The picture of the actor arrested for taking drugs was exposed, and the whole network exploded: it should have been cold long ago!
The picture of the actor arrested for taking drugs was exposed, and the whole network exploded: it should have been cold long ago!
Resisting drugs should be the consciousness engraved in everyone's bones and blood.

"I suggest you check it out, it doesn't look like a performance."

Zhang Songwen's lifelike acting skills made netizens sigh like this after the explosion of "Storm".

after many days, I did not expect that "Gao Qiqiang" did not find a problem, but the drug trafficking "Zhong Ashi" in the play was exposed to a scandal.

recently, some netizens found that Han Pujun, who plays "Zhong Ashi", is also involved in drugs in his life.

Han Pujun,

formerly known as "smile", used to be

A singer is popular all over the country because of the song "Flying Apsaras".

in August 2009, the police found all kinds of drugs on his desk.

his wife miscarried because of this, and the Internet also posted pictures of him being arrested for taking drugs.

sure enough, it wasn't acting.

after the news spread, the crew of "Storm" immediately issued a statement: all shots involving him have been deleted.

"for more than ten years, I spent every day in remorse." Now the most worried thing has happened. "

he thought he could make a comeback with this show and continue to plough the entertainment industry, but he didn't expect that the dark history that had been hidden for many years was exposed to the sun.

as a matter of fact, it is not bad luck, but self-inflicted, that smiley face has gone from being a popular star to a legal coffee that everyone has resisted.

people who are addicted to drugs are not entitled to stand in the spotlight again, and anyone is no exception.

his end has been doomed since his first exposure to drugs.

one step is wrong, one step is wrong.

I don't know how sincere a smiling apology is.

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but over the years, he is not the only actor who ruined his career because of drug abuse.

recently, South Korean actor Liu Yaren has also been exposed.

Media reported that Liu Yaren was taken away by the police on suspicion of illegal drug use and has been banned from leaving the country.

then, the entry "Liu Yaren confirmed taking drugs" rushed to the top of the hot search.

it seems hard to believe that an artist whose career is in its heyday should make a mistake on such a matter of principle.

how popular was Liu Yaren in the Korean film and television industry before the accident?

in 2015, a film "mourning" made him Best Actor in the Green Dragon Award.

at the age of 37, Liu Yaren already had many internationally famous films such as "veteran" and "Burning".

with these works, he was shortlisted for the three Korean Film Awards many times, and finally won all the awards.

the honor of three movie stars and one visual actor is the best affirmation of his acting skills.

later, the film he starred in was selected into the main competition unit in Cannes.

this kind of achievement has been "no dust" among the post-85 South Korean actors, and if it continues to develop according to this momentum, the future is inestimable.

but all of this, the moment he touched the drugs, was gone.

although it is a pity, it is not worthy of sympathy.

after all, there are some mistakes that are not worth forgiving. As long as they are made, they will never be erased.

however, the reaction of fans is even more surprising than Liu Yaren's drug use.

in the comment area, many radical fans came forward to defend him:

"I don't believe it."

"he said he would explain. Why don't you believe him?"

A similar voice appeared when Ke Zhendong was arrested:

"if you make a mistake and correct it, we will still support you."

in fact, you can turn over a new leaf, of course you can turn over a new leaf, but you can continue to be an artist, no!

"Drug addicts are also part of this sinful chain of interests.

in particular, some well-known artists lack self-discipline and self-respect and fail to shoulder the responsibilities of public figures. The money spent on drug abuse has turned into drug money to buy bullets and hit the narcotics police. "

Drug addicts are never innocent, and it is no exaggeration to say that they are accomplices to drug traffickers' crimes.

you know, as long as the buyers are still there, drug trafficking will not stop, nor will the bloodshed and sacrifice of the anti-narcotics police.

just imagine, if you indulge drug addicts blindly, how can you stand up to the sacrificed anti-drug police?

the documentary "Sword of China" describes in detail the dangerous and tragic nature of the anti-narcotics police profession.

in an arrest operation, Zhang Congshun and his comrade-in-arms Wang Shizhou were preparing to control drug traffickers when the drug traffickers suddenly pulled grenades.

after a loud bang, the two were instantly blown to blood.

Wang Shizhou's chest was blown into a hornet's nest, and the whole upper body was torn open by shrapnel.

the belly of Zhang Congshun's calves was directly blown up, and the flesh and blood below the knee was miserable.

when the doctor saw their injuries, he could not help lamenting that there was no hope.

Drug traffickers involved in drug trafficking are all outlaws, cunning and ferocious.

when carrying out their duties, the anti-drug police are walking on the edge of life and death, and death is a danger they have to face at any time.

some people pass by bullets in the process of chasing drug traffickers;

someone is trying to procrastinateHe lived in a drug dealer and was dragged for dozens of meters by a motorcycle.

even if you catch a drug dealer, it does not mean the end of the danger, because the revenge of the drug dealer's accomplices is even more terrible.

the autopsy report of an anti-narcotics policeman on the Internet recorded in detail his torment before his death:

"five ribs were knocked off by a blunt instrument, two legs were peeled below the knee, the nose was cut off by a knife, the chin was smashed by a blunt instrument, and eight fingers were cut off.

from the first injury to the fatal injury, it lasts about 45 hours! "

such horrible torture seems to make people tremble. What kind of suffering will it be when they experience it?

I dare not think about it.

they are heroes and ordinary people of flesh and blood like you and me. They also hurt, hurt, and have their own weaknesses.

therefore, in order to protect their families, anti-drug police can only appear as "mosaics".

they are clearly doing the most glorious and bravest things, but they have to live a secret life, and some of them dare not even engrave their names on the tombstone after they have died.

most of the time, when we clearly see what they look like, it means that they are no longer alive.

there are statistics:

"every year, more than 300 anti-drug police officers die in our country, and the average life expectancy is only 41 years old. Every year, the number of anti-drug police officers sacrificed by the public security system is 4.9 times that of ordinary police officers, and the injury rate is as high as 10 times. "

they know that standing in this position, they are doomed to face fierce gangsters and unknown dangers, but they still choose to face up to the difficulties.

one group of people sacrificed, and another group of people were duty-bound to look back.

this is the narcotics police!

they build a line of defense with life, flesh and blood, keep danger in front of them, and keep drugs out of our lives.

nowadays, the people they protect are, in turn, members of drug addicts.

this, why is it not chilling?

there are always people on the Internet who ask: drug stars have been punished, why can't they be given a chance?

but who can give these sacrificed police officers a chance?

connivance of drug addicts is blasphemy and blasphemy to the anti-drug police


it's impossible for drug addicts to make a comeback!

those who have sacrificed for the cause of drug control will not allow it.

the anti-drug police, who are fighting on the front line of drug control at the moment, do not agree.

countless people with conscience like you and me, it is even more impossible to say yes!

resisting drugs should be the consciousness engraved in everyone's bones and blood.

, no matter when and for whatever reason, stay away from drugs and resist drugs.

this is true for ordinary people, and even more so for stars!