The best way to educate children is hidden in this movie!
The best way to educate children is hidden in this movie!
Feel the world with your children!


friends who go to the cinema recently will probably find such a thing:

Live Tuotuo has turned the cinema into the theme field of Frozen!

Yes, you read it right! These children are loyal fans of Aisha, and they are here to cheer for Frozen 2!

just like Frozen 1 six years ago, this sequel has turned the end of this year into a carnival season covered with snow!


how popular is this snow? Listen to the children's words, and you can feel the enthusiasm of the "little fans":

"Mom, can I see it again?"
"Mom, when will it snow? I really want to see the snow! "
"Ah ~ can you accompany me skiing this year?"

what she doesn't understand is that Xiao Yuanbao has been pestering her parents since she came back from the cinema, saying she wanted to go skiing and skating.

and these sports are dangerous and abnormal in the eyes of Yuan Baoma.

she said, "Children are already physically weak and play outside all day. What should they do if they get sick?"

Egg mother has different views on this issue.

because this "Frozen 2" is actually a story about adventure, growth and trying new things.

if your child wants to go skiing and skating after watching the movie, please say yes!

never be afraid to explore the unknown

at the beginning of the story, a voice appeared in Aisha's mind to guide her to the enchanted forest. In order to find the truth, she plucked up the courage and set out together with Anna to go to the unknown world.

clear the fog! Cross the glacier! Face the giant! Ride the water horse!

Aisha has been tempered and become braver in this world, achieving herself and saving everyone.

Children will encounter many "mysterious unknown areas" when they are growing up. As parents, we should encourage babies to try and explore the unknown.

sometimes, when I go to face it, I realize that something is not so scary.

curiosity is a window to the world

how important is curiosity?

so to speak, the story of Frozen 2 begins with Aisha's curiosity.

imagine, if Aisha chooses to ignore the voice in her head, put away her curiosity and be content with the status quo, will she still encounter all the mysteries of her journey?

it can be said that Aisha's curiosity started a wonderful journey for her and her buddies.

"Xuebao" in the movie is a standard and delightful curious baby.

it is curious about everything in the world since the birth of the first film, and in Frozen 2, it begins to think about life. raises a very profound question," is there anything eternal in ? "is thought-provoking.

in life, we often see some baby problems, maybe their problems are very naive, but we parents must not be impatient.


behind a lost child, there are parents who can't lead the way

at the end of Frozen 2, Aisha protects two countries with her own magic, so you don't know the patience and encouragement now, what unexpected feedback your child will give you in the future.

when the child wants to explore, we might as well touch ta's head and tell ta: don't be afraid baby, you still have me around, Mom and Dad will face the difficulties with you.


6 years, Aisha has grown up, and our children have grown up.

every child faces the same growth path as Aisha. On this road, what we need to do is not to be overprotective, but to learn how to experience the world and try new things with our children.

for example, if a child wants to go skiing or skating, don't insist that "no", try it with your child and try it bravely.

then many parents will ask: how can you get professional guidance if you don't know how to do sports like skiing and skating?

Let's take a look at other children's first experiences of ice and snow!

this place, which is full of Princess Aisha, is the Ice and Snow Special Show of Erie Winter Olympic College 3.0 this year , which not only realizes the children's dream of ice and snow princess, but also provides professional security, which can reassure parents

parents' most reassuring feeling to see their children laugh is the most reassuring feeling for parents.

you see, children dressed in the full costume of Princess Aisha, under the guidance of a professional coach, gallop freely in the bright ice and snow world. It is really a ice princess experience!

even prepared a coronation ceremony for children, which is both dreamy and grand.

Yili as the official partner of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games , always call on everyone to actively participate in ice and snow sports, and provide professional equipment, coaches, venues , etc., so that children fall in love with snow and ice the first time they come into contact with ice and snow, leaving beautiful ice and snow first experience.

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6-12 years old

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