"the bliss of being hit is self-made."
"the bliss of being hit is self-made."
In this life, if there is no blessing from God, he will cultivate himself patiently.



"Fan Si Xun" says:

"Life stands on its own, and blessings seek for themselves."

A person's blessings are not predestined, but depend on one's own efforts.

when the sky does not cross people, people need to cross by themselves.

there is a vast sea of people, and those who are blessed by God are often trying to cultivate their blessings.


study and practice "talent"

educator Cheng Yi said:

"the smell of external things is abominable for a long time, but the smell of reading gets deeper and deeper as time goes on."

people who often read books will arm themselves with knowledge all their lives and get good results.

Fan Zhongyan of the Northern Song Dynasty experienced a painstaking study career of "cutting porridge" and finally became a famous phase of a generation.

Dong Zhongshu of the Western Han Dynasty, leaving behind the beautiful talk of "not peeping at the garden for three years", became a generation of great scholars who were reused by the three dynasties.

every book is like a door, and every time you read one, it opens a new world.

when you are complacent, you can precipitate in the vastness of the history of Sinology;

when you are frustrated, you can perk up in the ups and downs of your autobiography.

when it is insipid, you can rejoice in the rich chicken soup of the soul.

chest Tibetan ink Xu Ruogu.

all the books you have read in your life will make your mind.

all the words you have read will wash your soul.

and blessing, always inadvertently, a brilliant tree of the flower of life.


be alone and practice "quiet" happiness

Zhuangzi said:

"to be alone is to be unique, and to be unique is to be the most expensive."

being alone is the beginning of being outstanding.

Modern painter and poet Mu Xin likes to hide and read in the attic since he was a child.

as an adult, he lived in seclusion in Mogan Mountain twice to write and paint.

when he was drifting in New York, he wrote in his apartment almost all day.

these experiences of solitude have made him calm in his heart and laugh at the ups and downs of life.

as the old saying goes, "there is stillness in every great event."

A quiet person has a silent power on his body.

peace of mind is the joy of the mind, and joy of the spirit is the blessing of life.

A person who can be quiet and alone can precipitate a better self and encounter a richer scenery.


smile, practice "happiness"

laughter is not only a visible facial expression, but also an invisible attitude towards life.

Cao Cao is a person who loves to laugh.

according to statistics, in the Romance of the three Kingdoms, Cao Cao laughed 54 times:

there is a non-committal sneer, a disguised smile does not smile;

there are like-minded smiles and smug laughter;

there are three times of laughter after Chibi's rout.

A laugh conveys his positive optimism, and laughter over and over again accompanied him through many difficulties.

at the end of the laugh, he became a third of the world.

Zhou Guoping said:

"No matter how short life is, we should live with laughter, enjoy ourselves with laughter, and suffer with laughter. This is not a life in vain."

it is wisdom to suffer with a smile: if you come, you will enjoy it;

to have fun with a smile is respect: only by accepting the gift of life calmly can you calm down the undercurrent of life.

living with a smile, is grateful: because tomorrow or accident, do not know which comes first, familiar with every day, is the small luck of life.

Pepsi starts from the heart and solves a thousand sorrows with a smile.


can eat, practice "mouth" blessing

the king regards the people as the heaven, and the people regard food as the heaven.

Huang Di Nei Jing believes that a person's good taste is hidden in three meals a day.

the stomach meridian is in season when the human body is from 7: 00 to 9: 00;

from 9 to 11:00, the spleen meridian is in season;

from 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock, the small intestinal meridian is in season.

means that the digestive function of the body is very strong in the morning and morning, and the absorption function is better in the afternoon.

so you can eat more for breakfast and lunch, but at night the body's absorption and digestion capacity decreases.

therefore, eat less dinner, avoid greasy, and try to eat before 7 o'clock in the evening.

if you eat according to the body's rules, you will have a good taste if you are in good health.

Wang Zengqi said:

"the smoke and fire in the world is the most appealing to the hearts of the people."

A person who "knows how to eat" is to eat "three meals a day" in a down-to-earth manner and save the good fortune of "the best taste and happiness"!


sleep well and cultivate longevity

Li Yu said in the Qing Dynasty: "Sleep should be the first way to maintain good health."

A good sleep can make a person feel good and refreshed.

on the contrary, it will cause neurasthenia and listlessness.

go to bed early at night, take a nap during the day, refresh your spirit, and be more motivated to work.

especially remind you that when you have insomnia, it is best to close your eyes and rest your mind, so that the body can be overbalanced.

take a nap for 30 minutes, preferably no more than 1 hour, otherwise it will disturb the body's biological clock.

as the saying goes, "the tonic of medicine is not as good as that of food, and that of food is not as good as that of sleep."

the middle hour and the noon hour are the alternating times of yin and yang.

A good sleeperThe person who knows how to take a good nap is to reconcile yin and yang and prolong life.


be willing to move and practice "Kangfu"

"Lu's Spring and Autumn" said: "running water is not rotten, the household hub is not beetle, so it is also with its movement."

exercise can directly improve the functional state and produce more psychologically beneficial hormones.

when the mood is good, the state of mind is right, and the virtuous circle of health begins.

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says, "Don't work in vain."

too much exercise and too much intensity will make people sore, sweaty and exhausted.

exercise to keep in good health, it is best to do aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, swimming, riding and so on.

they are characterized by low intensity, rhythm, long duration and easier to stick to.

it is said in the Book of changes: "both movement and movement have changed."

Motion is eternal and absolute; stillness is short-lived and relative.

exercise is the cure for everything.

as long as you move, you can let the energy of the body flow and build a healthy life calmly.


steal leisure and practice "Qingfu"

Caigen Tan says:

"if life is too idle, don't try to steal it; if you are too busy, the truth will not appear."

if you are too busy or too idle, you will be eaten back by life. The best way of life is to steal leisure from being busy.

when the wind is hot, take time to feel the beauty around you.

watch the pre-court flowers bloom and look at the clouds in the sky.

make a pot of ceremonial tea and watch a popular movie;

read a long-cherished book and take a walk-and-go trip.

steal a free life for half a day, and your heart is at ease.

Life is busy, but people are idle.

A person who knows how to live can always steal a spare time and repair a little bit of happiness day after day.


can say, repair "warm" blessing

speaking is an instinct; being able to speak is an ability.

A person who "can speak" can make people feel like a spring breeze with just a few words.

Zeng Guofan in the Qing Dynasty was defeated twice in a row when he was young.

when he returned home, he traveled around and borrowed 100 taels of silver to buy books, which is equivalent to the salary of the ordinary county magistrate for nearly three years.

when he got home, he was nervous.

but his father, Zeng Shulin, did not expose his pain of "falling behind", nor did he blame him for "coming back late", let alone angrily criticize his loss of "borrowing money."

he just said slowly, "I'll return the money; you study the book carefully."

A simple sentence shook Zeng Guofan's heart and formed the good habit of "reading every day".

the ancients said:

"one word is more important than nine treasures; a three-inch tongue is better than a million teachers."

the power of language should not be underestimated.

say obedient words that make parents feel relieved;

say considerate words that make the other half feel sweet;

say positive words to make children feel powerful.

Life is an ashram, and to speak is to practice.

A person who can "speak" can always practice a warm blessing, which can inadvertently warm himself and others.


do good, practice "complete" blessing

once read an allusion.

Fan Zhongyan of the Northern Song Dynasty, who wanted to buy a house, specially invited Mr. fengshui.

after the survey, the other party congratulated him:

"geomantic omen is so good that those who live here will be listed as public ministers."

Fan Zhongyan was overjoyed and immediately donated his fengshui treasure house as a school.

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achieved more than 300 Jinshi and dozens of top students, and also contributed to the prosperity of the Fan family for a century.

as the old saying goes, "if you accumulate goodness, there must be Yu Qing."

doing good seems to take time and effort, but it is to cultivate one's own happiness and accumulate virtue.

all kind words, thoughts and deeds will come back to you in another form with the passage of time.

those who love to return, and those who are blessed are blessed.

kindness, like a bright lamp, illuminates other people's way, and will certainly illuminate their own life!

Caigen Tan says:

"when the sky is thin, I am blessed, and I am thick with virtue."

in this life, if there is no blessing from God, he will cultivate himself patiently.

God helps those who help themselves.

in the rest of my life, a little more cherish blessings and practice blessings, we will be able to: practice blessings and be really happy!

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