The best state of life: eat well, meet slowly, and keep loving
The best state of life: eat well, meet slowly, and keep loving
Keep loving, one step at a time, life will be wonderful.


there is a good saying:

"Life between heaven and earth, such as fleeting, all of a sudden, each of our lives are only a few decades, how to find the best state, everyone has their own considerations."

if you think about it, it is true.

there are thousands of ways to live. Everyone has different circumstances, different destinies, and different choices.

have a good meal

Zhihu once had a question and answer: "what is the most reliable way to maintain good health?"

one netizen's answer was very touching: "have a good meal."

eating is not only to fill the stomach, but also to supplement the strength of running forward and feel the human flavor of life through eating.

to take one porridge and one meal seriously is not only responsible for life, but also responsible for yourself.

the video of daily life shared by Beijing drifters and his wife, Brother Yang and Xiaoni, has attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans.

in the video, they not only share the work, but also cook in the kitchen, even if the day is dull, they try their best to live every day.

A few potato cakes, a bowl of steamed egg custard and a plate of fruit opened a vibrant day.

after work, they will also go to the vegetable market, whether it is radish, green vegetables, or chicken, duck and fish, which have become exquisite delicacies under their careful production.

Brother Yang will praise her craftsmanship while eating Xiao Ni's cooking dishes, and Brother Yang will also cook Xiao Ni's favorite braised meat, which is full of color, aroma and taste.

even a person will not make do with the meal, but get into the kitchen and use delicious food to drive away the tiredness of the day.

three meals a day seems simple, but in life, many people are "mean" to themselves.

either because you are busy, you are hungry for a full meal, or you are in a bad mood and casually deal with a few mouthfuls, or you follow the drama and browse your cell phone while eating.

do not realize that eating is for living, and eating well is for yourself.

only by eating every meal in a leisurely manner can you have the strength to confront the problems of life.

remember that there is a saying in "one person eating":

"I think people who are good at cooking must also be people who can arrange their lives."

people who love life will not make do with every meal. They eat regularly, mix meat and vegetables, and never treat their bodies badly.

A life full of vitality begins with steaming and cooking; take good care of yourself and start by being kind to your stomach.

in the following days, we should eat on time, live conscientiously, and live a steaming life in a light meal.

having a good meal is the greatest respect for the body.

meet slowly

Junichi Watanabe shares an interesting phenomenon in his book insensitive Force:

"when pursuing a loved one, many people are always impatient and can't wait to press the fast forward button and meet each other for a few times, hoping that they will commit themselves to you or get married."

but forget that the truth in words and the truth in feelings all need the test of time. Relationships that progress too fast can hardly stand the scrutiny of time.

vows of love, can not resist the emotional pallor; flowers before the moon, can not stand the life of firewood, rice and salt.

meeting each other slowly can last longer than being together in a hurry.

the love between Ba Jin and his wife Xiao Shan is the envy of countless future generations.

at the age of 32, Ba Jin was famous for his novel Home. He often received letters from readers. A letter signed off from "a teenage girl" attracted the attention of Ba Jin.

this girl is Xiao Shan.

after six months of correspondence, the two met each other, but unexpectedly, they were not even embarrassed and unfamiliar after they met.

but Ba Jin was too old to respond because she was afraid to delay her.

the ice-breaking of their relationship began when Xiao Shan was arranged to be "engaged" by her family.

Xiao Shan hopes that Ba Jin will work with her to resist this "engagement." unexpectedly, Ba Jin said, "it's up to you to consider and decide."

also explained to her:

"you are immature and emotional, and you may regret for the rest of your life. If you have a mind of your own and are willing to have me as an old man, then we will live together."

this kind of confession made the relationship between the two people heat up rapidly. after falling in love for 8 years, they tied the knot together, and for the next 40 years, they respected each other and held each other together.

as Aoyama Qihui said in "New year":

"in fact, there is no need to be in such a hurry. It doesn't matter if you are not in such a hurry. You must remember that all things related to love take time."

Fast food love comes and goes quickly, but only a slower relationship can be fulfilled forever.

you might as well give fate some time and wait patiently. Everything will be done slowly and it will be too late.

if you meet people who go both ways with you, spend more time learning about each other's habits, work, and family, and spend more energy chatting, watching movies, and traveling.

in the flow of time, slowly get to know each other; in the run-in of the years, close to each other.

Mountain and sea have their own time to return, wind and rain will meet each other, and those who love you will.Late, but will not be absent; a good life, there will be regrets, but will be happy in the end.

keep loving

after the film Elephant sitting on the ground won the Academy Award, Deng Lu, the film's photographer, also became popular.

she is the only female cameraman in the country who carries a Stanickon stabilizer.

because the lens shot by Steinecon stabilizer is visually powerful and dynamic, but it weighs 60 or 70 jin, so few girls use it.

after Deng Lu's tidbits became popular, she was praised by many netizens, but few people knew the painstaking efforts behind her.

in order to be able to carry Stan Nikon, Deng Lu worked out crazily, increasing muscle and reducing fat.

in summer, she was covered with eczema by the machine. She was so painful and itchy in the middle of the night that she couldn't turn over and burst into tears.

on another occasion, when there was a strong wind on the way to shooting, the sign on the roof fell and fell on her face.

she failed to control her body in time and rolled to the ground. After this fall, the clothes were covered with dirt and blood, and the ligaments of the buttocks were also strained.

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but she has always maintained her love of photography, and she believes that as long as she sticks to the end, she will succeed.

it took Deng Lu a long 14 years from being scolded as an assistant for "this is not something your girls move," to saving money to buy the first machine, and then to Stanickon, who is qualified to carry millions of yuan.

because she worked hard enough, she became a photographer for the award-winning film; because she was excellent enough, director Chen Kaige praised her shot as beautiful as a poem.

there is a Dulio law in psychology.

means: "nothing makes one feel older than losing enthusiasm; without enthusiasm, everything will be in bad shape."

your enthusiasm for life determines the level of brilliance of life.

people who lose enthusiasm for life are like cars without fuel. They are not powered enough to run forward naturally.

Life is always difficult, there are good times, there are troughs, occasionally happy, often lost.

in those unhappy days, the love in your heart is like a beacon that guides you out of the darkness step by step.

as many people say, as long as you love it enough, everything comes like a butterfly.

if you have something to look forward to, you can move forward bravely; only with enthusiasm can you ride the wind and waves.

do not stay after the wind and catch up with the moon, and the spring mountains are at the end of Pingwu.

Life will never be unkind to those who love, just keep loving and walk to the light, and there will be natural surprises.

writer Lin Qingxuan said: "Life is just like this, the pursuit of a better, more spiritual and spiritual self."

Life is your own and has nothing to do with others. It depends on how you live and how you live and live where the river of time eventually flows.

have a good meal, take care of yourself, and live a fireworks life.

meet slowly and start slowly before you can be gently waited for by time.

keep loving, one step at a time, life will be wonderful.

having a good life will lead to a better you.

May we cherish the romantic universe and cherish the daily life of the world, three meals and four seasons, interesting and hopeful, warm and calm for the rest of our lives.