The best way to start going to work after the holiday: be kind to your unit
The best way to start going to work after the holiday: be kind to your unit
When you and I become better ourselves, all the good things in the world will come to you.


the Spring Festival holiday is over and most companies have returned to work.

but what you don't know is,

it's not the work that needs us, it's the work that we need.

having a shift to go to is the biggest sense of security for adults.

Please always remember to cherish your existing job and be kind to your organization after the holiday.

be kind to

Yu Minhong wrote in the article that the key word of 2023 is "reconstruction".

restore the order of life, career and relationship.

I understand that the best way to restore business order is in two words:

be kind.

be kind to work

there is a topic on Zhihu: "what is the experience of losing your job?"

some netizens shared their stories.

some time ago, he felt tired from work, so he quit naked without telling his family.

netizens feel that they will be able to find a better job with their qualifications, but dozens of resumes have been sent out in a row.

then he got up on time every day and went out "pretending to go to work" and pretended to be very busy.

"because you have to pay the mortgage every month, and the child is too young, if you tell the wife, her inner sense of security will collapse instantly;

because parents are old and have all kinds of physical problems, if they know, they don't know how they will be worried. "

We always complain about tiredness when we are at work. We don't know until we lose our job that we should treat our work kindly.

if you don't go to work, you will not only get nothing, but also suffer as much as you do when you go to work.

in this age when we have to run for a big family as soon as we open our eyes, we dare not and cannot stop making money.

families need us, and we need to work to support our families.

be kind to work, so that we don't have to borrow money everywhere on mortgage repayment days;

be kind to our work so that we can buy milk powder for our children and spend money on medical treatment for the elderly without frowning.

only by being kind to work can we give full play to our value so that we don't have to stay up all night and don't know where the way is.

be kind to the unit

in June last year, Dong Yuhui exploded overnight and let the Oriental selection fire out of the circle on his own.

New Oriental shares soared 500% in just five days.

in order to reward Dong Yuhui, Yu Minhong announced in the studio: send stocks to Dong Yuhui.

some people say that New Oriental is lucky to meet good employees.

some people say that Dong Yuhui is lucky to meet such a magnificent company.

but this is actually a story of mutual achievement between a company and an individual.

in the most difficult moment of New Oriental, when tens of thousands of people left, Dong Yuhui chose to stay.

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Dong Yuhui and New Oriental held up silently and suffered painstakingly, so that they had everything that followed.

to be kind to your unit is to be kind to yourself.

when there is no place to stay in the cold winter, huddle together with everyone in the unit to keep warm so that you will not be frozen.

in the new year, the chill has not yet faded.

together with the unit, we can bear the pressure and make achievements so that we can have a road under our feet and money in our pockets, 51 job.

be kind to colleagues

where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.

when we first entered the workplace, we always quarreled with our colleagues over trifles.

as we get older, we come to understand that harmony among colleagues is more important than anything else.

agrees with one point of view:

"the meaning of our work is to serve life, not to add to it."

so never fall out with someone because of a trifle, because it's not worth it, it's not wise, it shouldn't be. "

colleagues are allies and teachers, not relatives rather than relatives.

Please be kind to your colleagues in the new year:

watch your mouth and don't talk with guns and sticks if you can communicate well.

set up the platform, and those who can help each other and benefit each other, do not tear each other apart.

relax. If you can take a step back, don't argue about who is right and who is wrong.

often transposition, be more understanding, be tolerant, and if the relationship between colleagues goes well, the work will naturally be better.


writer Lian Yue said: God's rule is to give pain first, and then give way out. The devil's rule is to make trouble and then rationalize it.

there is no one's job, not trouble stacked with trouble.

the weak are making excuses for themselves, while the strong are looking for a way out in pain.

in the new year, if you want to achieve success in your work, first change yourself.

Don't complain

writer Albert once asked the senior executives of a famous company how to examine candidates.

the executive said:

"when I recruit employees, I focus on what they think of the company I just left and my previous job.

if you only complain all the time, then such people will not consider it anyway. "

No company will welcome a complaining employee.

when you encounter something unpleasant, you complain. It's not straightforward, it's EQ is not enough.

bitterness is the original taste of work, tirednessIt's normal at work.

when you want to complain, always remember one sentence:

when you are nothing, your complaints, no one cares, no one cares, or even has no value or meaning.

in the new year, shut up your complaining and open your legs.

when you are not a pearl, try to be a pearl.

when you polish yourself into a pearl, you will get the best comprehension.

not emotional

who breaks the vase and the ball when they fall to the ground at the same time?

obviously, it's a vase.

the vase is made of very thin pieces of porcelain, which are destroyed as soon as they are subjected to force.

this is what corporate consultant Liu run calls "brittleness".

at work, we unwittingly become a "brittle" person:

A negative from the boss and a look from a colleague can break our hearts and make us unhappy all day.

what is needed in the workplace is adults.

everyone wants you to provide him with value, but no one is willing to pay for your emotions.

in your work, you can communicate, cooperate and develop resources, all of which are added items.

but if you can't control your emotions, I'm sorry, one veto.

from today on, learn to desensitize mentally, feel a little bit, and be solid.

quit your glass heart, no one wants to spoil you; put away your grievances, no one will understand you.

learn to refine your glass heart into stainless steel, gently and firmly do what is in front of you, and nothing can hurt you.

No procrastination

do you often put off today's events till tomorrow?

are you always reluctant to act in the name of preparation?

We often say that procrastination equals death.

things procrastinate again and again, time goes on and on, procrastination will only make your life fall into a vicious circle.

problems will not be solved automatically, things will accumulate more and more, and you will spend every day in anxiety, and you will miss great opportunities.

in the new year, change yourself and start by giving up procrastination.

you might as well try the "five-minute start" invented by the psychology team at Carlton University.

when you plan something in your mind, filter out the messy excuses and immediately devote yourself to doing it for five minutes.

when you start to work, you have left 80% of the people behind.

not perfunctory

some people summarize the common mindset of employees into the following three categories:

working mentality: to work for others, it is better to do more than to do less, and try not to do less.

Professional mentality: I am a professional, how much money I pay, how much work I do;

Boss mentality: this is also my career. I do it for my career and mission.

which of these three kinds of people is smarter?

the third kind.

because people who work for themselves sell their time twice.

once sold to the boss, in exchange for salary; once sold to yourself, gained growth.

from now on, do not be perfunctory, do not slack off, do things well and specialize in things.

do every little thing impeccably, persevere, and you may enjoy a survival bonus;

there is an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an echo for everything.

it's reassuring, and you may be favored by fate.

writer Liu Tong said:

"the real job is not to exchange your life for your monthly salary, but to correct your life with the mistakes you have made."

work is the best place for spiritual practice.

, in the new year, you will cultivate your character when you encounter things at work and cultivate your mind when you meet people.

when you and I become better ourselves, all the good things in the world will come to you.


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