The hardest awakening in life: be kind to yourself
The hardest awakening in life: be kind to yourself
There is no script in life, it all depends on how you write it.

when we grow up, we often feel tired.

work, family, interpersonal communication, thousands of things, every day is under all kinds of stress.

No matter how difficult life is for you, you carry it quietly.

although the body is overdrawn, he clenches his teeth and dares not take a rest.

No matter how bad the mood is, the moment you get home, you should sort out your mood.

when I hate that person in my heart, I still have to smile carefully....

We care so much about other people's feelings that we often ignore ourselves.

Sanmao said that to be too selfish is to be selfish. Completely abandoned me, but also abused a creature-himself.

in fact, being kind to yourself is the greatest meaning of life.

be with someone you like

in life, we often ingratiate ourselves for the so-called "gregariousness" and "good popularity".

in fact, no one in this world can be liked by everyone.

I have read a saying: no matter how good Cao Cao is, he also has bosom friends, and Liu Bei will make enemies no matter how good he is.

the greatest sorrow in life is that we waste too much time and energy for the people we don't like.

people with different values, even if they are reluctantly together, are chickens and ducks talking to each other, uncomfortable with each other, and finally parting ways.

netizens of Zhihu

@ Amu

told his own story.

after graduating from university, she entered an enterprise in Beijing and found that a colleague in the department turned out to be her sister.

in a strange city, she was pleasantly surprised when she suddenly met her hometown.

so she sincerely made friends with the elder sister, sharing all the delicious food and fun. The elder sister also took her to meet several colleagues from several departments, and everyone often got together.

she consciously alienated herself from this circle.

unexpectedly, this met with the dissatisfaction of the elder sister. The former and the latter said that she was pretending to be aloof and white-eyed.

for a while, she was so miserable that she wondered if she had done something wrong and whether she should go to make peace with her sister.

at this time, a new colleague came to the department next door, sunny and optimistic, and they gradually became friends.

two people learn English together, watch plays together, and have a lot to say.

she says that people really have an aura, and even if they don't speak, they feel comfortable and comfortable, on the contrary, they suffer a lot.

Yi Shu once said:

"Life is only a few decades, the most important thing is to satisfy yourself, not to please others."

everyone has his own way of living, so you don't have to care too much about other people's comments.

spend the rest of your life with the person you like, whether it's friendship or love.

do what you want to do

A video has been posted online in which a young man who has just resigned from the system shares his feelings.

he said that the work in the system is comfortable, repeating the same work every day, receiving the same salary on the 15th of each month, and feeling that his life is meaningless.

so, after three years of work, he plucked up his courage and resigned to start a business.

he said that now that he has a goal plan every year and does what he likes every day, he feels that the world is worth it.

faction feels that he has lived his own life, while the other thinks that he is young and reckless and will regret it.

in fact, everyone's pursuit of life is different, your honey, his arsenic. As long as you feel meaningful and can bear the consequences of your choice.

someone once asked teacher Zhou Guoping: what kind of life is meaningful?

Zhou Guoping said, in fact, it is very simple, just two sentences:

"do what you like and be with the person you love."

that's true. Most of the time, we do things because our elders feel right, our superiors feel good, and our friends around us feel good, ignoring our own heart and living a boring life.

Yuko Qinghe is a world-famous illustrator.

Ten years have passed and her career has been booming, but she is not happy.

because she has had the dream of a painter since childhood.

so, in her 30s, she quit her job and went to New York to study painting.

after graduating from the Art College, as a newcomer to painting, she has no fame, no connections, and starts from scratch.

slowly, her works became more and more mature and began to appear in well-known magazines such as time. When she was in her 50s, she was named one of the most respected celebrities in the world.

to do what you want to do and live your own wonderful life is the best life.

take care of your body

I have heard a heart-wrenching saying that he takes his life to make money when he is young and to save his life when he is old.

everyone knows that health is important, but when it comes to doing things, they all put it aside.

stay up late, work overtime, socialize, slowly overdraw, begin to have all kinds of problems.

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in fact, no matter how much money you earn, you can't bring it.Death does not take away; no matter how powerful it is, it will eventually be replaced by new people.

Health is a person's greatest wealth.

know a friend, with their own efforts, admitted to the university. After graduation, stay in the big city to work hard.

he saw that everything he had achieved after more than ten years of hard study was still some distance from the starting point of others, so he worked even harder.

in order to save money, I rent a basement where there is no sunshine all the year round. In order to save time, I often eat a few mouthfuls of bread while working. In addition, I often stay up late and work overtime, resulting in a serious overdraft.

at the age of 38, he was diagnosed with early gastric cancer. After the operation, the doctor advised him to reduce his workload and keep a happy mood.

but at that time, it was the rising period of his career. He had just changed a big house and his child had signed up for an international school. He dared not stop.

his goal is to take the position of chief financial officer at the age of 40.

two years later, he got his wish and got a promotion and a raise.

on his deathbed, he regretted it, saying that if only he were not so greedy, if only he could start all over again, he would rather be an ordinary worker.

the cost of awakening with life is too high.

A few years ago, Yu Juan, a female doctor with cancer, left a warning motto in "this Life is not finished":

"at the critical point of life and death, you will find that any overtime, too much pressure on yourself, the need to buy a house and a car, these are floating clouds.

if you have time, spend time with your children, buy a pair of shoes for your parents with the money for a car, don't try your best to change a big house, be with someone you love, and live in a humble home. "

the people are gone, and the words are still ringing in our ears.

from today on, stay up late less, exercise more, and eat healthily.

be less angry, smile more, and stay happy;

regular physical examination, early treatment of illness, don't take any chances.

Life has no script, it all depends on how you write it.

No matter how life treats you, be kind to yourself and don't live into a tragedy.

in this life, we have gone through both ups and downs in order to meet a better ourselves.

, please live for yourself and make the best gesture for the rest of your life.


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