"the man who will send you these three sentences on Wechat really loves you."
"the man who will send you these three sentences on Wechat really loves you."
Love you this sentence, perhaps in the heart is difficult to open.

read a poem by Toshitaro Tanegawa:

"it is because I love you that the words'I love you 'cannot be said. Please forgive my clumsy silence, I want to become the air around you, I want to become the dew condensed on your skin. "

Men who fall in love are often not good at words and are ashamed to express their love.

but if a man has ever said these three words to you.

there is no doubt.

he must love you more than you think.

"I miss you"

missing is a very dangerous thing.

follows me like a shadow.

about missing, Hugo once said:

"I miss you when I am sad, just as I miss the sun in winter. I miss you when I am happy, just as I miss the shade in the scorching sun."

when I am sad, I miss you and want to talk to you.

when I am happy, I miss you and want to share with you.

it turns out that if you really love someone, you may not necessarily say "I love you", but you will miss you and miss you all the time.

in the TV series "Please answer 1988", the protagonist Kim Jong-hwan fell into the ocean of missing again and again.

many years later, the friends with double doors were reunited.

that day, knowing that love was hopeless, Kim Jong-hwan made a confession hidden in his heart to Te-sun, who had been in love for many years, under the pretext of "jokes":

"in order to go to school with you, I waited for you at the gate for more than an hour every day. I was so worried that I couldn't sleep until you came back from the study room. Why was she so late? did she fall asleep again? I was thinking about you. When I happened to meet you on the bus, when we went to the concert together.

and my birthday, when you gave me a shirt, I was so happy that I would miss you a dozen times a day. "

Love is amazing.

it makes the people who are deeply disturbed by it become not like themselves, not only miss, but also miss every day.

even so, I still enjoy it.

Zhu Shenghao, a famous translator, once had such a sweet "burden".

in his last year of college, Zhu Shenghao met Song Qingru.

from then on, he was no longer Zhu Shenghao, but a "Song Qingru supremacist".

in the age of Zhu Shenghao and Song Qingru, the sun became slow, and so did the carriage, horses and mail.

Life is short enough to love only one person.

but no matter how slow it is, it can't stop people from longing for love.

after graduation, Zhu Shenghao and Song Qingru began correspondence for nearly a decade.

in one letter after another, or "love letter", Zhu Shenghao never misses Song Qingru:

"ever since I picked up my pen and was ready to describe your details, I couldn't help but get distracted. I'm sorry I didn't write my love words, but I really thought about you for an hour."

"you may not believe it. I often imagine how beautiful and lovely you are, but when I actually met you, you were much better and cuter than I thought."

"send you the love of the whole universe and thoughts from Swire to eternity."

"maybe I was thinking about you when you looked at the moon."


Zhu Shenghao told us in his words.

A person loves you as much as he misses you.

it's okay to miss silent.

otherwise, those who are missed must be deafening.

"good night"

someone said, "good night."

represents that I am "closed" today, no longer "open" to the outside world, and has nothing to do with whether I sleep or not.

others say, "good night."

means that I hide tenderness and romance in good night. I will say good night to the world and love to you only.

but in my opinion, the true meaning of good night is, as Yu Guangzhong said:

"if the gods will listen to my wishes, then I miss you good night. May there always be stars in your dreams."

good night is actually very simple, there are not so many bends around.

I will say good night to you just because I love you.

so I think you will have a good dream. I think there are stars, moon and me in your dream.

the reader Huihui told me a very sweet story.

she chased her for more than half a year before she was with her boyfriend.

the reason why it takes so long is not because she has no intention to each other, but because she has been hurt, so that she does not dare to talk about love easily.

but fortunately, my boyfriend is very persistent and patient.

he never forced Huihui, but would chat with her every day, share his joys and sorrows, and then say "good night" to her before the night came.

such days lasted for half a year.

one day, her boyfriend asked Huihui why he said good night to her every day.

at the moment, Huihui is thinking, is the other party going to confess?

but the boyfriend's explanation is that he just wants her to go to bed early and have a good dream.

hearing this answer, Huihui admitted that she was a little disappointed.

but her boyfriend's next sentence made her heart come alive in an instant:

"of course, apart from that, I am also selfish. I amI miss you sleeping well, and I also want you to dream about me.

do you know? I hear people say, always say good night to one person, subconsciously, the chance of dreaming about each other is very high. "

she knew that this man had walked into her heart with good night every day.

good night, I hope you have me in your dream.

good morning. I thought of you as soon as I woke up.

"the moonlight is beautiful tonight"

in an English class, there is such a topic.

A young man and a woman were walking in the moonlight. At that time, the boy could not help saying "I love you" in English.

at the moment, Natsume Shushi asked the students how to translate this sentence.

the student's answer, like most people, is literally translated as I love you.

to this, Natsume Shushi replied:

"the Japanese will not say that, but they will be more implicit. I love you. The moon is beautiful tonight."

does not mean how different the moon was that night.

the moon is not much different every day. It is only because you are there that the moon you look at together makes it particularly beautiful.

if you really love someone, you may not directly tell you how much I love you. But it will make you feel how happy I am when I fall in love with you.

Natsume Shushi's implicit translation reminds me of a short story in the Tan Jing.

A gust of wind blew and the flag fluttered with the wind. At this time, a monk said, this is the wind moving. However, another monk thought that the banner was moving.

while the two were arguing about it, Huineng came forward and told them:

Your elegance and femininity will absolutely shine in our rehearsal dinner dresses for bride. Our collection come in all lengths and style.

"it is not the wind, not waking up, but the heart of the benevolent."

is it like those who are trapped in the whirlpool of love, influenced and forced to fall?

most of the time, it is difficult for us to say that we love you, but those uncontrollable eyes, movements, or heartbeats are instead of ourselves to express love.

how to say I love you instead of "I love you"?

for Gui Youguang, there are loquat trees in the courtyard, which was planted by hand in the year when my wife died, and now the pavilion has been built.

for Li Zongsheng, no matter how beautiful the spring breeze is, it is not as beautiful as your smile, and people who have not seen you will not understand.

for Feng Tang, it is the beginning of spring, the early prosperity of spring forest and ten miles of spring breeze, which is not as good as you.


as Andre said in the narrow door:

"I love you, so I look clumsy. The more I love you, the less I know how to communicate with you. How do you want me to answer the so-called rational love? I love you with my whole soul."

it may be difficult to say that I love you.

but the wind that bypasses the soul knows that I love you.

so why cling to "I love you"?

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