The most terrible thing in marriage is not mother-in-law, not cheating, not domestic violence, but.
The most terrible thing in marriage is not mother-in-law, not cheating, not domestic violence, but.
Violence is a blind beast.

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"lock my hands behind my back, grab my head and hit it against the wall."
step on my face with the foot of his shoes on.

it's hard to imagine these" inhuman "brutality imposed by a person who is supposed to be closest.

that ZengNow I think it is light, hope and future companion, ruthlessly punching everything to hell.


just a few days ago, due to a misunderstanding, a Wenzhou woman was badly beaten by her husband and Gonggong in the street and even covered her face with feces in order to humiliate her.

as for me, what is more distressing is the young children who grew up in violence.

" for the child. "

this is why most victims choose to forgive and remain silent in the face of domestic violence.

Don't want your child to grow up in a broken family without a father, so tolerate it, and this patience becomes an unscrupulous bargaining chip for the abuser.

in a video, fathers dismiss their mother as worthless and throw out the door like "garbage". The two children cry loudly in fear, and the mother falls unconscious on the ground.

one person's violence has become a family nightmare.

how do children who witness all this spend their dark childhood and dispel the haze of their lives?

both mothers and children are victims of domestic violence and will eventually become victims of an unhappy marriage.


there is a topic discussed by countless people on Weibo: "which is more frightening, cold violence or domestic violence?"

what's the difference for the victim? Domestic violence is a double blow of body and mind, cold violence is desperate spiritual persecution, either way, it is enough to push a woman into the abyss.

friend Xiao Li and her husband haven't spoken much for half a year, and Wechat chat has changed from romance to firewood because of the long life.

the man who used to worry that she would not eat well is now reluctant to respond with punctuation marks.

you see, cold violence is so lethal, exhausting and exhausting, like an invisible knife, giving people "Ling Chi" torture.

talking out and having nothing to say at home, this kind of "dumb" marriage is not alone, and Xiao Li is not the only wife who suffers from cold violence.

in the short film Strangers at the Dining Table, the full-time wife played by Zhang Junyi explains this torture.

the wife seems to be talking to herself, while her husband looks at the computer with headphones and says nothing.

looking after each other is definitely not a quiet time. is more frightening than a man who doesn't talk.

they habitually use escape to solve all problems, can't communicate, live with you with silence, and call it "avoiding disputes". They consume your enthusiasm for life, and life becomes passable.

A wife is consumed by her husband's silence in the movie "No questions."

wife says to him:

" outsiders only see how I hit you and scold you, but they don't know how you hit me. You hit me with your attitude, and you make me feel like I'm the worst person in the world. "

from nothing to nothing to talk about, couples suffering from marital aphasia, their hearts are dead, and there is no love to speak of.

"Cold violence" is just domestic violence in a different package, which can kill a person as well as waving a fist.


it makes people lose themselves, lose love, lose everything, it makes people feel scared, want to escape, no longer believe everything.

domestic violence shatters happiness and breaks up the originally warm family.

in the anti-domestic violence public welfare short film "every Child deserves to be loved", a little girl who grew up in the shadow of her father's domestic violence recalled: " my life and soul seem to have entered the eternal night, unable to see the dawn. "

whether it is silent cold violence or frightening domestic violence, the damage caused takes a lifetime to heal.

in this endless "Eternal Night", I want to light a lamp for the suffering, a lamp with a little warm hope, but also want to ring a bell and ring a long alarm bell to prevent a tragedy from happening again.

only violence in the world can not be easily forgiven, let alone forgotten.

May this violent beast sleep all year round and never wake up.
May all injured people get out of their misery and stop crying.


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