatly frightened, but she could only see a pitiful look on her face, and there were no other emotional fluctuations.

however, there is one thing to say, although she was "crushed" by excellent actors such as Zhang translator and Wang Meng because of her acting skills.

but on the whole, Li Yitong's performance still passed.

it's just her luck, it's really a little bad.

A female character with a total of three roles in the whole play, she is still the heroine, but she has not been able to become popular.

at the beginning, the limelight was basically stolen by the female match Gao Ye, and the whole network was chasing after the "sister-in-law".

in the later period, Lonnie, who plays Gao Qilan, gradually increased the degree of discussion in the forum with the appearance of gold glasses.

it is said that Xiao Hong depends on praise, while Da Hong depends on his life. This sentence has really come true in Li Yitong.

in his debut eight years, Li Yitong Ye has starred in more than 20 leading actresses.

from Huang Rong to Meng Yu, she was partnered with front-line students Li Xian and Yang Yang, as well as acting school Luo Jin and Zhang Ye, as well as Chen Jianbin and Huang Zhizhong.

but without exception, she has been lukewarm, and has been crowned the title of "No Red" heroine.

in an interview, Li Yitong had no choice but to make fun of his "body cold".

however, in the entertainment industry, there are many people who have acted all their lives but are still unrecognized and will not be remembered.

apart from the acting skills that need to be strengthened, are there any other reasons?

speaking, Li Yitong is not an acting department with a professional background, she is a dance major.

in 2010, Li Yitong graduated from Beijing Dance.

once recorded a dating show "Love knocks at the door" and successfully held hands with a boy named Fu Longfei.

Li Yitong's name was Li Xue at that time, and judging from the paste picture at that time, Li Yitong's original appearance was very able to fight, unusually pure and beautiful.

but after that, Li Yitong changed very obviously, and compared with her previous photos, there was a great difference.

nowadays, although the appearance is more advanced, it is a little too dramatic.

therefore, it is difficult to impress the audience, even as a female No.1, can only

becomes an "invisible man".

so, if an actor wants to be popular, he has to work hard on his acting skills.

in those years, she had no background but to act as a stand-in, so at first she appeared as a stand-in for Zhao Liying.

later, I got to know my own "Bole" in an audition.

in 2015, he starred in his debut film "half-demon."

in order to act well in this play, Li Yitong worked very hard:

in winter, he spent hours in the water without shouting "bitter" and hanging Weiya never said "tired." he just said bluntly that after dancing for many years, he could finally use it.

it's a pity that this play is flashy. Douban has only a pitiful 4.7, and Li Yitong doesn't even have a familiar face.

but people admire her professionalism.

after that, Li Yitong took over the role of Huang Rong in the new version of The Legend of the Condor Heroes.

this role has been played by two clever actresses, Weng Meiling and Zhu Yin, so it is very difficult to perform with a different taste.

in all conscience, Li Yitong's version of Huang Rong passed the border.

her appearance is commendable, her acting skills are smart and sincere, Bingxue is smart and charming, which is the representative of her debut for many years.

the only bug is that with Weng Meiling's version and Zhu Yin's version of Zhu Yu in front, she can never take away the loyal fans of the old version.

, Li Yitong starred in many works such as "I am waiting for you at the end of time", "just meet you" and "Don't think too much if you love me".

although she performs well in the play, her sense of existence is not high, and many of them are not popular, which makes netizens complain that she is a female artist without fire.

however, the competition in the entertainment industry at this stage is very fierce:

Li Yitong was embarrassed, with 85 Yanba in front of him, such as Liu Yifei, Liu Shishi, Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, Yang Ying and so on.

behind the white deer, Zhao Lusi, Yang surpasses these florets to be aggressive, 90 stalls also has the child star birth Yang Zi, the flow flower Dili Reba intercepts the beard.

since her debut, she has played more than a dozen leading female roles, and a lot of resources have been devoted to her.

is not only Li Yitong's luck, but also her misfortune.

many people say that she is insipid, unrecognizable and has no memory.

actresses who stand out by their beauty are either the big and bright Dili Reba or the light and chrysanthemum Liu Shishi.

but when it comes down to fine taste, it is not as sweet as Zhao Lusi, not as gentle as Liu Shishi, not as kind as Yang Zi, and not as stubborn as Zhao Liying.

what she gives to people as a wholeIt just feels comfortable.

but as an actor, comfort is mediocre.

because if you want to be remembered, you must have recognition, you must


the sky is ugly, or it is beautiful.

but now where there will be extremely ugly girls, but to be beautiful in the sky, the coefficient of difficulty is too great.

after all, no one is sinking fish and falling geese, Diao Chan and Xi Shi, who are shy of the moon.

so to sum up, a person is not always popular, either bad luck, or not enough acting skills, or unlikable personality.

as the first two have said, let's talk about Li Yitong's personality.

it has been eight years since my debut, and the first time I went to variety show was "Infinite surpassing Class".

just to cooperate with the performance, the powder suction mode has been turned on, and it can be seen that the little sister is not short of popularity.

over the years, she has never heard of Li Yitong's affair or gossip. She neither falls in love nor makes friends, nor does she mix up, let alone form gangs.

was interviewed, she also said magnanimously: "I admit that I am not easily angry, not hot is good, I am very satisfied."

I have to say, the little sister is still very straight.

her attitude towards future career planning is:

"the biggest goal of living the present is to pick up more books and play every role well."

it seems that there is still a strong character.

recently, Li Yitong's most out-of-circle role is the cameo role in "Canglan Formula".

in this play, she doesn't play much, but she acts well and pretends to be beautiful, so she is liked by many audiences.

in that case, just stick to your own ideas. after all, not all actors can be popular, red is only a few, that's just a probability.

there may be a long way to go. I believe she will eventually be seen by more people.

maishao777), entertainment critic.

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