The deepest understanding in middle age is that there is scenery in the distance and life in the vicinity.
The deepest understanding in middle age is that there is scenery in the distance and life in the vicinity.
No matter how magnificent life is, it will eventually be hidden in the trivial daily life.

some people say that middle age is a door that divides the two stages of life.

in the first half of his life, wavering, confusion and anxiety are the main themes.

in the second half, the choice between advance and retreat is the most important issue.

what has passed in life has finally become a thing of the past. Some regrets can be forgotten, and some obsession can be let go.

Don't look up and don't be demanding.

after all, what is far away is scenery, and what is near is life.

look up from afar, cherish near

I have seen a short film called "neighbor's window".

film is a couple.

the exhausting trivialities of life make them quite disappointed in their partners.

one day, through their own window, they saw the happy life of the opposite couple-they were young and passionate, like a beautiful couple.

in this way, while peeping at other people's happiness, they quarreled loudly and complained about each other in their trivial lives.

until one day, the heroine found that the neighbor's young husband had been pushed out wrapped in a white cloth, and she did not see the truth behind the perfect marriage:

the husband is seriously ill and his days are running out.

and the happiness seen by the protagonist and his wife is only a prelude to a permanent parting.

her husband, although neurotic, works hard to earn money to support his family; she has three lovely children who are naughty but kind-hearted.

A favorite writer once said that the stupidest mistake human beings make is to envy others while turning a blind eye to their own possessions.

it is not until middle age that people understand that everyone has ash at the bottom of the pot.

he who has wealth may not have happiness, and freedom may not have health.

since life is not perfect, why do we bother to find our own answers in other people's lives?

as Carnegie said:

"Happiness doesn't depend on who you are or what you have, it just depends on what you want."

Please give up looking up and learn to cherish the life you can't start over.

to settle your heart and live in the present is the greatest fulfillment of life.

there is a chase in the distance and a guardian near

I have a friend who was all-powerful in the business world in the early years, traveled north and south, and rarely stayed at home.

when he is over forty, his pockets are bulging, but his family is about to break up.

the life of gathering less and leaving more dilutes the relationship between husband and wife, and the children are also very strange to him.

when his mother fell ill a few years ago, he could not stay at his bedside, and even missed the last chance to see his mother off because of an important meeting.

this matter has also become a shadow that he can not get rid of for the rest of his life.

when a friend talked to me about the past when he asked for a drink, his eyes turned red and he regretted it too late.

when he was young, everyone wanted to kill him in all directions, but he wasted half his life and found that all the chase could not reach the warm bed at home.

recently revisit Yu Juan's "this life is not finished", only feel deep regret.

she was in her prime, had a happy family, had experience studying abroad and had a doctorate, but she died after a year and four months of fighting cancer because she was overdrawn all the year round.

when life was left over, she recalled the past and wrote such a heartbreaking passage:

"if there is tomorrow, I don't want to control the overall situation, nor do I want to care about who is better than who.

whether it's a project or a task, I just want to watch my parents hold their daughter's hand and jump to kindergarten every day.... "

when we were young, we took it for granted to pursue status and wealth.

however, many people have gone so far that they forget why they started in the first place.

in the past, we always thought that it was happiness to have a big house and a luxury car. It was only after middle age that we found that the appearance was far less glamorous than a vegetable, a meal and a hot soup at home.

I like this sentence very much: if life is a long marathon, the one we love is our inexhaustible energy.

when you are old and look back on your life, you will find that what really matters is not wealth or status, but every time you spend with your family over the years.

in the first half of our lives, we are constantly pursuing fame and fortune; in the second half of our lives, we should learn to gradually close the door of desire and return to our families.

there are not many days to come in the world. Please make up for those that have been missed in the rest of the day.

what is far away is the scenery, but what is near is life

when we were young, we all learned a text called "sit on a well and watch the sky".

once we followed others to laugh at the frog sitting at the bottom of the well, thinking that it was short-sighted and unenterprising.

later, I gradually realized that everyone is actually a frog in a well with no choice, and the only difference lies in the size of the well.

when we were young, we thought the world was big enough to fill our every dream.

now I feel that the world is actually very small, and each of us is guarding our own well to live our lives.

the writer's father had a piggy bank when he was young.

he saved 20 cents every day and stuffed it into a piggy bank. "after five years, I can buy a piano."

Unfortunately, he became a father before five years.

so, the money in the jar becomesMilk powder and children's tuition fees have become firewood, rice and oil.

time is a thief. He steals all his father's choices quietly, but his father smiles and says, "this is life."

most people in the world try their best to live an ordinary life.

A father must wear the stars and the moon before he can give his wife and children a solid shelter; a mother can only become a harbor behind his children through both ups and downs.

they are a blurred face among all living beings, but they are the biggest backers of their families.

the deepest understanding of people in middle age is to accept their own mediocrity calmly.

as there is a passage in "Strange stories":

"Don't feel that unfulfilled expectations are a curse. Some mountains are out of reach, so look at them from a distance."

the scenery missed along the way is indifferent; let go of things that are out of reach.

only by accepting the fact that you were born ordinary in the waste of time can you enjoy the peace and tranquility of this world in the complicated world.

the writer Yi Shu once said:

"when I was forty, I was in good health, had a little savings, my husband was considerate, my children were obedient, and I had a job I really liked. That was success."

when we were young, we were in high spirits, most afraid of being anonymous, afraid of falling behind others, afraid that life was short, and that it would be too late to realize our dreams.

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but later, the years will gradually show you what life is really like.

No matter how magnificent life is, it will eventually be hidden in trivial daily life.

in the first half of my life, I was in a hurry and countless scenery passed by.

learn to cherish and try your best to manage your present life for the rest of your life.

, with a normal mind, cross ten thousand mountains, cherish the happiness of fireworks, and enjoy inner peace.


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