The best way for a person to become strong is to learn to cross by oneself.
The best way for a person to become strong is to learn to cross by oneself.
Life is really hard, learning to cross by yourself is the best way for a person to become stronger.

Yang Jiang said: "all the world is bitter, but we can only cross it by ourselves."

No one's life can be plain sailing. Hardship and hardship are the normality of life.

but reality often tells us that there are not so many dignitaries in life.

someone asked Luo Xiang, "how can one get through the trough of life?"

Luo Xiang said: "when life is at a low ebb, you will find a lot of truth, time can pass, often are willing to cross by themselves."

in the face of the impermanence of life, learning to cross by yourself is the only way out.

bitterness and hardship are the normality of life

Yu Hua wrote in "living": "living is not only a happy thing, but also an extremely difficult thing."

when people are alive, there are not so many things going well. Hardships and difficulties are the normality of life.

once watched such a video, a single mother cried bitterly because her son lost 15 yuan of toys and finally chose to call the police.

some people may think, for a toy of only 15 yuan, as for it?

it turns out that the single mother lived a very difficult life with her two children after her husband died.

it happens that it never rains but it pours. The illness of the youngest son makes the days of poverty even worse.

this humble toy is not only the comfort of the son's soul, but also carries the love of the mother.

the helpless mother burst into tears under the weight of life after the only toy she bought for her son was stolen.

the adult world is never easy, bitter and difficult are never absent.

in the movie "the Killer is not too Cold", the hostess saw her family killed, but there was nothing she could do. She withstood her sadness and despair and asked: "is life always so painful, or is it only when I was a child?"

Leon said: "it's always been like this."

in life, there is always too much uncertainty, the pressure of life, and sudden accidents always catch people off guard.

Yu Minhong said: "the suffering of life has no end. Only by working hard in the midst of suffering can we do what we want to do."

there is no one whose life is not hard. Since evading can't solve the problem, we can only choose to face it optimistically.

only through the trough of life can you see the light in the gap.

in life, you lose by counting on others

there is a saying: "Don't think highly of your relationship with others."

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in one's life, we will always meet many people and make many friends, but there are very few people who can really accompany you and help you.

when you are in trouble, if you count on others to help you, you lose.

have seen a very thought-provoking short film. U200d

A girl offered her seat to an old man in black leather shoes and red socks on the bus for the interview. The old man was very grateful.

sitting in the chair in the interview room, the girl with her head down saw the black leather shoes and red socks at first glance. She thought the interviewer was the old man, but she looked up but was not.

the girl who failed the interview came out frustrated and was surprised to see that the old man she had helped in the morning was cleaning the hall. The old man thanked her again and encouraged her to do so.

when she was about to leave, she heard someone shouting the president to the old man, and the girl immediately felt bright in front of her eyes, thinking that the old man would give her a chance.

however, when she looked back, she found that she was shouting for someone else, and the glimmer of hope she had just kindled was instantly dashed.

she turned and walked on, and heard someone shouting, "Brother, go back to the president's office."

turned his head and was disappointed again to find that the president was a man in a suit.

at this time, the president's brother shouted again, "President, stop playing!"

but the president is still not the old man, and the hope raised by the girl has been dashed again.

maybe we were all like that girl, hoping that God would give us good luck and that someone would give us a hand when we needed help.

but miracles do not happen, and the hardships and hardships of life can only be endured by ourselves.

there is a saying in Yan Geling: "depending on your parents, you can become a princess and rely on men

, you can become queen. Only by relying on yourself can you become queen. "

others can help you for a while, but not for a lifetime. Only when you are strong enough can you resist the problems that life throws you.

whenever you can only rely on yourself, it is unrealistic to count on others.

the only way to live a sad and happy life is to make your own way

see this sentence on the Internet:

"on the road of life, everyone is a lonely walker. In the face of the predicament of life, the only way to get out of it is to look away, put it down, and do not cut corners in order to suddenly enlighten your life."

there is no such thing as empathy in life, because human joys and sorrows are not the same.

some people live in villas, some people live in thatched cottages, some people are gorgeous, some people are covered in dirt, and in the face of different circumstances, there is nothing others can do to help.

Shi Tiesheng, author of The Temple of Earth and me, was in his prime when an accident left him unable to walk on his legs.

when he was admitted to the hospital, he thought he would recover and leave the hospital in ten days or half a month. As a result, his condition became more serious three months later.

he kept asking the doctor, "can I get better?"

as his illness worsened, he began to become restless and indifferent to his family's concern.

discouraged Shi tie

resent the injustice of fate, but all to no avail, he opened a life with a wheelchair after he was discharged from the hospital.

when he couldn't find a job or a way out, he even thought of death, and during that period of begging for death, he began his fate with The Temple of Earth.

often go to sit quietly in the garden alone, sometimes observe plants and insects, sometimes think about the meaning of people's life, and sometimes read the world with a book.

after a period of introspection, he finally got out of his inner cage, began his creative journey, and finally wrote his masterpiece The Temple of Earth and me


perhaps, like Shi Tiesheng, we have encountered the trough of life and complained about the unfairness of fate.

for the tribulations of life, it is better to change than to complain.

those who can live through life are often those who are willing to cross by themselves.

in the face of the impermanence of life, if you blindly fall into internal friction, you will only make yourself more and more depressed.

only by precipitating yourself, strengthening your faith, and finding a breakthrough in life, can you get through the dark moments of life.

because of self-crossing, it is

the best antidote.

once read such a sentence: "everyone is his own God, and only himself can save you."

in the face of setbacks in life, complaining about others will only make things worse and worse, lower expectations of others and strengthen your heart in order to get out of the predicament.

people who are really strong all know how to cross by themselves and be their own dignitaries.

people often say: "the world is not a pure land, each has its own sufferings."

Life is really hard, learning to cross by yourself is the best way for a person to become stronger.

, may you be strong in your heart, not afraid of the wind and rain of life, face the problems of life bravely, and live the life you want.

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