The biggest failure in one's life is to be defeated by one's own emotions.
The biggest failure in one's life is to be defeated by one's own emotions.
Stabilize your mood, regain your autonomy in life, and be your own ferryman.

after the end of the Storm, everything has settled down.

from the tragic lives of these villains, it is found that they all have a fatal flaw: their emotions are easy to get out of control.

in this life, they are not defeated by their opponents, not by luck, but by their own emotions.

Xu Jiang, defeated by grumpy

it is written in Cai Gentan: "those who are restless are on fire, but when they encounter things, they burn."

A person with an irritable temper is like a walking powder keg. If it doesn't go well, it will ignite the anger in the heart.

impulsives will also do things that hurt others and themselves, resulting in irreparable consequences.

Xu Jiang in the Storm is such a grumpy and ferocious character.

he has a precious son, Xu Lei, who was accidentally electrocuted and drowned while electric fish.

when he learned that his competitor Bai Jiangbo had hired a murderer to beat his son, he took a group of people and smashed Bai Jiangbo's court.

regardless of it, he blamed all the accounts on Bai Jiangbo.

the gangster Chen Tai came forward to reconcile, and Xu Jiang didn't give him any face, so he had to go hand in hand with Bai Jiangbo face to face.

it was not until the names of several other hitters were picked out from the other side that Xu Jiang pretended to agree to a settlement.

as soon as he turned his head, he buried Bai Jiangbo with cruel means.

this completely offended Chen Tai and Bai Jiangbo's wife Chen Shuting.

later, in the process of "revenge" for his son, Xu Jiang forced Gao Qiqiang.

under Gao Qiqiang's calculation, Xu Jiang finally betrayed his relatives, had nothing, and died under the guns of others.

A bad temper is the initiator of a sad life.

it is like a push hand, pushing people to the abyss of death step by step.

people who can't control their temper are bound to ruin their lives.

Li Hongwei, defeated by arrogance

in the Storm, there is a character who tickles the teeth of the Gao brothers on his debut, Li Hongwei.

he is the son of Li Youtian, the director of Mangcun Village. Because he is covered by his father, he has been domineering and arrogant in the village.

once, Gao Qiqiang hosted a banquet for Li Youtian and wanted to renegotiate the development project of Mangcun.

Li Youtian is also quite open-minded. He didn't go to the meeting alone.

but called his son and a group of village thugs and stormed in.

at first, Gao Qiqiang was polite and didn't want to break face with them.

but Li Hongwei provoked all the way, scolding Gao Qiqiang for being a fish seller, mocking Gao Qisheng for just reading a few broken books, wearing a pair of glasses, and acting like a dog.

if you do something, you won't be arrogant.

even Gao Qiqiang, who has always been patient, has crushed his posterior teeth. And Gao Qisheng's eyes are full of murderous intentions.

although Li Hongwei was in the limelight with a moment of arrogance, he also foreshadowed the killing behind him.

his tragedy coincides with the saying: don't be a man. If you float away, you will get a knife.

as a man, you must not be like a frog in a well and live in a dark well, thinking that you are invincible in the world.

in this world, the more arrogant people are, the more people are governed; the more low-key people are, the more popular they are.

always remember: it is the natural fragrance of flowers, there is no need to blow in the wind; it is the tiger that has its own power, and there is no need to shout everywhere.

Gao Qisheng lost to arrogance

Gao Qisheng, a top graduate from the Provincial University of Science and Technology, has an online strategy and an excellent IQ.

my elder brother Gao Qiqiang, who is also the head of Qiangsheng Group, always escorts this younger brother.

it can be said that in his twenties, when others are still fighting desperately, his life has already touched the ceiling.

however, things turn back at the extreme, and rise and fall at the extreme.

all his life, he was finally defeated by the arrogance he used to hide his inferiority complex.

when Gao Qisheng was young, his family was poor and was looked down upon by people all the year round.

growing up in such an environment, he has an inferiority complex and a shady personality.

after the two brothers' families became rich, he became arrogant and arrogant, and had an almost crazy paranoia about money, fame and wealth.

even in public, he spoke nonsense more than once.

this undisguised madness naturally cannot tolerate the slightest provocation from others.

therefore, when Qiangsheng Group discussed the project with Mangcun, Li Hongwei wantonly laughed at the humble origins of the two brothers of the Gao family, which instantly poked Gao Qisheng's pain point and aroused his vengeful mentality.

he found the right opportunity, chased Li Hongwei with frozen fish in his hand and beat him to serious injury.

in the process of revenge, Gao Qisheng also took off his mask and gave his name.

when he fled, he left the crime tool frozen fish at the crime scene.

in the end, Gao Qisheng was wanted by the whole city, had no way to escape, and ended up falling from a building to his death.

as the old saying goes, there is rain in heaven and disaster in man.

being competitive and arrogant may be glamorous for a while, but it is not doomed to last long.

excessive loss of self, brain expansion, will only suffer the consequences in the end.As a result, his reputation has been ruined, and there is no way out.

therefore, people always have to restrain their edge and maintain humility in order to gain a foothold in this society.

Gao Xiaochen lost to impulse

the people who are most likely to do bad things in life must be those who have no brains and are very impatient.

such people often do things without thinking about the consequences and rely entirely on their likes and dislikes.

if you do bad things with good intentions, not to mention, even friends and family will be involved.

Gao Xiaochen, the adopted son of Gao Qiqiang, is such a person.

in order to scare off Wang Li, Gao Xiaochen besieged Wang Li directly in the street without saying hello to anyone.

unexpectedly, it disrupted all of Gao Qiqiang's plans.

although Gao Qiqiang tried his best to suppress the matter, it still became the trigger for the downfall of the Gao family many years later.

after this, Gao Xiaochen failed to get rid of his quick temper, which indirectly killed his mother.

Gao Qiqiang has a competitor named Jiang Tian. As soon as he came to Jinghai, he seized a lot of Gao's business and repeatedly swept Gao Qiqiang's face.

Gao Xiaochen was so angry that he single-handedly got even with Jiang Tian. Fortunately, Chen Shuting arrived in time after hearing the news and resolved the crisis.

but on the way back, Jiang Tian sent someone to knock over Chen Shuting's car. Chen Shuting in the car was seriously injured and died in the end.

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after experiencing this, Gao Qiqiang always hated Gao Xiaochen in his heart, and the relationship between the two became more and more tense.

years later, when the guidance team reinvestigated the shooting case that year, it confirmed the facts of Gao Xiaochen's crime.

as a result, he was convicted and jailed and got the punishment he deserved.

when people are impulsive, their IQ is zero.

most of the time, the reason why we make low-level mistakes is because we put our brains aside and let emotions prevail.

Liang Shiqiu once said: "when the blood is boiling, the reason is not very clear, words and deeds are easy to exceed points, which is not suitable for others and for themselves."

when feeling high, learn to straighten out your anxiety. Don't do something impulsive, don't regret it.

you need to pay for every impulse with countless regrets and regrets.

the villains in "the Storm" tell you with their tragic ending:

once you let your emotions run wild, you are not far from destruction.

as a saying goes, "those who are angry are the slaves of the heart."

A man who cannot control his temper is destined to be a prisoner of the soul.

if you are also caught in some emotional trap in your life, you should get out and stop your loss in time.

Don't let a moment of emotion ruin your whole life.

, stabilize your mood, regain your autonomy in life, and be your own ferryman.

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