The first beautiful man in the Spring Festival Gala was banned for the first time for 14 years, but he is still unmarried over 60, but he has been remembered by hundreds of millions of viewers.
The first beautiful man in the Spring Festival Gala was banned for the first time for 14 years, but he is still unmarried over 60, but he has been remembered by hundreds of millions of viewers.
Undisputed and unhurried, he lived affectionately and freely in his life.


in recent years, the old faces of the Spring Festival Gala that we remember have slowly disappeared from this stage.

the star lineup of the Spring Festival Gala of the year of the Rabbit this year has aroused many people's memories of the past.

unsurprisingly, I saw the figure of a person in the mouth of netizens, that is, Fei Xiang.

some netizens said:

"people who have not experienced the Spring Festival Gala in 1987 cannot imagine the impact that Fei Xiang brought to boys and girls in the 1980s.

I have seen the most amazing people when I was young, and now these fresh meat can no longer lift my heartstrings. "

he became popular all over the country overnight, but he retired at his peak and was abused and misunderstood for 30 years.

at the age of 62, he is still unmarried, childless and alone.

Fei Xiang's life is a legend.

in 1987, Deng Zaijun, a director who was preparing for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, made a bold decision.

she sent an invitation to the well-known singer Fei Xiang for the Spring Festival Gala.

at that time, it was a great affirmation for an artist to be on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and it also meant that he could become famous.

but for Fei Xiang, it was a difficult choice.

Fei Xiang came to the mainland without hesitation and stepped onto the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

he was 27 that year.

that night, dressed in a fiery red dress, he wriggled his posture and sang a song "A Fire in Winter" while dancing.

hundreds of millions of viewers in front of the TV set were so excited by the fire that they could still sing and dance like this.

the song "the Cloud of hometown" expresses the thoughts of overseas travelers and sings into people's hearts.

this 1.9-meter-tall young man with slightly curly Chinese and Western hair began to become popular in the motherland that night.

the boy imitates his dress, hairstyle and dance, and the love letters the girls send to the TV station are packed in several sacks.

but since 1987, Fei Xiang has been very popular in the mainland, releasing four albums in a row and selling more than 10 million copies.

also held 65 concerts in 12 cities in a year.

the scene was full of empty streets, and countless fans took pictures of him and shouted his name. The scene was once very sensational.

however, in 1989, Fei Xiang, at the peak of his career, held a farewell concert:

"I came in haste, you didn't make me feel strange, you filled the blank pages of my life with enthusiasm.

I am ashamed to leave nothing behind, but take away such a wealth of love. "

then he decided to go to the United States again to perform musicals on Broadway.

the news shocked the media and broke the hearts of countless fans, and it was difficult to see him again.

after a lapse of 30 years, some people still wonder.

Why did he leave for the United States at his peak, and why is he always alone as a public lover?

some people questioned that he was not famous in Taiwan at that time and came to the mainland to make money and red money.

there are even people who have been bitter about his going to the United States for development.


it all starts from the beginning.

Get prepared to purchase the alluring floral wedding dresses and have everyone looking at you. Pick your best fashion and will stand the test of time.

Fei Xiang was born in a Sino-American family. His father, Fei Weide, is an American, and his mother, Bilina, is an announcer for Taiwan Radio.

when it comes to his parents' love, it used to be a good story.

Bilina, who is still a young girl, went out to run errands one day in a cheongsam, but was photographed by a foreign man while walking down the street.

Bilina, who felt offended and angry, immediately went forward to question him, accusing him of being frivolous.

the other person is a little embarrassed and a little shy, admitting that he just thinks she is beautiful.

this foreign man is Fairchild.

although the encounter was somewhat unpleasant, the two young men and women gradually fell in love with each other and came together in contact and communication.

in 1960, Fei Xiang was born, and he had a sister on top.

because he was spoiled by his parents and sister, he was raised into a fat little man of 200 jin when he was a child.

also because of obesity, Fei Xiang had some inferiority complex since childhood. Fortunately, he did well in his studies. At the age of 18, he was admitted to Stanford University in the United States, and then went to the New York Academy of Drama.

however, while he was in college, his 25-year-old sister, who loved playing music, was diagnosed with cancer and died suddenly.

his sister's death dealt a heavy blow to him, and he learned that his parents who were once in love had silently completed their divorce, his father had returned to the United States, and his mother had lived alone in Taiwan.

after finishing college, Fei Xiang decided to go back to Taiwan to take care of his mother.

at this time, he is no longer the little fat man he was at that time, but has grown into a handsome young man.

so, not long after he returned to Taiwan, he met his own Bole Zhang Aijia and was excavated into the show business.

Fei Xiang's first album "loitering" was well received because of his unique voice and tall and handsome appearance.

while developing his career in showbiz, he met his first love, and it was his only open relationship.

this girl is Ye Qianwen.

Ye Qianwen was still a new singer at that time, and her fame was not high and she was also in the stage of career development.

but a pair of handsome men and girls in their early twenties fell in love.

this golden love attracted a lot of attention at that time, and also attracted the opposition of Fei Xiang's mother, Bilina.

she doesn't want her son to be picky about Ye Qianwen because his love affects his career.

Ye Qianwen is also a stubborn girl with personality. When she felt hopeless about this relationship, she broke up with Fei Xiang and went to Hong Kong alone.

there has been no intersection between the two since then.

although this relationship came to an end, Fei Xiang's career skyrocketed.

several albums sold well in succession, and even beat Teresa Teng to win the Golden album Award.

it is well-known in Taiwan and even in Southeast Asia, and it is known as the "Top Ten singers in Asia".

however, there have been no love rumors since then.

I don't know if it is because the young relationship is so real that Fei Xiang, 60, has never been married.

this letter is from Bilina's mother and Fei Xiang's grandmother from the United States.

it turns out that Bilina, who was once from Harbin, came to Taiwan by chance because she went south to look for a job, and has been out of touch with her family for 40 years.

after receiving the letter, his mother, who missed her family, decided to go back to the mainland to visit her relatives immediately, and Fei Xiang went to Beijing together.

he saw his mother and grandmother crying bitterly, and was moved beyond words by the affection that blood was thicker than water.

although he has never grown up in the mainland, he knows that this is his hometown.

so he went to the Spring Festival Gala and sang the song "Cloud of hometown":

the name of this song is "Cloud of hometown". "

Grandma blushed with tears off the stage, and Fei Xiang went off the stage and kissed grandma on the cheek.

it has nothing to do with interests and show, it's just a family affection that a wanderer can't give up.

and after his popularity, he remained awake and did not lose his eyes in applause and fame.

"Heat is not everything, because this must be burnt out soon."

he is soberly aware that if he does not have better works and new things, he is just consuming the enthusiasm of the audience.

so he made a decision to go to Broadway in the United States to improve his musical ability and level through systematic study.

A singer who was once covered with stars in China has become an unknown ordinary student on Broadway in the United States.

he stayed away from the hustle and bustle of Vanity Fair, studied hard and solidly in the theatre for seven years, and got the chance to appear on the world musical stage by virtue of his own ability.

but even after leaving his native land, Fei Xiang never forgot this land.

he once said:

"No matter where we are from or where we were born, our blood is Chinese blood!

We have to share the joys and sorrows of the motherland. "

he is indeed qualified to say this, because he has indeed done so over the years.

in this day and age, idols are everywhere, but I think only Fei Xiang is worthy of the title.

he does not argue, he is not slow, and he lives affectionately and easily in his life.



by: Ren Xiaoxiao,