The chat records between mother-in-law and husband were exposed, and these five words brutally revealed the truth of marriage.
The chat records between mother-in-law and husband were exposed, and these five words brutally revealed the truth of marriage.
May the person in your heart be the one in front of you, cherish what you have and stay together forever.
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80% of women are said to have divorced after peeking at the chat records of their mother-in-law and husband.

mother-in-law's strength, husband's cowardice, incomprehensible sadness will explode in the chat records of mother-in-law and husband who do not regard themselves as family.

however, before marriage, a mother-in-law married because of the screenshot of the conversation between her mother-in-law and her husband:

to tell you the truth, with such a transparent mother-in-law, everyone would want to marry immediately!

because she knows that it is not easy for a woman and knows how to think of others, she does not show authority because her wife has become a mother-in-law, but prefers to give her son the freedom of her wife.

her five most simple words contain the secret of a happy relationship between husband and wife.

Marriage is a matter for two people

" you married her, not me. "

the insightful mother-in-law tells the simplest truth in marriage: marriage is just between two people.

it is because of the third person in the marriage that the two people who love each other have no choice but to divorce.

divorce" is the outcome that every family, no one wants to face, and the family should not be the culprit of divorce.

I've heard a lot about "the old man has no heart." "she did it for our own good, too." "it's not easy for my mother. Can't you understand?" With such nonsense, I really want to avenge a woman.

after marriage, the closest family should be the husband, wife and children , each other's parents should know the boundaries even if they don't want to give up.

A marriage that is always interfered with will only lead to chicken feathers and die without a disease.


Men should have a sense of responsibility

she wants to divorce me now, and I pay her more than half of my salary every month. I don't know what she's not satisfied with!

not to mention that 2000 yuan a month is not enough to subsidize the family. When you get home, you don't even want to wash the dishes. No wonder your wife is divorced.

in the eyes of many men, it seems that everything will be all right if you turn in your payroll on time every month.

money is always a piece of cold paper that cannot bring love and warmth to their families, let alone help them bear the responsibilities of husbands, fathers and children in their families.

Marriage is not about giving money, marriage is not about getting a license, women are not afraid of being tired no matter how hard they are, they are afraid that men are not responsible and careless.


remember that Big S's "Shrimp peeling speech" was madly attacked by a large number of straight men on the Internet, which immediately revealed the helplessness of women in contemporary marriage.

how sad it is that a woman who works hard doesn't even have the right to ask a man to peel shrimp.

nowadays, society's demands on women are getting higher and higher:

even so, they have no regrets, they just want a little more favor.

you know Women are born to be spoiled , she doesn't want much, but: a cup of hot water in winter, household help, tired to give some comfort, afraid of the dark to have personal company.

she gave willingly, and the spoil should be taken for granted. No matter you fall in love or get married, a woman should always be the princess of the family.


A person will probably meet 29.2 million people in a lifetime, and the probability of two people falling in love is 0.000049.

it is enough to explain it's easier to meet, but harder to fall in love with.

in the movie "the leftover is King", Jin Shijie, who plays the father, said such a passage:

" she should want to marry someone she likes. "

as the saying goes," bosom friends are hard to find, true love is hard to find ". It is too difficult for people to find someone they really like in this life.

so once caught, no one wants to end up regretfully.

Li Ronghao sings in the lyrics:" feelings are painful and enjoyable. If I say I won't stop without kissing you, who can force me to do so? "

cherish it more because you don't make do with it.

in marriage, only you know whether it is suitable for you. If you are affectionate, you will have enough to drink.

May the person in your heart is also the one in front of you, cherish it and stay together.


Don't let down everyone who loves you

in a documentary "Fruit of Life", the story of an elderly couple's life is recorded. One day the wife asks her husband:

" what would you do if I left first? "

the husband did not speak at the moment, but gave his wife a silent answer on a quiet afternoon-he left first.

at the final farewell, the wife said to her husband's body:

"when my time comes and turns to ashes, we can take a boat to the South Pacific, waiting for me, okay, you will be alone, but take care of yourself, wait for me, I will do my best, look forward to seeing you again, waiting for me, okay?"

"take a boat to the South Pacific" is a wish made by the couple when they were young, and the wife always kept it in mind.

although time flies, it's a good thing they loved each other all their lives.

" hold hands and grow old together. "

We walked through the vigor of love and the firewood of marriage. I washed your hands and made vegetable soup for you, and you covered my armor with thorns.

I want to maintain a happy marriage the biggest secret is that I would like to face the storm with you, but also want to stay with you for years.

only for the rest of my life, hand in hand, wind and frost together, piano and music.


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