The collapse of a mother: your "overparenting" is quietly destroying the child.
The collapse of a mother: your "overparenting" is quietly destroying the child.
If you don't follow your child blindly, you will pay more attention to it.

unwittingly, there are only four days left in 2019. Have all the beautiful dreams made by old mothers at the beginning of the year come true?

these days, her friend Wen Qi is very upset. She wanted to show off her child-rearing achievements at her mother's annual party, but she was questioned by them for "pushing too hard".

this made her feel frustrated and felt that she had not been recognized for a year of hard work, and kept asking me, "is there anything wrong with me being serious about parenting?"

Don't say, there is!

sometimes parenting is too serious and unconsciously exerts too much force, which is disadvantageous to children's growth.

at the beginning, Wenqi is also very Buddhist, but after the child's early promotion, watching the class children dabble in piano, painting and Mathematical Olympiad, she really began to get restless. Xa0 xa0 xa0

her sudden learning pressure, although it makes the child improve the comprehensive ability in a short time, but the negative effects can not be ignored.

soon the child refused to attend the tutoring class and couldn't afford to call in the morning.

so, when she heard everyone's doubts about her this time, Wen Qi was also troubled: she wanted to let nature take its course, was afraid of falling too far behind, wanted to cultivate it attentively, and was afraid of exerting too much force. It was really too difficult.

in fact, as parents, everyone wants to give their children full love and let them win at the starting line, but if they do not master the "degree" well, it will often be counterproductive. only when you really start from your children's point of view can you give them more suitable love.

think about it. There are a lot of parents like Wenqi who push too hard in the process of parenting. Some of us have good intentions for the good of our children, but in the end we do bad things with good intentions.

not long ago, Egg Mom brushed onto a topic about sleeping flat on the back of her daughter's head, which was funny and deeply touched at the same time.

when she finally realizes the problem, but there is no better remedy.

believe that there are many mothers who feel like she wants to win in the head shape and buy a baby pillow early, but does the baby really need a pillow within the age of one year? Actually, it's not. ~

if you don't believe it, Feihe's fresh parenting the latest issue of season 2 "whether the baby needs a pillow within the age of one year

video, was tempted to place an order when she heard the TV guide boasting that the baby pillow had the effect of "the baby sleeps immediately into the shape of Wu Yan's grandfather".

but she ignores the child's own needs. Pediatrician Yu Xiaonan reminds us that although pillows can maintain the balance of the head and lumbar vertebrae, babies under one year old don't need it.

because the newborn's head and shoulders are almost the same width, lying on the side will not affect the spine, so mothers don't have to worry about not having pillows affecting the baby's growth and development.

Yu Xiaonan pointed out that using pillows too early may cause spinal problems, because at this stage, babies' cervical curvature has not yet been formed, the spine is basically straight, there is no natural bending of the adult spine, rashly using baby pillows will overstretch their spine.

in addition, using pillows will raise the baby's head and virtually oppress their trachea, resulting in poor breathing and waking up in dreams.

and if you give the baby a hard pillow like the mother above, it will affect the baby's face, such as the baby's head and face. I would like to ask, how can the mother face the inquiries of her children in the future?

so parents don't icing on the lily and prepare soft items such as pillows, plush toys and bed covers for their babies to affect their health and development.

about babies sleeping, we just need to start from their physical needs and choose a sleep style that is more suitable for them. Some excessive love will only backfire.

has always liked a sentence:

Parenting must not be done too hard and insufficiently, otherwise it will cause irreparable harm to the child.

thinks deeply that both the parents' leading ideas and the pillows that are used prematurely are signs of parents exerting too much force in parenting, which will more or less affect the growth and development of their children.

in fact, most of the time we emphasize that the best love for children is not necessarily suitable for children, only the love that is really suitable for children is what they want.

so parenting should be moderate and companionship should be attentive, which is precisely Feihe told us through the" fresh parenting View ":

parents should raise their children appropriately, moderately and timely, and do not let excessive love cause parenting harm.

for parents' pain points, Feihe jointly launched 15 issues of immersive parenting sharing show in "fresh parenting concept".

and invited a number of people such as Beetle, pediatrician Yu Xiaonan, Zhong Kai, Xu Yunyun, Zhou Zhou, Zhang Yi Jun and other experts, subvert the tradition with science and give you more fresh parenting concepts suitable for Chinese babies.

or feeding problems, or baby constipation, or daddy with a baby. All in all, Flying Crane's "fresh Parenting Outlook" can help you in the second season of parenting.

of course, except to remind parents to be suitable for parenting, it does not cause over-parenting. In the nutrition of children, Feihe has been pursuing fresh and good nutrition suitable for the baby's physique.

Feihe milk powder, more suitable for Chinese baby physique, more than 100 million cans a year are chosen by mothers. Feihe milk powder is far ahead in sales in China.

in short, parents please remember that what children want is never the best love that parents take for granted, and what is suitable is better. I hope everyone can raise their children without blind obedience and pay more attention to it.
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