The best way for adults to save their lives is to sleep.
The best way for adults to save their lives is to sleep.
A good sleep is the most cost-effective investment.

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Turgenev once said: "Sleep is like a cool spray that cleans up all the business in your head."

indeed, a good night's sleep can not only help people regain their energy, but also improve their physical condition.

in a busy day, a good sleep is the best self-redemption for adults.

however, the 2022 Chinese National healthy Sleep White Paper shows that 300 million people have sleep disorders to varying degrees.

Insomnia, dreaminess and difficulty falling asleep are putting many people into "sleep debt".

if you are one of them, you might as well learn from the world's sleep experts to see how to get a good night's sleep.

are you in "sleep debt"?

netizen Li Yu said that wanting to sleep and not sleeping is the norm of his life.

every day, she can't fall asleep until more than 1 o'clock, which not only leads to poor spirits during the day, but also often loses her spirits.


@ Zheng is not late

means that he is more serious.

lying in bed, tossing and turning, I can't sleep for hours.


it seems that more and more people are getting into "sleep debt".

the so-called "sleep debt" refers to the lack of sleep again and again, just like the debt you owe on sleep.

will not only affect life and work, but also cause health problems, and even affect life.

Schopenhauer once lamented:

"Sleep is the interest we pay on the capital we recover at the time of death,

the higher the interest rate, the more timely the payment will be, and the repayment date will be delayed. "

it's okay if they don't have anything important at this time.

but if they are in surgery and driving. The consequences will be disastrous.

in the hit drama "the Wind blows Banxia", Tong Saoqi nearly lost his life because of continuous delivery of goods, resulting in unconsciousness while driving.

it can be seen that not staying up late is the best way for adults to save their lives.

because the debt on sleep is the overdraft of the body in advance and the excessive consumption of the brain.

is not only irresponsible to himself, but also a threat to others.

and a good sleep is the best nourishment for yourself and the best preservation for others.

have a good sleep

is the best self-restart for adults

Voltaire once said, "God has given us hope and sleep to make up for all the troubles on earth."

indeed, a good sleep can not only make us forget our troubles, but also help us regain our energy.

many grievances in the middle of the night will be alleviated by sweet dreams.

many helplessness in the dark will be redeemed by sleep.

A good night's sleep is the best way for adults to restart themselves.

when preparing for the Winter Olympics, Gao Tingyu was in very bad shape for a while.

not only the physical reaction can not keep up, but also the mental state is very poor, and there is even a slight insomnia.

because he is introverted, he is not used to confiding to his relatives and friends, so he can only adjust silently.

and the way he adjusts is to go to sleep.

after getting enough sleep, he is in much better shape on the ice.

his technical movements have been qualitatively improved in starting practice, crossing corners and accelerating.

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even during the competition, he has to get eight or nine hours of sleep.

this highly relaxed state also helped him win the 500-meter men's speed skating championship at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

most of the time, we sacrifice sleep at will for work, exams, and entertainment.

but it is followed by a poor state.

if you want to recover and improve your strength, you may owe yourself a reassuring dream.

Qian Zhongshu once said such a sentence:

"as soon as I slept till dawn, I felt that the crumbs and tiredness in my body had been ironed out by sleep, like wrinkles on clothes passing through soldering iron."

indeed, it seems that all living things can not do without the regulation of sleep.

many times, a beautiful dream is the best cure in the world.

A good life starts with a sleep

there are so many benefits of sleep.

but how can we get a good night's sleep?

writer Seiji Nisano tells us in Stanford efficient Sleep method:

A good life starts with a "sleep".

here are a few ways to improve your sleep power.

Golden 90 minutes to determine sleep quality

many people find that although they sleep more, they are still tired when they wake up the next day.

and some people, it seems that they sleep less, but can still maintain a good sleep quality.

here we have to mention the golden 90 minutes at the beginning of sleep, which is the golden time of sleep, when the body and brain are in a state of deep sleep.

if you can make good use of it, it can help you recover your energy quickly and even delay your aging.

so, from the beginning of falling asleep, you have to create an undisturbed environment for yourself.

regulate body temperature and create the best sleep

some people say that even if they lie in bed early, they just can't sleep.

in fact, they forgot to turn on the "switch" of body temperature in sleep.

the temperature difference in human body temperature is about 0.7 ℃ a day, and it tends to be high during the day and low at night.

and people sleep better when their body temperature is high.

so take a hot bath or soak your feet 90 minutes before going to bed.

will not only help you sleep, but also improve the quality of your sleep.

choosing a comfortable pillow is also the key

I have read such a sentence: "if you change the pillow, the mouse will not sleep."

means that changing the daily sleep environment often makes it difficult for people to fall asleep.

so keeping yourself in a familiar environment as much as possible is the key to a good night's sleep.

if you have to change your environment, you might as well take your own comfortable pillow with you.

choosing a comfortable pillow that suits you is also of great help to sleep.

"Sleep Genius" empties the brain

We often label "fragile items" on couriers and luggage, but sleep is also a fragile item.

Lighting, temperature, and environment all affect it.

and "sleep geniuses" often empty their brains in order not to be affected by the outside world.

for example, not checking your phone before going to bed puts your brain in a monotonous state.

in this way, it will not only protect eyesight, but also quickly achieve deep sleep.

starting today, try the above methods to create an efficient sleep for yourself.

if you control your sleep, you can control your life

Nick once said:

"A really good person will take the initiative to control the pace of his life and improve his sleep quotient so that he can always deal with his work and life in a positive state."

indeed, a good night's sleep can not only help you recover your strength quickly, but also keep you energized every day.

when you control the night, you can create your own wonderful day; when you control your sleep, you can better control your life.

A good night's sleep is the most cost-effective investment.

, may you have sweet dreams at night and make progress every day.