The best marriage is not a partnership, but these two words.
The best marriage is not a partnership, but these two words.
The best marriage is not in partnership, but in the rest of your life.


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Marriage is one room, two people, three meals, four seasons

the best relationship is to be happy at first sight and never get tired of it for a long time.

Marriage and love are different, less romance, more fuel and salt, in the days of chicken feathers in the same place, how not to be paralyzed, not bored, how to live steaming hot, more test the wisdom of emotional management.

Lin Yutang and his wife Liao Cuifeng lived in a simple and warm courtyard after they got married.

Liao Cuifeng likes to talk, so Lin Yutang sat in her chair and listened quietly.

if his wife is angry, he won't answer back. he thinks that when husband and wife quarrel, they have different opinions, and one more word in anger is nonsense.

Lin Yutang sometimes helps to wash dishes after meals, but he is all thumbs and it is common for him to break dishes.

although Liao Cuifeng was frightened and scared, she wouldn't say anything more, leaving her husband to show his skills in the kitchen.

Lin Yutang goes to a gathering of writers' friends every Saturday. Liao Cuifeng has no dissatisfaction, but is very supportive of all social activities for her husband.

Liao Cuifeng runs the house, and Lin Yutang never interferes too much. no matter what food his wife cooks, he eats it with relish and is never picky.

the secret of such a beautiful marriage is that two people appreciate each other and respect each other.

when the passion fades and enters the mundane life of one room, two people, three meals and four seasons, there are many small frictions and chicken feathers.

it is more necessary to tolerate each other's imperfections and ailments, be considerate to each other, and support each other in order to walk through the ditches and ridges of life together.

the rift in marriage starts from never talking well

in less than two years, my good friend May left.

May cried to me the most: he couldn't communicate at all!

he wanted him to smoke less and drink less, but he said, "Why are you more annoying than my mother?"

he wanted to talk about his mind before going to bed, but he said coldly, "Don't be too hypocritical, I'm asleep."

seeing that he often worked overtime, he asked if he had encountered any difficulties in his work, and he said, "you don't understand even if you say so!"

over time, May did not ask any more questions or take the initiative to find a topic to chat. He thought she was mature and sensible until he saw a divorce agreement signed by May.

there is a good saying: the so-called love is to talk well.

the affection between husband and wife is not only built by warm and intimate words, but also dismantled by words of indifference and alienation.

the person who really cares about you is not how much money he can give you or how many promises he has made, but that he will listen carefully whenever he wants to talk to him.

interaction and communication are the best antistaling agents for marriage.

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A long stream of water cannot be achieved by wishful thinking. It requires close participation in each other's life process, sharing interesting things and troubles encountered in work and life, not alienating, not estranging, and keeping fresh, so that we can survive the long years and walk to the end of the day.

the best marriage is not a partnership, but the rest of your life

the highest state of marriage is that since I met you, I will be you for the rest of my life.

the two formed a bond, from being strangers to knowing each other, helping each other in the years and rivers, going through ten or twenty years together, and for the rest of their lives.

when all the splendor is dull and all the desires fade one by one, I still have the only wish in my heart, that is, to hold each other's hand until I am old and white.

you are here, I am here, love is in, home is in, two people are sitting idle, the lights are amiable.

the rest of my life is still long, do not envy the end of the world, do not envy prosperity, only willing to take your hand, fine taste of this world's longest love fireworks happiness.