The four words that hurt children the most: talking well is a good way to educate children!
The four words that hurt children the most: talking well is a good way to educate children!
Talking well is the most precious style of a family.


criticize the child for being stupid

" how could you be so stupid! "

"are you a pig? It's really useless "

" I don't understand this. It's stupid. It doesn't look like me at all. "



I have seen such an experiment:


after a period of time, the scientist covered the big fish with a glass bottle and put it into the pool.

at first, the small fish swam around the bottle, the big fish swam up and down like before, but each time they hit the bottle wall.

once, twice, three times, after hitting the wall again and again, slowly, the big fish collide less and less.

later, it was completely desperate and gave up preying on small fish.


No matter how many small fish are around him, even swimming around his mouth, he will not open his mouth again.


do you think the big fish is stupid? Is it too easy to give up and don't know how to work hard?

No, it has tried and tried hard, but after hitting the wall again and again, it began to doubt its fishing ability.

when such suspicions are verified again and again, it can only believe that it is a" stupid fish ".\ "data-croporisrc=\"\" data-cropx1=\ "0\" data-cropx2=\ "658\" data-cropy1=\ "318.682926829824\" data-cropy2=\ "920.51219511\" data-ratio=\ "0.9148936170212766\" data-s=\ "300640\" data-src=\ "\" data-type=\" jpeg " \ "data-w=\" 658\ "style=\" width: 100% Height: auto;\ ">

like many children, their IQ is not low, and like ordinary people, there are things that are easy to understand, but there are also problems that are difficult to understand.



after many times, he will give himself up and despair, and would rather believe that he is a fool and fool, so that he will feel better when he hears his parents' criticism.


Don't inadvertently define your child! Don't be a "cover" to trap your child!

when you blurt out your criticism again and again, be careful that your child really becomes the kind of person you talk about!

Don't let him start to believe that he is really stupid and stupid and useless.


threaten your child to be punished

" if you go on like this, your parents won't want you. "

"son of a bitch, do you want to be beaten again?"


some parents advocate "stick education", even though the phenomenon of hitting their children has gradually begun to decrease, the verbal threat has never stopped.

Douyin. It was taken by a mother for her child.



when the child heard her mother's question, she raised her head and smiled sweetly at her.

the mother went on to tease her child:


hearing this, the child's expression immediately became aggrieved, tears hung in his big eyes, and he was about to cry.

after a while, seeing that my mother didn't move, she bowed her head, put down the spoon, and said in horror:


and cried out "wow".

I don't know if the mother is intentional or unintentional, but obviously, the sentence patterns of" if you do this again, I won't want you "and" if you do this again, I will hit you ".

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in a family, parents are always strong for their children.

what children worry most is that their parents don't want him, and what they fear most is being beaten and scolded mercilessly, but many parents often threaten their children with things they are afraid of.

threaten what he wants to achieve in his studies, threaten him to do housework, threaten him to be obedient.

in the long run, children will be extremely short of sense of security and will instil in them a sense that only sensible and obedient children will not be punished, and only those who know how to please their parents are good children.

but often, the more sensible the child, the greater the psychological shadow and pain.

Don't let your child grow up to be someone who is used to pleasing others and losing their true self.


habitually perfunctory children

" go away and leave me alone. "

"go learn."

"I'm busy, you do your own."

irresponsible parents are used to perfunctory children.

see such a video online. The father was telling the child a story. In less than 5 minutes, the child was stupefied when a storybook was finished.