The four stupidity of human nature (profound)
The four stupidity of human nature (profound)
The human heart is easy to change, and human nature is changeable.

Nietzsche said: "Man is a rope between superman and beast."

the human heart is easy to change, and human nature is changeable.

some people, trapped in the quagmire of human nature, do not know it, it is difficult to see the truth of things, after all, they do not have a good life.

but some people are clear-headed, far-sighted, have insight into the possibility of making mistakes in advance, and lead a healthy life.

see through the following four imperceptible human weaknesses to help you steer the direction of life.


there is a question on the Internet: "what are the most stupid behaviors in interpersonal communication?"

A high praise replied: "be self-righteous and have no self-knowledge."

in the book "in charge of things first, take care of others, take care of people's hearts", there is such a story.

after entering the company, a young talented student was highly regarded by the boss and was soon promoted to head of the department.

the young man found that although his colleagues in the company had more experience than him, most of them were not as flexible as him.

he was very happy and felt that he finally had a chance to show off his skills, so he often showed off his cleverness in the company.

when he saw someone reprimanded by his boss, he immediately ran up to him and said, "I should have listened to me", regardless of the other person's mood.

when he saw the plan that his colleagues had worked hard to complete, he immediately picked out a lot of faults, whether he was reasonable or not.

gradually, the young man became more and more arrogant, and he had to tell him what to do no matter what others did.

this bored everyone so much that soon everyone alienated him.

Shakespeare said, "the fool thinks he is wise, but the wise man knows himself."

in life, there are always people who are arrogant and arrogant because of their own abilities.

do not realize that taking yourself too seriously not only fails to win the respect of others, but also makes people disgusted and annoying.

people who are really good do not think highly of themselves because of their outstanding ability, nor are they supercilious because of their strong ability.

they understand that if they take themselves too seriously, they often bring trouble and trouble to themselves.

only when you learn to keep a low profile, don't think highly of yourself, and don't underestimate others, can you live a good life.

judge people by their appearance

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "it is hard to draw bones by painting tiger skins, but it is hard to know people but hearts."

the human face is easy to recognize, but the human heart is unpredictable.

in reality, how many people, who have not yet seen a person's character, define them by their appearance, but the more they judge people by their appearance, the more they will expose their shallowness and ignorance.

comedians Song Xiaobao and Xiao Shenyang once collaborated on the sketch "judging people by their appearance".

in the sketch, Song Xiaobao plays an ugly, simply dressed old hat, while Xiao Shenyang plays a gentleman in a suit and good temperament.

while waiting for the bus, Song Xiaobao saw Xiao Shenyang steal a woman's mobile phone and wanted to catch it.

when the lady found out, she insisted that Song Xiaobao had stolen it.

even after the security guard arrived, he couldn't help pointing the finger at Song Xiaobao.

Song Xiaobao has been trying to prove that he didn't steal the phone, but no one believes him.

it was not until the lady's cell phone rang that everyone knew that the thief was a well-dressed little Shenyang.

Gui Guzi has a saying: "if you stick to the shape and talk about the phase, you can see the leopard in the tube."

means that judging a person by his appearance is like looking at a leopard through a small hole in a bamboo tube.

in life, abandoning the prejudice of judging people by their appearance and looking at everyone objectively is the most advanced pattern of life.

outward attribution

philosopher Thales said: "the most difficult thing in life is to know yourself."

in many cases, we can easily pick out the faults of others, but turn a blind eye to our own shortcomings.

No one knows that blindly attributing to the outside will only hold you back in the end, making it difficult for you to grow up.

Li Shanglong told such a story in his book you just look hard.

he has a friend who likes to complain about others. Every time we meet, we are either blaming colleagues, scolding leaders, or berating the times.

once, Li Shanglong asked him, "you are so dissatisfied with your current situation, have you ever thought about resigning or changing to a better environment?"

the friend replied, "No money!" I can't do it! "

Li Shanglong advised him to think about how to hone his skills instead of complaining.

my friends can't help complaining: "it's all they who make me lose my skills!" It's all because of this society that I don't have any savings! "

A few days later, a friend came to complain to Li Shanglong that his colleague had been promoted, but he had not been promoted.

then, he comforted himself that "he can be promoted sooner or later," and then said angrily, "isn't he just lucky?"

I have read such a sentence: "A person needs a window to see the outside world, a mirror to see his heart, a window to see the bright outside, and a mirror to see his own shortcomings."

it is instinct to find reasons from others; it is an ability to find deficiencies from yourself.

only by looking inward can we grow outward.

begging from the outside, the eyes are full of natural cutting.Introspection, there is a smooth road everywhere.

embarrass each other

have seen a piece of news.

in Yulin, Guangxi, two breakfast vendors quarreled over stalls.

at first, it was just a dispute of words, but then it developed into a big fight, smashing stalls with each other.

one of the couple not only overturned each other's breakfast car, but also dumped each other's porridge to the ground.

in the face of such a scene, the other side showed no sign of weakness, hitting and smashing their breakfast car with tools.

in the comment area, netizens sighed one after another: "hurt the enemy 1000, self-damage 800, why bother!"

some people even sighed: "they are all hard-working ordinary people, isn't it good to understand each other?" I can't make any money now. "

the greatest evil of human nature is this: you don't have a good life, and you don't want others to do well.

if we are in trouble with each other, we will not only get no benefit, but will lose both sides.

people are mutual, you make things difficult for others, others tit for tat; you respect others, others compare their hearts with each other.

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on a highway in Fushun, Liaoning Province, a large truck hit the rear car because of scattered goods.

the owner of the rear car was so angry that he immediately got out of the car and asked the truck driver.

seeing this, the truck driver not only apologized, but also rushed to compensate the owner.

later, considering that it was not easy for the truck driver to make money, the owner said to him earnestly, "I know it's not easy for you to run a big car. I don't want you to pay for it. You must check carefully when you drive and pull the goods later."

Cai Gentan said: "it is a blessing to let one step be high and treat others with leniency."

you know that life is really hard, and no one lives easier than anyone else.

mutual difficulties will only make things worse; only when we forgive each other can we keep warm together.

instead of making things difficult for others, it is better to be lenient to others, leave some leeway for others and give yourself a way back.

psychologist Adler said: "maturity is not to understand things, but to understand human nature."

only by not being self-righteous and keeping a low profile and humility can we gain popularity.

Don't judge people by their appearance and put aside their prejudices in order to correctly recognize people.

only by not attributing to the outside and introspecting oneself, can we make continuous progress.

only if we do not embarrass each other and understand each other, can we go further and further.

, for the rest of my life, may you and I all see through human nature, be enthusiastic, be the best of ourselves, and live the life we want!

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