The biggest sadness of the family is not the lack of money, but the disclosure of these three privacy to outsiders.
The biggest sadness of the family is not the lack of money, but the disclosure of these three privacy to outsiders.
May you have a warm, harmonious and warm home.

Home is the beginning of life, the source of joys and sorrows, the redemption of the soul, and the concern of a lifetime.

Home is not only the way of coming from, but also the end-result; home is not only shelter, but also belonging.

Happy families need to be managed, and family members love each other and are independent of each other; unhappy families are selfish and have no scruples about their words.

Leo Tolstoy wrote in Anna Karenina:

"Happy families are all alike, and each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

when you think about it, it is true.

the biggest sorrow of a family is not that they have no money or quarrel, but that they tell outsiders these three privacy.

complain about your partner's shortcomings to outsiders

as the old saying goes, there is no bowl that does not touch the edge of the pot, and it is inevitable for husband and wife to make a living and stumble.

things between husband and wife, no matter how fierce and fierce they quarreled at that time, try not to complain about their partner's shortcomings to outsiders.

read a story:

Lao Li Xiaozhao is a pair of dink, old husband and young wife.

Lao Li is fifteen years older than Xiao Zhao.

at first, they were not favored by everyone. Xiao Zhao's parents were not satisfied with the "older" son-in-law. They felt that they had harmed their daughter and did not agree with their marriage.

Lao Li is a painter. Xiao Zhao likes to watch him paint.

Xiao Zhao stole a license with Lao Li and did not hold a wedding. More than ten years have passed in the twinkling of an eye.

like most couples, they get tired of it. In the past, even if they quarreled the day before, they would make up the next day.

but this time is different. Xiao Zhao hasn't talked to Lao Li for a week.

there is no other reason. Lao Li, a big mouth, complained to a friend about the pain of marrying a young girlfriend when he was drunk, saying that Xiao Zhao was too lazy, did not clean and was not motivated, so he knew how to eat and wait to die.

is getting more and more fierce, not giving face to his parents, always scolding him in front of people.

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Xiao Zhao felt that he was blind and went to Lao Li, a poor painter who asked for money and could not give his family.

the contradiction that the two had accumulated for many years finally broke out in Lao Li's outspoken complaint.

this time, no one put up with each other and gave way to others.

each other viciously said heart-piercing words and exposed each other's shortcomings.

there was so much glue in the past, but now I hate it.

Why should I write this story?

is to say that the most taboo thing between husband and wife is to cling to each other's mistakes and refuse to let go.

and the saddest thing is that when they hurt each other and wear away all their love, they can't help complaining about their partner's shortcomings and trying to get comfort from outsiders.

outsiders will never empathize with you, but will only see you laugh.

No matter how much you make a scene, it's just after-dinner conversation for them.

between husband and wife, there is a mixture of prosperity and loss.

complaining about your partner's shortcomings to outsiders will only make the relationship more tense and eventually lead to an irreparable situation.

talking to the outsiders about the contradictions of the family

the ugliness of the family should not be made public, and so are the contradictions between the family members.

No matter whether it is the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, between children, or between brothers and sisters, it can be resolved as long as it can be resolved, or stay away from it, or never see each other again, but do not reveal your family's contradictions to outsiders.


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shared one's own personal experience:

the blogger is an only child, a single-parent family who grew up with his father and married his girlfriend who had been in love for many years at the age of 32.

my girlfriend has a brother and my brother-in-law is a son.

A year after marriage, the blogger's wife became pregnant.

the wife of the brother-in-law and the wife of the blogger are pregnant with a second child almost at the same time.

who is in charge of the mother-in-law has become a big problem, with daughter-in-law on one side and daughter on the other.

my mother-in-law did not expect that after retirement, she could still be so popular.

but I really don't have the skill to split up, so I can only take care of one.

she chose to take care of her daughter. After all, the palms and backs of her hands are all meat, and it is not easy for her to have no mother-in-law to take care of her.

the blogger's mother-in-law had to look after her on both sides, and later she fell ill and was hospitalized.

after her mother-in-law was discharged from the hospital, her daughter-in-law could not help complaining to outsiders that her mother-in-law was partial and still loved her daughter.

after being ill and discharged from the hospital, she is still taking care of her daughter in Yuezi.

, he complains more or less.

originally, this is not an insurmountable contradiction. The problem is that after listening to this, outsiders seem to take painstaking efforts to persuade, but in fact, they have been talking to their daughter-in-law all the time.

I think the mother-in-law is not doing well, so she is a little too biased.

then the daughter-in-law's complaint about her mother-in-law also spread to her mother-in-law.

the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is even more tense.

in daily life, such contradictions are common, and in fact, they are not insurmountable problems.

however, there is a thorn in each other's heart, and no one is willing to say it first. Contradictions will accumulate and will break out one day.

in front of outsiders, you should keep your mouth shut and keep a balance in your heart for what you can and cannot say.

there are always more people in the world who see you lively than people who really care about you.

everything can be happy only if the family is in harmony.Wang.

show off the wealth of the family to outsiders

Cai Kangyong talked about an experience when he was a child:

his parents took him to a rich friend's house for dinner, which was served with good wine and food.

it was the first time that Cai Kangyong ate shark fin. He thought it was amazing and asked his host, "what is this? it's delicious."

while the host gave him an extra bowl and asked him to eat more, he smiled and said: this is the fan.

, Cai Kangyong became famous. I have met many big shots and attended many luxurious banquets.

in those dinners, they would only trumpet:

"where is this beef and where is this caviar? it's very expensive, thousands of dollars!"

it was only then that Cai Kangyong discovered the honorable aspects of the master at that time.

he did not look down on his ignorance, let alone show off his wealth and knowledge.

Why should you never show off the wealth of your family to outsiders at any time?

because you don't know who will be jealous of you, let alone what kind of mischief someone will hide when they know the wealth you have.

although money is something outside the body, if you show it off at will, it will also bring people unpredictable difficulties.

people's hearts are always unpredictable, and human joys and sorrows are not the same.

when a person is out of work and sadly cannot be himself, maybe you happen to get a promotion and a raise, and you are overjoyed.

when a person is deeply saddened by the loss of a loved one, maybe your family has ushered in a new life, and you are extremely happy;

when a person goes bankrupt on the brink of collapse, maybe your career is booming, and you are extremely happy.

the world has always been divided, and so are the hearts of the people.

he who does not show off must be rich in heart.

people who know how to take care of other people's emotions must also be kind.

writer Ikeda Daisaku said: "Family is the only oasis and resting place for the soul."

do not complain about your partner's shortcomings to outsiders, but work together and be content.

Don't talk to outsiders about family conflicts, family harmony and mutual understanding.

do not show off the wealth of the family to outsiders, a little wealth is peace of mind.

the greatest happiness in life is husband and wife, family harmony, and peace of life.

, may you have a warm, harmonious and warm home.

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