The greatest stupidity of a person is to save face and break the inside.
The greatest stupidity of a person is to save face and break the inside.
Face is for others, but Li Zi is for himself.



once upon a time, there was an old sea turtle who walked trembling, but loved face very much.

whenever he sees a baby turtle, he will pretend to be powerful and brag about his heroic story.

one day, the old turtle was about to climb a big rock to tell a story when he accidentally slipped down.

in order not to lose face, the old turtle refused the help of the little turtles, but chose to do his best and turned upside down.

the old turtle, who could not turn over, was still trying to save face, saying that he did not need other people's help, and was finally captured by passing fishermen.

losing your life for the sake of face may be the worst bargain in the world.

as the saying goes, you have to save face and suffer.

there are too many people like old turtles in life who sacrifice more precious things in order to show face in front of others.

do not realize that only when you tamp the inside, can you have more long-term face.

the higher you are, the more you have to lose face

the Jia mansion in A Dream of Red Mansions has two official families, and he lives in the second mansion of Ningrong. By the third and fourth generations, millions of family assets were squandered by face-saving descendants.

the funeral of a great-great-grandwife unexpectedly issued a royal specification, not only asking Qin Tian Jian to choose 7749, but also illegally using the wooden sarcophagus, which is incorruptible to the loyal king for thousands of years.

at that time, Ningguo House relied on ancestral property to make a living, earning only ten thousand taels of silver a year, but emptied the family for a good-looking funeral.

later, in order to prepare for the Yuan imperial concubine to save parents, Rongguo House built a great deal of construction and built the Grand View Garden.

the Grand View Garden is full of flowers and extravagance, including pavilions, rockery and marshes.

when the flowers and leaves withered, the silk paper was tied to the tree as if it were real flowers; the lotus egrets in the pond were also made of snail clam and feather; and at night, the glass crystal lights all over the garden lit up the whole Daguan Garden like day.

to build the Grand View Garden, Jia Fu spent two or three million taels of silver. although the scene of saving relatives by Yuan Princess was enough, the whole family has since changed from prosperity to decline, unable to make ends meet.

when Mother Jia celebrated her 80th birthday, although the Jia family was already strong in the outside world, the birthday banquet was still by no means careless.

the two governments of Rongning had a feast for eight days. On the surface, it seemed to be very extravagant, but in fact, their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Wang, pawned the bronzes in the family so that she had the money to buy gifts for her mother-in-law.

the descendants of Jia Fu are accustomed to extravagance, like ostentation, spend a lot of money to buy useless face, and finally lose all their ancestral wealth and exhaust the last fortune of Zhu Men.

Yi Shu said: "face is the hardest thing for a person to put down, and it is also the most useless thing."

to save face too much is to satisfy senseless vanity. It will not make life better and better, but will become a burden for you to move forward.

even if your family is rich, ostentatious, ostentatious and ostentatious, the wealth and splendor accumulated over several generations will eventually go away with the wind.

Don't lose your inner child for the sake of useless face, let alone live in the evaluation of others, be tied up in your life and become someone else's string puppet.

you know, face is for others, and Li Zi is for yourself.

if you want to keep your wealth for a long time, you have to let go of useless face.

tamped lining is better than flashy face

some people love face because they are used to luxury, while others love face because they want to cover up their inferiority complex.

the more self-abased people are, the more they like to make up for their inner deficiencies with external things.

just like Mathilde in Maupassant's necklace, originally the wife of a young clerk, she fantasized about living a decent life like a lady all day.

Mathilde worked hard for ten years to compensate for the necklace, and when she finished paying her debts, she had already become an old woman who had experienced many vicissitudes of life, and her face was gone.

there is no lining to support, flashy face is routed with a blow, and people like Mathilde are not uncommon in life.

there are people who earn no more than a few thousand yuan a month, but carry famous brand bags worth tens of thousands of yuan.

some people wear limited edition watches with only a modest salary;

they look gorgeous, but in fact they are so stretched that they even have to rely on credit cards to make ends meet, and they don't even have any emergency money at critical moments.

thus it can be seen that if you blindly claim to be able to overexert yourself, you can only eat the bitter fruit.


@ Nannan

once shared such an experience.

once, she was invited to attend a classmate reunion, but she didn't have a wardrobe to show her hand.

this valuable wardrobe really made her show off.

but after the party, she immediately regretted that she should not spend the money for her mother-in-law to see a doctor in order to save face, and then had a big quarrel with her husband.

this time, the lesson of saving face and losing money made Nannan deeply realize that when people reach middle age and live to save face, it is easy to destroy an originally happy family.

there are such people in life who would rather inflict suffering on their families than pretend to be expensive in front of others for the sake of face.

in fact, people's face is not worth mentioning in the face of survival..

the true refinement should not be the flashy appearance, but the confidence and firmness in the depths of the heart.

for the sake of vanity, being chic in front of people and embarrassing behind them will only push themselves into a greater predicament of life.

We should know that tamped lining is more important than flashy face.

anyone who is really smart knows:

only with Li Zi can you save face

there is a passage in "the Grandmaster":

"in a door, if someone is face-saving, someone has to be the insider." You can't get a little dust on your face.

when you bleed, you have to keep it away. You can't stop it. If it leaks to face, it is a great event to destroy the faction and destroy the door. "

I think so.

without Li Zi's support, face will cease to exist.

as the saying goes, if the skin does not exist, what will be attached to it?

in real life, houses and cars are the face that people are proud of, but some people cast a haze on life for it.


@ Xiao Bing

told such a story.

in Shenzhen, there is a young working couple who run a small shop that earns 10,000 to 20,000 yuan a month, but boasts with friends that they can earn 40,000 to 50,000 a month.

once, a friend joked: "it doesn't make sense to earn NT $500,000 or NT $600,000 a year and not to buy a suite."

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the husband and wife felt it difficult to get by, so they put together a down payment and bought a small apartment of more than 70 square meters.

as a result, their monthly mortgage is more than 13000 yuan, with little left except for the cost of living.

in this way, the pregnancy plans put on the agenda were shelved, and they dared not go home for the Spring Festival. They got up earlier and went to bed later, and had to work frantically day and night to repay the loan.

these so-called faces, like mountains, make people breathless, but make people unable to see the appearance of happiness.

in fact, the most honest face is not supported by a house or car, but by a rich spirit and a rich soul.

Buffett, the god of stock, also rented a house at the beginning of his marriage, but invested all his money to expand his investment territory.

I have heard such a saying: "always worrying about losing face is because there is no lining."

A person who seriously manages Li Zi can always devote all his body and mind to the things he loves, stimulate his talent, enrich his knowledge, and broaden his horizons.

these cards that others can't take away are the strength for you to walk the world and help you win the most moving flowers and applause.

I quite agree with this sentence:

"No matter how important face is, it is not as important as life; no matter how good-looking it is, it is not as comfortable as inner ease."

in life, the reason why people always like to save face and show off is that they feel that their true self is not strong enough and have to rely on the outside to make up for it.

No one knows that without the support of Li Zi, face is like a crown with broken roots, which will eventually wither.

instead of chasing fleeting vanity, it is better to return to the original heart.

when you are really strong, face will follow.