The person who replies to your Wechat like this is the most worthy of deep acquaintance.
The person who replies to your Wechat like this is the most worthy of deep acquaintance.
The importance of getting along with each other lies in sincerity, comfort and relaxation in order to last a long time.



nowadays, Wechat chat has become an important way of our daily communication, and many people we have never met can make contact through Wechat.

although across the screen, but in your words and deeds, often contains a person's self-cultivation, reflects a person's conduct.

so, in life, if you meet someone who replies to Wechat like the following, his character will not be so bad and he can be worthy of deep acquaintance.

reply in time is to respect

there was a question and answer on the Internet: "what do you hate most when people reply?"

there is a highly praised comment: "it's good to reply to anything, but the most annoying thing is that I can't read it back."

I think so.

the so-called details can be seen in character, which seems to be a trivial matter, but it can reflect one's attitude and character in doing things.

people with good character will give timely feedback when they receive information. Even if it is not noticed or inconvenient at that time, they will reply to each other as soon as it is convenient.

it is the most reliable performance for a person to have a reason for everything and respond to everything.

whether at work or in life, timely feedback and effective communication are very important.

especially some important things, it may not matter to you, but others are waiting anxiously.

Xiao Xun, a debater, said:

"the most important thing in getting along with others is frankness and comfort."

only when we respect each other and come and go, is the most comfortable state of communication between people.

any kind of emotion needs to go both ways.

if a person always turns a blind eye to other people's news and always shows an optional attitude, then the relationship is doomed to not last.

you know, no kind of relationship can stand consumption, and any relationship needs to be managed jointly by both parties.

to be prudent is to be mature

Mr. Zhou Guoping once said:

"A sense of size is a sign of mature love. It knows how to abide by the necessary distance between people."

has boundary consciousness or not is an important sign to measure whether a person is mature or not.

everyone has their own privacy and a past that they don't want to be touched.

it is an adult's self-consciousness not to get to the bottom of what others do not want to say.

No matter how close the relationship is, no matter how deep the feelings are, you should know what to say and what not to say, and don't embarrass people.

mature people all know how to think from each other's point of view, with a ruler in their heart and a degree of speech.

when we encounter happiness or trouble, we sometimes want to share it with others, but we also need to know what to do.

Don't disturb others at will, respect each other's time and space.

in the fascinating offer, he Jiong once mentioned this worry.

he said that Fan Chengcheng would occasionally send a voice message in the middle of the night.

he thought something urgent had happened to the other party, so he hurriedly opened it and listened to it. As a result, the other party only said that he missed himself.

although he likes this younger brother, there is nothing he can do about it.

in fact, everyone should have their own space, and the communication between people should also be left blank.

No matter what kind of relationship, we should grasp the sense of distribution and don't cause trouble to other people's lives.

it's comfortable, it's self-cultivation

it is written in the book EQ:

"the degree to which you are comfortable determines the height you can reach."

Smart people all know how to restrain themselves and not cause obstruction to others.

like the chat way of Wechat, it best reflects a person's self-cultivation.

some people never consider other people's feelings, no matter whether they are busy or not, they always talk endlessly.

some people expect the other person to come back as soon as they send a message. If there is no reply, there will be repeated urges.

"are you there?" "Why didn't you reply?" "say something?"

constant harassment and aggressive attitude are annoying.

"Rose Garden" says:

"it is better to say nothing than to say nothing, and it is better to be silent without speculation."

the more you keep pushing, the more distasteful it will be.

there must be a reason for the other party not to reply. Maybe I happen to be busy, maybe I'm thinking about how to reply.

at this point, the most polite way is to wait and give the other person some time.

and those who are really cultured, even on Wechat, stick to politeness and thoughtfulness, keeping the pace of chat just right.

it is like a spring breeze and a pleasant heart to chat with such a person.

Wechat chat tests our carefulness and patience more than face-to-face communication.

because we can't see each other's expressions or detect each other's emotional changes, we need to keep a good balance.

only when we have more understanding and tolerance for others and more patience and restraint for ourselves can we make our communication more comfortable.

someone on Zhihu asked, "what kind of person is the most worthy of deep acquaintance?"

A highly praised answer is: "A man of good character."

it can be seen that conduct is the passport for a person to walk the world.

between peopleGet along, the value lies in sincerity, the most important thing is comfort, relaxation degree, can be long-term.

it is a kind of respect to interact with others and know how to come and go;

communicating with others without going beyond boundaries is a kind of maturity;

it is a kind of self-cultivation to be able to grasp the rhythm when talking to others;

I hope you and I can know how to move forward and backward, no matter in the online world or in real life. Find the most comfortable way to interact with each other.

, good night.

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