The finale of "Storm", Anxin has more than one identity.
The finale of "Storm", Anxin has more than one identity.
If you can, please remember each of their names!


"Storm" has finally come to an end. From the beginning of 30 episodes, it is really one knife per episode.

how difficult is it to sweep the underworld and get rid of evil in the play?

Tan Siyan, the reporter who wrote the accusation letter, was killed and his bones were forever sealed in steel and cement.

in order to pull out the umbrella, Li Xiang ruined his future and finally perished together with the evil forces.

Lu Han, who was in danger alone in order to solve the case, disappeared strangely, no one mentioned it, no one filed a case.

Anxin, who is kind and upright and adheres to principles, has seen his comrade-in-arms fall from a building, bid farewell to his lover, and lose his apprentice during his 20 years of struggle with the villain. he is in his prime but white-haired and is squeezed out to the marginal department.

in reality, people like Anxin who devote their youth and life to the fight against evil may face more cruelty.

they have many identities-criminal investigation police, anti-drug police, special police, firemen, traffic police.

they do not have the same situation as Anxin, and there are fewer dramatic escapes in times of crisis, but they have Anxin's bravery, firmness and kindness.

is tens of thousands of such people, constitute "Anxin".


in Wenshan, Yunnan, the police Lei Ming sent his 3-year-old son to kindergarten for the first time, but the teacher mistook Lei Ming for the child's grandfather.

it turned out that Thunder, who was only 38 years old, was already covered with white hair.

he was still a young man with thick black hair when he joined the anti-drug brigade in 2008. over the past 14 years, he has participated in more than 1000 cases and arrested more than 1900 criminals of all kinds.

his family asked him to dye his hair, but he didn't care and said, "if your hair is white, are you afraid you won't be able to survive the lawbreakers?"

behind the remarkable achievements in the war is his years of hard work, which has whitened his head.


Ying Jianda, a policeman in Yongkang, Zhejiang Province, was cut more than ten times in a row while struggling with a knife-wielding gangster.

the head, neck and arms are dripping with blood, the shoulder muscles are cut off, and the longest wound is 20 centimeters long.

the police uniform was red, but for the rest of his life after the robbery, he smiled and said, "the doctor said I was lucky that I didn't get cut into the artery."

the police uniform stained with blood is the medal of bravery in his life.


A child is kidnapped by robbers at the school gate in Kunming, Yunnan.

directly opposite, a man knelt and begged the robber to allow himself to exchange hostages.

he is not a relative of the child, but a policeman.

in order to prove that he was unarmed, in the cold winter weather, he took off all his coats and trousers in the street and finally succeeded in rescuing the hostages.

he is not the father of the child, but he gives the child a second life.


Lincang, Yunnan Province, a drug trafficker in a transnational drug trafficking case, detonated a grenade in order to escape capture.

Zhang Congshun and Wang Shizhou, the policemen who carried out the arrest, swooped in with their bodies at the same time.

Wang Shizhou's chest was instantly blown into "honeycomb coal", while Zhang Congshun's left calf was fried without any meat.

Unfortunately, both policemen died.

in the face of the choice between life and death, their first reaction is not to survive, but to die.


in Anhui, police Zhang Ziquan was overdrawn during the interrogation of the main criminal suspect and suddenly fell to the ground and never woke up.

and his father is Zhang Congshun, who was also killed in the line of duty 26 years ago.

at his father's funeral, 10-year-old Zhang Ziquan wept with a small hand over his face.

he faced the darkness bravely, but in order to make more people face the light.


Shi Xiangning, a policeman in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, saw through drug traffickers at a glance, jumped into the rolling current regardless of his own safety and was swept away by the river in order to track down drug traffickers.

half a year for his body to be found. It was already a white bone.

in the year of sacrifice, he was only 24 years old and was going to get married in a month, but his fiancee did not wait for him to come home.

the fiancee reads Shi Xiangning's letter word by word:

"Jie, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. We can be happy together on the Mid-Autumn Festival next year."

"I miss you. Maybe one day I will sneak up to you in traffic jams and come to see you."

like ordinary people, they have parents, wives and weaknesses. They are also mortal bodies.


Cai Xiaodong, deputy leader of the law enforcement investigation team of the border management detachment in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, was seriously injured and died while struggling with armed drug traffickers.

before he came on the mission, he and his wife were taking the children out to play when a phone call called him away.

he said: "wife, you take the children to play, I have a mission can not accompany you."

at that time, the wife did not know that this was the last sentence that the husband left to himself.

after Cai Xiaodong died, his wife posted two moments:

"cherish the person who is busy but free for you, and cherish the person who is very poor but gives everything for you."

"husband, every time you come back from the mission, you always tell me, wife, I am so tired, I want to have a good rest." Rest in peace, Brother Dong, please rest assured that I am at home, and my parents have me. I have been here all the time. You have not completed your wishes and tasks, and your children will complete them for you! "

behind every people's hero who lives against his life, there is a family who is afraid to carry a heavy burden.


A girl who wanted to jump into the river and commit suicide was rescued by the police in Bazhong, Sichuan. the girl was excited and kicked and beat the police officer.

female policewoman Xiao Sha put her arms around the girl's shoulder to comfort her: "if you want to cry, cry out, there is nothing difficult to get through." The girl hugged Xiao sa and cried.

A helping hand in times of despair can really save a person's life.

apart from the danger, they are just as kind and soft.


A pet shop caught fire in Hefei, Anhui province. However, due to the narrow passage, firefighters can only enter many times and carry as many small animals as possible.

more than 20 kittens and dogs were rescued, some of them unconscious because of the smoke, and firefighters performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the clearing to help them clean up their blackened faces.

the fearless hero has the hardness of saving people in the fire and the tenderness of embracing life.

No matter how small life is, it is worth paying attention to.


in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, the police went to the suspect's home to make an arrest. After entering, they found an old man at home and did not immediately reveal his identity.

the police said to the suspect, "get dressed and come with me quickly. I don't want to embarrass you in front of your grandmother."

Grandma asked the police, "you read together, right?" Shall I cook for you? "

the police hurriedly waved their hands and told Grandma that we would go out to play and eat out.

the law is not compassionate, but law enforcement is affectionate.

they not only have the determination to face the gangsters, but also have the compassion of ordinary people.


there are many similar examples, each of whom is a real Anxin.

there has never been more than one prototype of Anxin. They may be brave people who risk their lives and give up their lives in the face of gangsters, or ordinary police officers who scrupulously perform their duties in ordinary posts.

back to the TV series "Storm", some people say that the role of an Xin is too ideal.

more people feel that in reality,

the more real Anxin may be people like Li Xiang and Lu Han.

Li Xiang was born in the countryside, and his father didn't have much culture. With his own efforts, he was admitted to the police academy and joined the police force.

he knows more about the world than an Xin, and he is better at judging the hour and sizing up the situation, because he has no background but to rely on himself.

he has weaknesses and weaknesses as an ordinary person, and even wobbles and struggles in the face of tests, but in the end he chooses to stick to it and die generously.

and Lu Han?

he is an Xin's apprentice, most like an Xin in the police force, with the same axis as him, adhering to the same principles. There is only one deaf mother in his family.

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in the end, Lu Han was killed because the investigation involved evil forces.

as Zhang Biao finally said to an Xin: "not everyone can, not everyone has life insurance."

the director of "Storm" revealed in an interview that the end was a miserable victory.

this part is not dramatic at all, and it is even more cruel in reality. To crack down on triads and evil is not as simple as wearing handcuffs and arresting someone.

in addition to their job duties and ideals and beliefs, these people who struggle on the line of life and death are mortal, but they choose to open the way with blood in exchange for fairness and justice.

how many times have they survived the battle between blades and guns before they can continue to stand in front of us?

this article is not an eulogy, but a true record. If you can, please remember each of their names!

, may every hero of the people go home safely.

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