The most comfortable relationship between people
The most comfortable relationship between people
We are nourished by all kinds of relationships, and we also rely on all kinds of relationships to achieve each other.

Cai Zhizhong, a famous cartoonist, said:

"Education is the bronze medal, ability is the silver medal, and interpersonal relationship is the gold medal."

A lot of troubles in a person's life come from interpersonal relationships, and the most energy-consuming is also human contact.

Smart people never waste energy on trifles, but spend time to improve themselves.

gradually found that the most comfortable relationship between people is: get along, trustworthy, reliable.

people who get along with you will never get tired of being with you for a long time

Life is a train, which stops at multiple stops. Some people get separated halfway, and some people accompany them.

to interact with people, the first acquaintance depends on common preferences, and the long-term relationship depends on inner harmony.

Friends who are in tune with each other, even if they get along day and night, are also affectionate and inseparable; even if they are far away, they are not far away.

some netizens posted that in recent years, Huang Bo will bring Wang Xun with him whether he is making movies or participating in variety shows.

it turns out that the friendship between the two began more than a decade ago.

one day, after filming, Huang Bo told Wang Xun that he wanted to be a singer before, but he was not good-looking and no one wanted to write songs, so his development had not been smooth.

Wang Xun said after listening:

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"We are really alike. I have learned the violin and been to the Spring Festival Gala, but I have no appearance and background, so it is difficult to become a big shot."

the same grass-roots origin, so that they have a lot of resonance, the two of them sympathize with each other, and have since become bosom friends.

later, Huang Bo quickly became famous with the movie Crazy Stone, while Wang Xun remained tepid.

when Huang Bo became the King of Golden Horse Movie, Wang Xun was still a walk-on in various troupes.

although there is not much overlap between one north and one south, as long as they have the opportunity, they will meet in each other's city to drink and eat together.

in 2012, Huang Bo set up his own studio and immediately sent an invitation to Wang Xun. He also invited Wang Xun to live in his home, provide food and accommodation, and pick him up by car.

the world is changing as time goes by, but their feelings have not faded, but they have been tempered more deeply by the years.

like Zhou Guoping's sentence very much:

"if you feel extra relaxed and truly instructive to get along with others, you must have met someone of the same kind, even if you are in very different jobs."

in interpersonal communication, get along well with each other, understand your joys and sorrows, and are not tired to get along with each other.

although they sometimes go their separate ways for life, they are busy and care about each other, and they care about each other when they get in touch with each other.

he may not be there when you are proud; he is sure to come when you need it.

time has no room for false friendship, and time cannot bring friends who get along well with each other.

the person who gets along not only shares the same interests, but he really understands you;

not only meet you for the first time, but also never get tired of being with you for a long time.

those who can be trusted will bear your heart and courage for you

in life, there are always some people who move you. They sincerely pay for their friends and maintain their true friendship with trust.

when a friend is in need of help, wear his liver and courage; when others entrust him with his heart, do his best.

in the fifteenth year of Emperor Kangxi, Nalan Xingde, 22, met Gu Zhenguan, 39.

Nalan Xingde, who comes from a wealthy family, does not look down on Gu Zhenguan, who is in the middle of his family.

since the two met for the first time, they hit it off and soon became friends with each other.

Nalan Xingde once wrote "Jinlui" and gave it to Gu Zhenguan, which ended with "re Nuozhong, Jun must remember".

in this poem, he revealed his sincerity completely, which not only dispelled Gu Zhenguan's worries, but also narrowed the distance between the two people.

from then on, the two often had a long talk until sunset.

Nalan Xingde's enthusiasm won the trust of Gu Zhenguan, and there was no bad feeling between the two.

later, Gu Zhenguan told his troubles and begged Nalan Xingde to help his friend, Wu Zhaoqian, a talented writer at that time.

although Nalan Xingde was very embarrassed by this matter, after hesitation, he promised to let Wu Zhaoqian return to Jiangnan as far as possible within five years.

in 1681, he finally found the opportunity to spend a lot of money to get Wu Zhaoqian back to his hometown and put his promise into practice.

he spent five years begging for the pleas of his friends. His act of upholding righteousness and dredging wealth and rescue spread all over the country and became a story.

although Nalan Xingde lives in the court, he is known all over the world, and his personality charm conquers literary celebrities.

Franklin said, "if you make a mistake, you may immediately get back on your feet, break your promise, and you may never get it back."

keep your word, will not let believe your friend, cold heart; trust each other, can walk hand in hand in the impermanent environment.

those long-lasting relationships are not established overnight, nor are they simply deliberately maintained, but long-term tacit trust.

your weakness can be shown to him, and you know his troubles.

when you get along, you can let your guard down, you can say the truest words, and you can tell the truest feelings.

these days, the best relationship is that someone can be trusted, and the most precious friendship is that someone ruins your heart and brain for you.

A reliable person will make you feel at ease with each other

there is a question on Zhihu: "how can I give people a sense of reliability?"

one of them replied:

"I think it's reliable, so...It is you who leave the matter to him and never worry about it, because you know that he will definitely put it into practice, and even if he does not do it well, he will reply to you in time. "

A reliable person often gives sense of security to others.

someone on the Internet recalled a teacher he respected.

although the teacher teaches many classes, he can remember each student's name.

No matter how busy he is when he asks for advice, he can always answer his classmates' questions afterwards.

there is a response to everything and everything, which makes the students think that the teacher is very reliable.

reliable, is a scarce quality, reassuring.

in 793 AD, Liu Yuxi met his best friend Liu Zongyuan, and the two were bosom friends of each other.

later, because of the court, both of them were exiled.

for the first time, Liu Zongyuan encountered all kinds of misfortune, from high-spirited to increasingly silent. Liu Yuxi wrote several letters to persuade and comfort his friends.

for as long as ten years, the two encouraged and supported each other, giving comfort to the lonely days.

for the second time, Liu Zongyuan learned that Liu Yuxi had a mother to take care of and begged to be transferred to Liu Yuxi's hometown.

when parting, the two people will not be separated when they are old and are neighbors of each other.

Liu Yuxi, who is reliable, raised the son of a good friend into an adult.

it took several years to sort out and complete the work of my friends, so that it can be spread to this day.

Life is difficult, but it is no longer so difficult because of reliable friends.

have seen such a sentence:

"A reliable person entrusts your whole life to him, and he entrusts his whole life to you."

reliable people often have their own security attributes.

in life, take up your own responsibility and solve all kinds of difficulties encountered.

they will not go back on what they have promised you, and they will try their best to complete the great trust you have placed on them.

if you get along with a reliable person for a long time, you will also have the ability to bear and gradually become a reliable person.

what you can promise to others, you must do what you cannot do after careful consideration and commitment, but also dare to take it up and give feedback in time.

when you are with someone you can rely on, you don't have to worry about everything, but you feel secure inside.

such people use their own actions to win the respect of others, and make people feel at ease with their own sincerity.

like this sentence very much: "Life is personal practice, in fact, it is also the practice of 'relationship'."

Life depends on one's own efforts, feelings depend on one's own maintenance.

A person's social width is as important as body temperature.

We are nourished by all kinds of relationships, and we achieve each other by all kinds of relationships.

in dealing with people, the most comfortable relationship is to have good friends, trustworthy friendship, and reliable peace of mind.

in daily life, everything may not be disturbed, but it will be missed all the time.

may not be with you all the time, but you will keep your heart together.

when you are sad, you must share the pain with you;

when you need it, we must be in the same boat with you to solve the problems of life.

Let's be the best we can be and have the most comfortable relationships in the world for the rest of our lives.

May someone share your youth, vicissitudes and memories with you.

, share with your friends.

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