The more incompetent people are, the more they like to spend their time on these four things.
The more incompetent people are, the more they like to spend their time on these four things.
Do everything possible to achieve this goal, this is the real dreamer.


recently, many users have left messages saying:

it has been more than two months since the new year, but the flag established at the beginning of the year does not stay up late, lose weight, or read. But it seems that there has been no progress, taking detours all the time.

I can understand people's anxiety.

at some point in time, we always want to face life again and be better ourselves.

it just so happens that I have also been making a phased summary recently. I have four ideas, all of which I learned from the people and things I met in 2022.

but there was no one to guide me at that time, so I had to grope for myself and took a lot of detours. Also realize that most of the time when ordinary people break their heads, high-level people may be the time to say a word.

sharing this article today, I just want to talk to you about what detours we need to avoid in order to grow better in the new year.

I strongly advise you not to waste time on these four things, not to be incompetent people, and to move towards a better self.

I hope you can watch it patiently. I believe it will be very enlightening.

always consider the way out when doing things

probably can't do it

A friend shared a sentence with me:

Ren Zhengfei's secret of recruiting people is to "be ambitious and destitute."

those who tend to be in a poor situation and full of ambition tend to be able to do things indomitable and more likely to achieve results than others.

judging from the experience of the past few years, this is indeed the case.

it is often those colleagues who often say that they really can't do what they can, and they do the most problems.

if my manuscript fails in the end, you will have to pay me the hard work, otherwise you will be busy in vain.

my daily salary for work is xxx. If I write a manuscript for you, you should multiply it by the daily salary accordingly, otherwise it will not be cost-effective.

there must be nothing wrong with this idea. Everyone is bound to calculate their own gains and losses.

everyone will consider their own investment and return, after all, everyone's time, emotional energy is limited, everyone will have life pressure.

but the problem is that if a company does not have enough cohesion to do anything without putting the results first, then the future of the company can be imagined.

everyone is full of thoughts about the gains and losses of their own interests, never taking the interests of the company into account, and the end result is often endless eggs under the nest.

if you really want to achieve this goal, make every effort to pursue it.

try every means to achieve this goal, this is the real dreamer.

things are done slowly, not out of mind.

if it is only the desire of the mouth, never take action, and think about it all is the problem, not the solution to the problem, the ideal is always the ideal.

there is a saying in Rick and Morty, "it is more foolish to plan for failure than a mediocre plan."



people who always think about their own retreat obviously do not have enough determination and courage to get things done.

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then no matter how simple the matter is, you can't handle it.

is the determination to risk everything.

what you think is the "quality" problem

is mostly a "quantity" problem

A few days ago, I saw a teacher who wrote the phrase "millions of gods" in the online article circle, which is the achievement of the great god of the Internet.

it so happens that I have been reading online articles since primary school

(mainly fantasy)

, I have a relatively good understanding of the industry, and I still have some say in this topic.

the origin of the phrase "millions of gods" is that a newcomer asks an Internet god

(vaguely remember that it is the three young people of the Tang family)

, how to become the great god of Internet writing.

the other party replied, "write 1 million words first."

in the past, I thought that the great god was fooling people. Why did he say a vague goal without teaching methods? And 1 million words is too difficult!

later, when I began to write articles myself, I found that "writing 1 million words first" itself is a very effective method.

because when you finish writing these 1 million words, you will find that you can write good articles, and the real growth of everything is in the process.

when you have a certain amount of writing, basically where to write, and know that most routines are good or bad, there will be no Calvin phenomenon anymore.

and you will find that you have the ability to write articles in different ways, which is why many great online writers can write tens of thousands of words a day.

when they start to write, ideas automatically appear in their minds. Writing is a muscle memory. There is no need to rack their brains at all. The whole brain-burning process lies in how to write more perfectly.

Tang Jia San Shao writes 8,000 words a day, rain or shine for 14 years and seven months

(the middle wife died once)


more than 40 million words have been written and a large number of readers have been accumulated.

although many people don't like the Tang family, I think this perseverance alone is enough to be admired.

many people think that the quality problem is that the quantity of a certain aspect is not up to standard.

I often say that all talent comes from the myth of experience, and all experience comes from insight into laws.

where does that insight come from? There is no other, but I know you by hand.

this is a very simple truth that everyone knows, for example:

A cook who cooks fifty dishes a day must be better than an ordinary person who cooks only one meal a day.

people who have played 50000 innings of League of Legends will certainly play better than those who have played only one or two hundred innings.

people who do PPT every day must do better than those who do PPT once a year.

when many movements are practiced to a certain order of magnitude, you will find that you can not only do well, but also play all kinds of tricks.

those ideas that have to make all kinds of efforts are actually trying to take shortcuts and are impossible to succeed.

as a teacher said:

is obviously the problem of insufficient quantity, but mistakenly thinks that the bottleneck lies in quality, and fantasizes about using some kind of skillful tricks and cutting corners to achieve the goal without increasing the quantity.

then metaphysics, superstition and all kinds of groaning without illness appeared.

is not enough and the foundation is not thick enough, many things cannot be done, even if sometimes there seems to be a shortcut, the debt owed will have to be repaid sooner or later.

the problem is not what cards to get

it's about how you play cards

Texas hold'em master Anne Duke shares a story in the book "betting".

in a charity poker tournament, she told the audience that one player had a 76% chance of winning and another player had a 24% chance of winning.

but it turns out that only the player with a 24% chance of winning wins. There are cheers and questions off the court, Annie, are you wrong?

Annie said that I was not wrong in my calculation. The winning chance of the player is 24%, which just means that the probability of victory is not very high.

but it is still possible to win, but it is more difficult to win.

A lot of people are always complaining that their cards are too bad.

for example, bad birth, bad education, bad personality.

there are a lot of disadvantages that lead to your career and emotional failure. If you have this idea, please think about the above example.

keep complaining that it doesn't have a positive effect on improving the situation, on the contrary, it will only make things worse.

the fact that your cards are poor and your winning rate is small doesn't mean you don't have a chance to win. The problem is not what cards you get, but how to play them.

A more crucial question is, if these people's success is due to their parents, then what is the reason for their parents' success? Is it because of your parents, too?

you will find that you can always cite a lot of counterexamples. The world is so complicated that it doesn't make sense to just say a little bit about life.

you see, Jobs doesn't have a good father, even his parents are adoptive parents, and they don't have a bad temper, but don't they have a great career?

you may not have all kinds of good cards, but you have yourself, and you are strong enough to change your life, right?

it's enough to be at least better off than you were before, and that should be the real goal of our efforts.

Don't always think about "eliminating a bad self"

at the beginning of the year, a senior asked me if there was any way to make her husband an introverted programmer.

I said categorically, no.

people's character is congenital and acquired, and it is difficult to change. "rivers and mountains are easy to change, but nature is hard to change."

as a teacher once said, he was also a very introverted person, but later he worked as a salesman for many years and thought he was already very extroverted.

but then he found that outside of the sales business, he still doesn't like to talk to people, and he is often clumsy.

it is easy for us to make the mistake of trying to eliminate that "bad self".

but you have to understand two things:

first of all, everyone has his or her own place in this world.

you feel that you are not suitable for this position, and the best and most convenient way is not to change your personality and talent to adapt to this position, but to change your position.

secondly, some problems cannot be attributed to personality alone.

for example, I often receive messages saying that I am introverted and not so talkative. Is it because I am not suitable for a sales job?

I once specifically asked that he Xueyou, the trump card salesman for the Iron Army in Alibaba, said that in fact, there were sales of all kinds of character.

the key is not character, but methods and ideas.

as some lecturers say, your goal should not be to stage the podium without tension.

but in a tense situation, the prepared speech can still be well completed.

there is no bad self in this world, only those who put themselves in the wrong place and find the wrong direction.

if you have any other thoughts or experiences, you are welcome to speak freely in the comments section.

how important is it for young people to avoid these five detours?

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