The greatest upbringing of a person is not politeness, not politeness, but...
The greatest upbringing of a person is not politeness, not politeness, but...
All the good qualities we have are the embodiment of upbringing.


Sukhomlinski once said:

"in the garden of the human mind, the plainest, most beautiful and most ordinary flower is human upbringing."

it has nothing to do with education, money or status. It is a charm emanating from one's bones and something more charming than appearance.

A person's greatest upbringing is not politeness or superficial politeness, but the accumulation of some habits and self-cultivation, which are reflected in all aspects of life.

it can not only make people feel like a spring breeze, but also make people respect.

be kind to others, there is temperature

some time ago, I saw such a piece of news.

in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, a 1-year-old baby walks alone in a diaper.

the temperature was close to zero and he was shivering with cold.

A passing man found something unusual and watched anxiously for a few minutes, but did not see the child's family show up.

so he immediately took off his coat and put it over the child. then he picked up the child and shouted, "whose child has been lost?"

after seeing that no one was paying attention nearby, he had to call the police for help.

netizens like the man one after another:

"the moment you squat down and put on clothes as a child, it is the most beautiful scenery of the whole street."

No matter how cold the weather is, there will be people who will warm you. There is no shortage of kindness and love in this world after all.

the man's heart-warming action warms not only the children, but also the world.

his kindness is a kind of self-consciousness for the sake of others and a noble upbringing.

Hugo once said:

"kindness is the rarest pearl in history, and good people are almost superior to great people."

We never know what kind of surprise a little kindness will bring to the world.

Don't always complain that society is becoming more realistic and human nature is becoming more and more indifferent.

most of the time, it is not that the world is bad, but that we become cautious, afraid of getting hurt, afraid of being fooled, so that we would rather be indifferent than dare to lend a helping hand.

if we think the world is cold, then what we should do is not to condemn, but to stretch out our hands and take the initiative to embrace the world.

if you are kind to others, the world is good.

at any time, let's not lose the purest kindness in our hearts.

strive to be an educated person, with their own goodness, to warm the world, let the world shine.

be generous to others and have a mind

what is true tolerance?

maybe as Mark Twain said: Violet leaves its aroma on its ankles that have crushed it.

to be tolerant of others is to reconcile with the past in the most rational way, and to make them aware of their mistakes in the most peaceful way.

in a British market, a Chinese woman's stall business is particularly good, attracting the vast majority of customers in the market.

other vendors are dissatisfied with this, so they vent their anger on her, often intentionally or unintentionally sweep rubbish to the door of her shop, trying to destroy her business.

A foreign woman saw this and couldn't help asking her:

"Why aren't you angry when they sweep all the rubbish to your shop door?"

she smiled and replied:

"there is a custom in our hometown that we always sweep rubbish home during the Spring Festival. More garbage means more money. Now that someone gives money to my shop every day, my business will get better and better. "

her words reached the vendors, who were ashamed of what they had done.

from then on, no one ever swept rubbish at her door again.

host Meng Feizeng said:

"when others do something wrong to us, there are about three kinds of reactions: first, tolerance and forgiveness; second, tit for tat; third, aggravation."

which one we choose actually reflects our own upbringing.

people who are really educated are often open-minded people who know the truth that "the sea accepts all rivers, tolerance is great".

things in the world can be big or small, depending on how you treat them.

when the heart is small, the matter is big; when the heart is big, the matter is small.

Life is only a few decades. If you want to have more happiness, you should argue less with others.

because if you let others go, you also let yourself go.

reliable and principled

to describe it as reliable in one sentence, "there is an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an echo for everything" is the best explanation for it.

is the importance of the agreement, is a promise, is true to the promise, it contains all our trust, is a more important quality than intelligence.

have read such a story.

when Xiao Zhao was a rookie in the workplace, he worked for a consulting firm.

once, he and a senior worked together to sort out the materials he had discussed with clients the next day.

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however, there are many problems in the process.In the evening, there was still no progress in the task.

Xiao Zhaoxing thinks that if you contact the customer to postpone the negotiation time at this time, the customer must also understand.

however, the seniors chose to stay up all night to sort out the data. he believes that the inability to sort it out is not a matter of schedule, but a lack of ability.

although Xiao Zhao was a little incomprehensible, he honestly sorted out the data with his predecessors.

after fighting all night, they finally finished the task on time, and finally, the negotiation with the customer went smoothly.

this incident has had a great impact on Xiao Zhao's life, and even in the past many years, he still clearly remembers what his predecessors said: "once a promise is made, no matter what happens, it must be fulfilled."

We often say that whether a person is educated or not depends on whether he is reliable or not.

because what is reflected by reliability is not only a person's attitude towards doing things, but also a person's principle of dealing with the world.

A truly educated person can be relieved and trustworthy once he nods and never goes back on his promise.

he is not necessarily the smartest, but must be the most reliable; not necessarily the most successful, but must be the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

it is lucky to live with such a person, and it is even more skillful to be such a person.

keep a low profile and have wisdom

the Book of morality says: "the good is like water, and the water is good and beneficial to all things without dispute. It is the evil of all people, so it is better than Tao."

educated people, like water, nourish all things, do not dominate others, do not compete with the rest of the world, and always put themselves at the bottom.

this is not only their posture of being a man, but also their wisdom in dealing with the world.

Yan Su, a famous artist, has created many well-known works, such as "Hongmeizan" and "dare to ask where the way is", and has also won the title of "moving China's person of the year 2015".

so successful, but he is never proud, does not have the airs of celebrities and great artists, is easygoing, and is happy to meet everyone.

whether it is a meeting of an art troupe, a judge or guest of a literary program, Yan Su always prepares carefully and arrives ahead of time.

when walking on the road, no matter who you meet, you will always bow to each other and say hello loudly: Hello!

his son Yan Yu did not understand what he was doing and thought it was too undignified.

Yan Su explained:

"to be a man, you should always keep your head down like Gu Sui.

A person, no matter how famous you are, don't put on airs and put yourself in the air.

perhaps, only such a "wise" person can be such a "big fool".

A person's life is actually a confrontation between material and spirit. It is the greatest test for a person to stabilize his mind in fame, wealth and desire.

as the saying goes, the low land becomes the sea, and the low man becomes the king.

keeping a low profile at all times is not only a person's best practice, but also a person's top education.

some people say, "upbringing is a person's best business card."

all the good qualities we have are the embodiment of upbringing.

in this bustling world, may you become an educated person, always decent and EQ.

in kindness, harvest warmth; in tolerance, harvest happiness;

in reliability, gain trust; in low profile, harvest happiness.

, warm yourself while illuminating others!