The latest marriage big data exposed: the three things that women should see through in marriage
The latest marriage big data exposed: the three things that women should see through in marriage
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received a message from a mother backstage last night: "Egg Mom, life is so hard, life is so tired, I can't stand it any longer."

I am a nurse on the night shift, I have to accompany my child during the day, both work and family are busy, hard not to say, but what makes me feel the most is sadness.

although my husband works hard, he basically doesn't touch the housework at home, and he doesn't clean up when the house is messed up; the baby cries and he doesn't care. Hungry, he lay on the sofa playing with his cell phone and complained, "Honey, why haven't you cooked yet?"

even when my baby gets sick and gets vaccinated, I hold it alone. even if he is gluttonous and lazy, he still has a lot of demands on me.


"look at other people's waist, and then look at your waist!"

one sentence frustrated me. I was angry and cried while mopping the floor. I felt the same with or without this husband.

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I looked at him angrily. I felt a lot of grievances and even thought of divorce, but at the thought of my children, I put up with it. I had a good marriage and had a painful and tormented spiritual practice.

after reading this fan's message, I couldn't help feeling distressed. Behind the complaint was her accumulated disappointment with her husband.

believe in the grievances of this mother, which is also the daily state of many women in marriage.

you know, when all the little things accumulate and are not cherished, it will only be full of grievances and end sadly over time.

so if you want to run a good marriage, you should not only rely on the patience of women, but on the joint efforts of two people. After all, marriage is not the purpose of love, happiness is.

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the last thing you need in marriage,

means to pay

recently, I saw the news that the marriage rate in our country was only 7.2% in 2018, the lowest in nearly a decade.

many young people said in the comments section: although they do not like being single, they are more afraid of touching marriage, afraid of the trivialities of marriage, wear away their feelings, afraid of giving a lot, and he still betrayed me.

Yes, in real life, it is not the storm that breaks the marriage, but the unbearable trivialities and boundless efforts accumulated over time.

recently, I have been chasing the variety show" my couple ", in which Yan Yikuan and du Ruoxi are particularly impressive.

early in the morning, du Ruoxi is holding the baby, busy doing housework, and arranging the size of the family properly.

Yan Yikuan comfortably brewed a cup of coffee for himself, then sat leisurely on the sofa playing mobile games, in sharp contrast to the busy du Ruoxi.\" data-croporisrc=\ "\" data-cropx1=\" 0\ "data-cropx2=\" 505\ "data-cropy1=\" 0\ "data-cropy2=\" 266.98028673835125\ "data -ratio=\ "0.5267326732673268\" data-s=\ "300640\" data-src=\ "\" data-type=\" jpeg\ "data-w=\" 505\ "style=\" width: 558px Height: 295px;\ ">

not only that, but du Ruoxi's way of getting along with her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is distressing. In order to make up for her mother-in-law's birthday, she chose a beautiful gift for her mother-in-law in the name of her husband.

all this, however, did not get the husband Yan Yi's lenient approval, directly said: "how boring." And the mother-in-law who got the gift, did not even say a word of thanks to her daughter-in-law, kept praising her son's excellence.

Mama du, who feels sorry for her daughter, can't watch any more. She's ready to ask her daughter for something unusual, but du Ruoxi stops her mother and says," I'm here for her. "To serve the people. "

see these, across the screen, I can feel that this woman lives too tired, at home and outside, the elderly and children are all her worries, she wants to make everyone in the family happy, but she is very tired.

especially in the face of the trivialities of marriage and the pressure of returning to work after birth, du Ruoxi also admitted that he was very tired. .

those who are in charge of the situation, onlookers know, pan>

the current situation of Brother Hiro, 50% because of you.

indeed, du Ruoxi does almost all the housework, Yan Yikuan wants to participate but suffers from no chance to participate, so he has no choice but to become lazy over time.

although it is a good thing for women to be capable, they are too capable at home and often make men lazy.

you know, the biggest fear in marriage is that one person gives desperately and the other person turns a blind eye to it. the greatest purpose of two people together is to be happy and support each other.

I always believe that the best marriage state is: men will take the initiative to protect you from the wind and rain and prop up the whole family, rather than just let women grievance, suffering to bear everything.

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it's really different to marry

it is often said that the delivery room is the demon mirror of marriage. It is deeply believed that a woman giving birth to a child is not only a visit to the dead, but also a critical moment to test whether you have married the wrong person.

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it turned out that the father-to-be, who was particularly nervous about the first birth, offered to accompany her all the time. After the wife had a painless labor, the husband was still worried. In order to share his wife's pain in childbirth and distract his wife's attention, he danced in the delivery room to make his wife laugh.