"the mother exercises her daughter to come home independently but gets lost": inappropriate love is hurting the child.
"the mother exercises her daughter to come home independently but gets lost": inappropriate love is hurting the child.
If you don't follow your child blindly, you can get twice the result with half the effort only if it is appropriate.


seldom considers whether it is suitable for their children.

BFF Arvin always pursues refinement, and all children's food must be refined, expensive, and even imported.

for this reason, she always keeps her eyes on food from various countries and organizes to join a number of foreign purchasing agents and food sharing groups:

" they all talk about calcium supplements. I heard that this model in the United States is very popular! "
"did your baby eat Japanese supplementary food so well?"
"recently, this product in foreign countries is not too popular, let's stock some." .

Arvin's baby is obviously only six years old, but its weight has soared to the weight of half an adult, which is not a sign of health.

in fact, no matter whether it is parenting style or nutritional supplement, we must choose the child's needs and consider its suitability in order to be targeted.

because what we think is good, it is not necessarily suitable for children, only when we really understand the needs of children can we give them more suitable love.


recently, Egg Mommy has moved to a hot parenting column- Flying Crane's" fresh Parenting View " the second season, is the latest issue of" imported Food suitable for Baby "? Inside, food science writer Zhong Kai stressed the importance of feeding "suitable for the baby."

but for the results of the selection, everyone seems to fall into the strange circle of imports, like best friend Arvin, thinking that the imported ones are the best and the most nutritious.

due to differences in eating habits in different countries, babies have different needs for nutrients.

Chinese babies have a relatively higher demand for iron content.

Food popular science writer Zhong Kai also stressed that even in Asia with similar diets, differences in geographical environment can lead to differences in nutrients in milk powder.

take the neighboring island country Japan, whose diet is mainly based on seafood rich in iodine, so they do not make special requirements on the content of iodine in milk powder.

but most of China, which is located in the plain and inland, can not supplement considerable iodine in daily life. If the iodine content in baby's milk powder is not enough, it will directly affect the child's intellectual development.

it can be seen that tens of millions of feeding methods are the best for your child. Don't blindly pursue the best and imported dogma while forgetting the child's real needs.

as parents, we should ensure the nutritional balance of every meal and choose milk powder that is more suitable for Chinese babies' physique in order to better help their children grow up.


some people say: in life, the best is not necessarily more suitable, the more suitable is the best.

this sentence is also applicable to parenting. In fact, parents never give their children the best love, only more suitable!

so parents don't have to worry too much about parenting, but choose appropriate ways according to science and the baby's own characteristics. In terms of feeding, we should also fully consider the baby's physique and choose nutrients that are more suitable for our baby's physique.

this is precisely the newly created Flying Crane fresh breeding.The original intention of season 2

hopes to use scientific theory, from concept to point of view, to subvert everyone's traditional view of parenting in an all-round way, and help parents become better parents.

of course, as early as the first season of Flying Crane's" fresh Parenting View ", it was widely praised and parents learned a lot of new parenting knowledge.

this time Feihe made a completely new start, gathering a group of people such as Beetle, pediatrician Yu Xiaonan, Zhong Kai, Xu Yunyun, Zhou Zhou, Zhang Yiyun and other experts pass on a new parenting concept that is more suitable for Chinese babies--

traditional thinking that mothers have to do housework with both hands, but research shows that children are smarter if fathers love to do housework.


not only is there a scientific basis for freshness in parenting, but also in terms of baby nutrition, Feihe applies fresh and easy to absorb to the end, just to give the baby more suitable nutrition.

Feihe Milk Powder has been working on milk powder that is more suitable for Chinese babies for 57 years. fresh raw milk is easy to absorb and naturally contains OPO and Feihe milk powder, which is more suitable for Chinese babies.

if you don't follow blindly, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

all kinds of parents, whether it is the way of educating their children, or their nutritional supplement. We all hope that everyone can have a clear understanding and make a more suitable choice.
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