The cleverest way of living for middle-aged people: do it right, bear it, and carry it clearly.
The cleverest way of living for middle-aged people: do it right, bear it, and carry it clearly.
You can't choose where you came from, but you can choose your own way of life.


"Orange is not the only fruit" says:

"Life is different. Everyone has his own way of living."

there is no standard answer in life, and there is more than one way to be happy.

I used to think that life has something to do with matter.

later found that life is related to our character, attitude and how we deal with the world.

those who hold the key to life, most of them have a clear conscience, do not panic in case of trouble, and can see the situation clearly.

when people reach middle age, they know that the smartest way to live is to do it right, carry it, and carry it clearly.

in the world of mortals, you can seize the happiness you want and live an extraordinary life of your own.

doing right: a clear conscience is a blessing.

there is a saying in the Great informant:

"if we do right, we won't have any uneasiness, because there is light ahead."

there are thousands of things in life, but the character shown by everyone's reaction to things is very different.

there is a discrepancy between words and deeds, which is offensive and then estranged.

but some people's words and deeds are magnanimous, and it is reassuring to be open and aboveboard.

the movie "Hidden into the Dust", which was released some time ago, was once a hit.

the protagonist Ma Youtie, although the external life is very difficult, but the inner life is very advanced.

when he was middle-aged, his wife was unfortunately drowned, and the villagers advised him that if he had food and a house, he could live alone.

but no one can understand Ma Youtie's mind. How can a person who has been in the sun and enjoyed the warmth of the sun return to the darkness.

although his wife's death made his life less bright, he still has his own principles and ideas.

he sold all his grain and settled all his debts.

he said that if he had promised others, he would do it. He dug up the potatoes in his field and gave two bags to the noodle shop owner, just because he had promised them before.

he returned the eggs to his neighbor, who said forget it. He said:

"one code is one code."

you have to pay back the money you borrow, and you have to pay back what you borrow. With his own behavior, he fulfilled his promise.

he is clean, and he has to be clean what he owes others.

he no longer wants what others owe him.

he came into the world with nothing and left the world refreshingly.

he is worthy of being a man, just to see Guiying innocently.

Cao Dewang once said:

"be motivated and pay attention to the desire to do things. Only when you are motivated can you do things right."

Life is long, and standing still is the foundation of life.

only when you can say that you can do it, can you entrust an important task.

It is without a doubt that midnight blue bridesmaid dresses are fundamental requirement in all affairs. Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

Life can be difficult, people can be upright and go more smoothly; things are changing, and the cultivation of character can be safe in this life.

when people reach middle age, they have a clear conscience and peace of mind is a blessing. The value of life lies not in how high they climb, but in whether they are right.

you may have to be shrewd in doing things, but you must be a man by character.

if you want to be beautiful and bright, you will have good luck in life.

can handle it: when things happen, don't panic.

someone on the Internet asked: "what does it mean to be able to bear it?"

like an answer very much:

"you don't need to be extraordinary, you can handle things, you don't complain, you don't panic, you're brilliant."

to sum up, it is: be able to carry it when things happen, and do not panic.

A person's attitude towards things hides his pattern of dealing with the world, and people who can handle things are calm and calm.

when the bank began to make a profit, a vicious situation left him with nothing overnight.

legally, he does not have to bear the depositors' losses, but morally, he decides to repay the astronomical deposits.

people around him advised him: "this is not your responsibility, why do you insist like this?"

he said: "legally, there is no responsibility, but when I see depositors leading a vagrant life after losing their savings, I should pay back the money."

the price of paying off debts made him live a hard life for 39 years.

when he paid off the last debt, he sighed:

"finally, debt-free and light, you can start a new life."

Frank spent his whole life, shouldering all his debts, going through those hard times, taking the beating from life, and going against the wind.

in the journey of life, everyone carries a heavy burden and has some unavoidable responsibilities.

daring to face difficulties and take responsibility is also the basic quality of a strong person.

Zhou Guoping has a saying in "Life is not competitive":

"people cannot control their own destiny, but they can control their attitude towards fate and calmly bear the inevitable experiences that fall on their own heads."

even if there is a high wind, life will never give up, and you can break new ground as much as you can bear it.

on the way of life, no one's life is plain sailing, we will encounter high winds and torrential rain, and face all kinds of life problems.

everyone goes through somethingDark moment, do not carry things, life is doomed to be full of thorns, can carry things, can usher in the willow dark flowers.

when you get through the storm, you are not afraid of any storm.

when people reach middle age, they can bear the heavy burden on their shoulders and protect their families from the rain and cold. If they have the ability to do things without panic, they will have the strength to extricate themselves from difficulties in life.

after you have gone through all the tribulations in life, you will certainly enjoy the return after the tribulations.

pick it up clearly: see the current situation clearly and live sober

some people say: "he who lives a wonderful life is always the one who can understand emotion and reality."

people who can carry it clearly, they have their own objective understanding, can see the situation clearly, and live soberly.

they see the world on the road and recognize themselves on the journey of life.

I have seen all the lights in the world and know where I am.

Gao Yuanyuan looks mature and generous in the TV series Glory and Dream.

some people say that she is so old, with deep lines and sagging skin; others say that she acts well and plays a noble and dignified role.

in response to netizens' comments, Gao Yuanyuan said in an interview:

"I look in the mirror and I know my state.

We can't go back to the appearance of youth, but we can't stop the pace of time. "

it is precisely because she is of the right age that she can better play the role without burden.

from Gao Yuanyuan's body, we can see her open-mindedness.

she knows what she needs, has a clear positioning for herself, and lives thoroughly and wisely.

there is no recipe for youth in this world. We have to accept the appearance of old age. Only by knowing ourselves clearly can we not be afraid of the winds and waves of the outside world.

there is a sentence in "Young School Qionglin":

"those who keep abreast of the times are handsome, and those who are ignorant of the first few are not wise philosophers."

those who keep abreast of the times know their own needs, distinguish between right and wrong, and have a correct judgment in case of trouble.

around everyone, there are several people who can't carry it clearly.

some people do not know how to speak, some do not behave properly, and some do not know themselves.

many people understand the truth, but they still can't live a good life. They are self-bound, trapped in life and confused.

the real strength is to recognize the situation after facing yourself, and to be truly mature is to stay awake in dealing with the world.

only by putting aside past experience and thinking in reverse can we see the nature of things clearly;

only by bending over and standing firm after seeing clearly can we stand up and be a man.

people who can carry clearly, they have a clear position, know their position, can measure their self-worth, and can distinguish their priorities.

when people reach middle age, they can see the current situation clearly, live soberly, and know how to deal with the world, so that they can move forward steadily.

there is a saying: "you can't choose where you came from, but you can choose your own way of life."

everyone's birth is the arrangement of fate, but the way of life is under his own control.

in life, the way of living determines the course of your life and the pattern of your life from now on.

when people reach middle age, the smartest way to live is to cultivate their own character and recognize their own life value with a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.

be upright, stand upright, and be worthy of your heart;

be able to handle, be responsible and not distracted;

can carry it clearly, see through, and live comfortably.

Life has long mountains and rivers, and it is difficult to break through every hurdle, but with clenched teeth, every hurdle will pass.

when you get through it, life will suddenly become clear.

for those who don't make it, life can also teach you to have fun with them.

the head of the governor, the history of adults.

May we take every step of life for the rest of our lives, and everything will go well, even if we go through both wind and rain.

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the head of the governor, the history of adults.

May we take every step of life for the rest of our lives, and everything will go well, even if we go through both wind and rain.

the end of the article