The height of life (depth good text)
The height of life (depth good text)
The level of a person's realm determines the quality of life.

the writer Wang Meng once said something rather incisive:

"the most important thing in life is to reach a certain height.

goodness is the height of virtue, faith is the height of interpersonal relations, beauty is the height of emotion and spirit, great is the height of personality and wisdom, and God is the height of transcendence. "

A person's whole life is a continuous ascent of spiritual practice.

raise your height so that you can climb over the mountains and stand at the top of the peaks.

goodness is the height of virtue

Mencius said: a gentleman is better than being kind to others.

kindness is the foundation of life and the highest point of virtue.

the most valuable quality of being a human being is to be kind and do good deeds.

Mr. Mei Lanfang, a master of Beijing Opera, has high attainments in painting.

one day, there was an advertisement in a tabloid: artist Mei Lanfang sells paintings.

in fact, someone makes money by selling paintings in his name.

at first, he planned to find out the impostors and get justice for himself.

but when he saw the pirated paintings, he found that the other side was good at painting. after asking around, he learned that the painter was a down-and-out scholar and made such a bad plan to support his family.

Mei Lanfang, unable to bear it, not only gave up the crime of impersonating the other party, but also helped the other side.

seeing that he was so kind, the other party was so ashamed that he took the initiative to remove the sign of "Mei Lanfang".

others also admired him and praised him for being kind and benevolent.

the ancients said: goodness is the greatest treasure, it can be used inexhaustible in a lifetime, and the heart is more than ploughing forever.

the kindness of comparing one's heart to heart is not only the highest self-cultivation, but also an inexhaustible wealth for life.

A person's true nobility lies not in how much he has, but in how much he is willing to give.

the temperature that is kind-hearted, helpful and conveys to others determines the height of your life.

letter is the height of interpersonal relationship

Guan Zi said: he who is sincere is the knot of the world.

honesty and trustworthiness is the toughest bond in interpersonal communication.

only by doing what you say can you win the hearts of the people; if you do what you do, you will be respected by all.

at the end of the Qin Dynasty, there was a man in the State of Chu named Jibu, who was famous for keeping his promises.

he will try to do whatever he has promised others, no matter how hard it is.

on one occasion, several people came to his door and begged him to help reclaim the occupied land.

he went with his weapon without saying a word, and with his good martial arts, he deterred the bully.

the bully did not want to offend him or return the land, so he took out a hundred taels of gold and advised him to stay out of the matter.

he didn't even look at it, but insisted on keeping his promise to the people.

the bully had to return the fields one by one and never dared to do evil again.

since then, there has been a folk saying: it is better to get a hundred taels of gold than to get a promise from Jibu.

with a high reputation, he is highly respected locally and has established profound friendships with many people.

later, he offended Liu Bang and was arrested with a heavy reward.

instead of being moved by money, people try to help him get out of it and intercede for him.

Liu Bang appreciated his character, so he gave up the investigation and finally made him a doctor.

as the saying goes: a car does not walk without a shaft, and a man cannot stand without faith.

in this world, those who do not keep their words can not move an inch, and those who keep their promises are unimpeded.

impeccable credit is the best feng shui in a person.

only by doing faithful things with a sincere heart can we form a good relationship and protect ourselves in the numerous and complicated world.

Beauty is the height of emotion and spirit

writer Maugham said: "A person can observe fallen leaves, shy flowers, appreciate everything from the details, life can not do anything to him."

during the Qingli period of the Northern Song Dynasty, Ouyang Xiu was excluded by everyone because he touched the interests of other officials.

falsely accused him of personal morality, which led to his being expelled from Beijing and relegated to the remote and poor Chuzhou.

once, when he went for a spring outing in the mountains, he accidentally found the place beautiful and pleasant.

the deep and beautiful mountains and forest springs with the gurgling sound of water dilute the sadness at the bottom of his heart.

the natural scenery of rising currents and birds singing flowers ignited his passion for serious life.

instead of wasting his time, he began to delve into government affairs and advocated political leniency and simplicity, so that people could live and work in peace and contentment.

he also stopped feeling sorry for himself and tried to integrate into the local area.

there is a saying: all the really good things are the energy that heals the soul.

when you live in the vastness of the breeze and moon, mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, how can you worry about the trivialities of flies and dogs?

Open your heart to appreciate all things is a process of constantly raising your own realm.

to capture the ubiquitous beauty, to embrace the boundless world, our lives will become rich and vast.

Big is the height of personality and wisdom

writer he Quanfeng said: "if you have more bearing, you will complain less; if you have a wider mind, you will have a wider road; if the pattern is big enough, the problems will disappear."

in this life, people can tolerate everything with a big heart, and they can worry less if they are open-minded.

No competition, no entanglement, enlarge the heartMany disputes will be easily resolved.

in the Ming Dynasty, he went for the first time and returned to his hometown after retirement.

in order to spend his twilight years in peace, he plans to buy his neighbor's land and expand his house.

the neighbor, a comb vendor, saw that he had lost his former power, so he took the opportunity to offer an unreasonably high price.

after all negotiations between the Shen family and their neighbors were fruitless, they were so angry that they planned to cut off ties with their neighbors.

Shen Shixing stopped his family and was still kind to his neighbors.

he also bought a large number of combs from his neighbor's shop and gave them to his relatives, friends and servants.

whenever a guest comes to visit, he always takes out this comb and praises it.

with the recommendation of the former first assistant, the neighbor's business is becoming more and more prosperous, and there is an urgent need to move elsewhere to expand the store.

out of gratitude to Shen Shihang, the neighbors no longer cared about the price when they moved out and sold the land at a low price to the Shenjia family.

there is a saying in Shuo Yuan: "the heart is as clear as the earth, and the action is like rope and ink."

broad-minded, it is not only a person's bearing and pattern, but also a wise way of dealing with the world.

the more tit-for-tat you encounter unhappy people and things, the worse the situation will be.

be generous, laugh it off, be kind to others calmly, and your life will be happy everywhere.

in 2006, Shi Yue, a 27-year-old writer, became famous overnight with "those things of the Ming Dynasty."

at that time, many people wondered: why did he, at a young age, have such a profound insight into history?

later, in an interview, he told about his creative experience.

one day, a voice suddenly came to his mind and told him, "from now on, you have to express what you know and understand."

since that day, countless soul-stirring historical stories have poured into his mind, enabling him to write good articles.

in fact, the so-called "God" is not an unfathomable metaphysics, but his painstaking accumulation over the years.

at the age of 5, he came into contact with history books and got into the habit of reading two hours a day;

during his six years of high school, he flipped through the 24 History, Zi Zhi Tongjian and other history books.

when he was in college, he systematically studied the history of the Ming Dynasty and read more than 16 million words of "Ming Real Records"....

Laozi said: the tree that holds together is born in the end; the platform of a hundred feet rises from the foundation of the earth; and the long journey begins with a small step.

all the blockbuster legends in the world are honed in the accumulated forging.

the deeper the kung fu is, the more solid the foundation is, and one day life will grow into a towering tree.

calm your heart, calm down, and accumulate strength silently before the wind rises, so that you can seize the opportunity to take advantage of the clouds.

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philosopher Feng Youlan said:

"there is a difference in the realm of life. High-level people face and enjoy a large world, while low-level people face and enjoy a small world. "

the level of a person's realm determines the quality of life.

cultivate the character of sincerity and kindness, improve your own aesthetics and wisdom, and hone your indomitable mind and mind, and the level of life will leap forward.

, continue to refine yourself and climb the peak of your heart.



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