The most incisive 6 words, the real world sober
The most incisive 6 words, the real world sober
When we know how small we are, we will be in awe of the world.


in 2012, 57-year-old Mo Yan stepped onto the stage of the Stockholm Concert Hall and won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

the overwhelming praise instantly pushed him to the altar: praising him as a "literary banner" and calling him a "legendary writer".

but gradually, the sword engraved with "the end of talent" and the "curse of Nobel Prize" also came straight from all directions.

because, just a few years after winning the award, Mo Yan has not published a new work.

even if there is an uproar of sarcasm, he is still silent.

until another eight years later, the novel collection "the late ripening Man" appeared.

Mo Yan finally responded with his works: behind the silence is Xu Li, and the truth of being late is late ripening.

he once interpreted "late ripening" as follows: rise abruptly based on accumulated strength, become a late bloomer, keep a low profile and wait for an opportunity.

these six proverbs of epiphany in late maturity hide wisdom worthy of everyone's deep consideration.


people's happiness is not entirely determined by the accumulation of materials and the promotion of positions or the superposition of fame.

in this novel, one of the most impressive stories is Torch and whistle.

the teacher Song in this chapter is the most educated person in the village.

because his three values are similar and his interests are similar, he and Yang Shuba, a pen of the commune, have become close friends who talk about everything.

in the dilapidated dormitory, the two will boil water to make tea on a kerosene stove and taste rare Lu'an melon slices.

Yang also occasionally pulls out a pack of expensive cigarettes to share this hard-won good thing with his friends.

they talk about art, books, opera and movies.

when it rises, it will dance and sing a few words.

and once Yang stutters, Mr. Song will pull the Jinghu together.

although the conditions were difficult at that time, the sight of high mountains and rivers meeting a bosom friend made Mo Yan envy every time he thought of it.

when people reach middle age, they feel more and more that compared to fame and fortune, prosperous and bright, simple and plain happiness is the most precious.

you don't have to look at your life with the eyes of the world.

do what you like, love the person you want to love, and live a real life.

every small and warm happiness in life deserves us to cherish and applaud.


for those of us who mature late, it will take one year to achieve the achievements of those who are precocious for ten years.

Mo Yan, who returned to his hometown after becoming famous, was praised by his childhood friends: "you are also an outstanding representative of late-maturing varieties."

dropped out of school at the age of 11 and went home to herd cattle and sheep; joined the army at 21 and had a hard time in the army; and Beijing drifters, 29, thoroughly embarked on the path of literature.

although there has been a lot of writing since then, there have been no sensational results over the years.

his name was not known until he won the Nobel Prize in 2012.

the villagers were shocked that this seemingly dull young man, who was born in poverty, could be what he is today.

Mo Yan smiled and said with emotion: "it doesn't matter, I'm just a late bloomer."

Caigen Tan says:

"those who wait for a long time will fly high, and those who take the lead thank you early."

like cicadas coming out of their shells, they endure the dormant darkness before they can spread their wings and enjoy a new life.

only when people save enough to accumulate thousands of miles, can they have the surprise of being born.

so you don't have to be obsessed with finding results, let alone in a hurry to prove yourself.

use silent time to precipitate and work hard with anxious energy.

Life is a protracted war.

he who laughs last laughs best.


the really terrible bad people are not those who know they are bad, but those who think they are right and good instead of knowing they are bad.

in "Red Lip and Green mouth", the author describes a fellow-villager named Qin Guiying.

this man is sharp-tongued and responsive, and a few words will soon come to Mo Yan's Wechat.

but after she left, people around her warned one after another: please be careful of her.

it turns out that Qin Guiying looks decent, but in fact she is completely naughty.

she had a chance for promotion, but she didn't get it because she hurt her teacher.

so she began to do evil everywhere and stir up trouble.

she misbehaved with her family, forcing others to be helpless; she was proud that "those who got the Internet won the world" and was complacent in spreading rumors.

cousin's son was kind enough to dissuade her.

think of a question from Zhihu: "what have you been taught by reality?"

highly praised the answer: "when you encounter garbage people and trash, stay away from it."

there is always a group of people in life who are psychologically distorted, full of hostility and resentful of everything in the world.

if you get entangled with it, you are bound to be dragged into the quagmire and sink deeper and deeper.

it is better to choose a detour and be yourself, so that you can stop the loss in time without hindrance.


some things are unforgettable, while unforgettable things are unforgettable because they have the value of being remembered. That's what the so-called "never forget the past, the teacher of the future" means.

people go through a lot of things in this life, and those things worth remembering always teach us to grow up.

when Mo Yan took his mother to see a doctor, she happened to meet Qin Guiying, who accompanied her bed.

unlike her shabby, Qin Guiying was already the deputy leader of the task force.

and what humiliates him even more is the different treatment of the two patients:

during the injection, the nurse glared at her mother, but was very careful to flatter them.

during the meal, my mother had only Wotou and beans, while the other side enjoyed a table full of delicacies, and the staple food was steaming white steamed bread.

later, my mother finally recovered, and Mo Yan was promoted as an exception by studying and practicing hard.

when others praise him as self-motivated, only he knows: whenever he wants to give up, he will think of the cold eye and the meal that made him ashamed.

if you do not read the world, it will be difficult to understand in the end.

in this life, people have to encounter a few setbacks to expose ridiculous ignorance and fantasies.

after going through the cold and warm feelings, the gains and losses of honor and disgrace, we will gain insight into the reality and usher in the awakening.

only when you have had enough of unexpected suffering and whipping can you draw strength and become mature.


this is what happens in the world: no matter how high the mountain is, there are birds flying over it; no matter how dense the net is, there are fish flying through it.

Mo Yan once told the story of his grandfather in an open letter:

when he was a child, he followed his grandfather to mow in the barren grass.

when he was young, he was shocked and asked what it was.

Grandpa replied faintly, "Wind, pull the rickshaw hard, son."

the wind is getting stronger and stronger. In order to keep the car, Grandpa clenched the handlebars, his legs trembled, his body bent, and stood hard in the strong wind.

even if his clothes were torn by the wind, he remained motionless and stabilized the car like a sculpture.

later, the wind finally stopped, and Grandpa slowly straightened up, and his fingers could not be stretched out because he had curled up for so long.

but even in such a mess, he still became a hero in Mo Yan's heart, because Grandpa didn't flinch when the wind came.

Lin Haiyin once said:

"Life is like climbing a mountain. It seems to take many rough roads, but it will eventually reach the top of the mountain."

right now, you may be struggling in a depressed life.

Don't flinch, don't be discouraged, carry it again.

all the really strong people go through havoc and break through the gloom before they see a future full of hope.


only when people know that they are ignorant can they be modest from the bottom of their bones, no longer arrogant and aggressive.

not long ago, a section of Xu Zhiyuan's interview with Luo Xiang in "Thirteen invitations" went viral in moments.

Luo Xiang in the video behaves elegantly and speaks calmly.

especially when asked by Xu Zhiyuan, "what do you think of the fact that you have become popular on the Internet?" he replied humbly:

"I think this is only the necessity of the development of the times, not because of one's own personal ability."

netizens are amazed that this is the posture of the strong.

he recalled in the program:

"I boast that I have read some books, but I despise anyone and don't bother to talk to others."

it was not until once that he saved his life from a car accident by chance that he suddenly realized that he was actually cowardly and ordinary in front of his fate.

from then on, he put aside his pride, became low-key and introverted, and finally got to where he is today.

in psychology, there is a famous Duck effect, which says:

A person with a rich mind and broad understanding tends to be more modest.

this is the way life is: the more you grow, the more sober and humble you are.

when we know how small we are, we will be in awe of the world.

Life is a dream, Baiyun Cang Dog.

each of us is going astray in life, stumbling forward.

like all kinds of people in the book, after experiencing enough joys and sorrows and watching the ups and downs, they finally find their own destiny.

Sanmao once said: "personal experiences and ill-fated destinies have forced me to mature.

the price of all this

is regarded as the power to live in the future. "

indeed, people who mature late always seem to be sadder and more frustrated.

but as long as the time comes, the cocoon will be broken and the rest of life will be better and better.

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