The best blessing for a woman: plump
The best blessing for a woman: plump
Accept yourself as you are, welcome it, face it, and you will be able to tide over the difficulties of life smoothly.


the public's acceptance of things is gradually increasing, but the definition of beauty is slowly becoming narrow.

I do not know since when, "white" and "thin" has become synonymous with "beauty". It seems that a little fullness will become a kind of burden.

especially for women, many people blindly lose weight and lose weight in order to pursue beauty.

in the end, his health collapsed and his health was gone.

in fact, there is never only one kind of beauty.

slim is beautiful, slightly fat is beautiful, white is beautiful, health is also beautiful.

the most beautiful appearance of a woman is never to blindly pursue slimness, but to choose the state that best suits her.

maybe in the eyes of many people, being slightly fat is not perfect, but such a woman, from the inside out, is a potential stock that makes people feel secure.

as the old man often said, "Fat woman is a treasure."

Women who are slightly fat will not only look better, but also have a better life.

A slightly fat woman is healthy and beautiful

think about it carefully, many women in life do not dare to eat or drink in order to be skinny and try their best to do the right thing with their bodies.

in the long run, not only nutrition can not be guaranteed, but also people will lose their spirit.

on the contrary, the slightly fat women, most of them are "gluttonous" and will not bother themselves too much for a few pounds of meat.

they are more willing to enjoy life, keep themselves healthy and feel the satisfaction of food at the same time.

my friend Jing Jing used to be anxious about her slightly fat figure. She always felt that she was not thin enough and kept her sensitive nerves counting calories every day.

Rice is almost eaten grain by grain, and the fruit only dares to eat a few small pieces. If you eat a little more, you will blame yourself desperately.

after a period of time, Jingjing developed an eating disorder, not only physical nausea and vomiting, but also a poor mental state.

under the guidance of the doctor, Jingjing slowly regained her previous weight and her body indicators were normal.

not long ago, Jingjing posted a photo on moments with an article:

"being slightly fat is not depravity, and losing weight is not inspirational. The beauty of health is the real beauty!"

in the photo, she is wearing a ponytail, confident and brimming with healthy vitality.

thin is not necessarily beautiful, but fat does not mean that it is not beautiful.

the plump face and flesh on the body is not only a blessing, but also a sign of health.

you should know that fat and thin are just numbers, and don't affect your body because of the aesthetic and evaluation of the outside world.

A little flesh on the body, a little fat in the healthy range, a balance between health and beauty, is the best figure.

A slightly fat woman is generous

Liang Shiqiu once said:

"most fat people have a good temper, and the reason why they are fat must be that they eat and sleep well.

the so-called broad mind and fat body, it should be said that if you have a broad mind, you will not worry about everything, you will have enough to eat, you can sleep, you will be fat and have a good temper at the same time. "

slightly fat women are always good-tempered, they know the world rather than the world.

the stall where I often go shopping has a warm and cheerful fat sister, she often carelessly loudly solicit guests, very amiable.

the most important thing in the vegetable market is to haggle, but Pangjie's stall has always been kind and friendly, and there is always a fascinating smell of fireworks.

Fatty Sister is a real person. When weighing, she always throws away rotten cauliflower leaves and cauliflower stalks before weighing them.

she is never short, nor will she mix bad dishes with good ones.

she always marks the price clearly and always gives enough.

when I meet some cheap guests, I always like to ask for more after shopping. Fat sister never cares and always gives them some more generously.

those young couples who don't cook very often come to buy vegetables, and the fat sister will affectionately stuff a few more spring onions when bagging.

therefore, Pangjie has become friends with many guests. When some people are in trouble, as long as she knows, she is always willing to help.

in this way, regular customers introduce new guests, there is no shortage of guests in front of Pangjie's stall, and business is becoming more and more prosperous.

there is a saying:

"popularity is an echo. What you send, it will return, and what you sow, you will reap."

slightly fat women are always unwilling to care too much and are willing to live in harmony with the people around them.

because they understand that good popularity is a passport to walk in the world.

because of this, they also inadvertently reap a happy life.

A slightly fat woman is optimistic and open-minded

A netizen once shared a passage that his mother said to herself:

"you little girls are always dissatisfied with their appearance, thinking that their waist is not thin enough, their eyes are not big enough, and their skin is not transparent enough.

but at our age, we really think that young girls look good when they are fat and thin.

Don't feel inferior because of the single aesthetic standard of society, because everyone has his own unique characteristics. "

Yes, there's nothing wrong with being fat at all. the important thing is to live your own characteristics.

the actor Yoko Hashimu was once considered unsuitable for the entertainment industry because of his appearance.

chubbyWith her figure and round face, she does not belong to a beautiful woman in the traditional sense.

I still remember that when Hot Mu made a short film for the first time, he was scolded for being popular because of his appearance and figure.

some people say that she is "too fat to look like an actress", while others say that she is too ugly to make a movie.

in the face of netizens' accusations, he smiled bitterly.

she doesn't see this as criticism, but rather as an alternative encouragement from netizens.

you see, slightly fat women seem to be born with optimism.

No matter what difficulties you encounter, you can find a way to break the situation with a positive attitude.

such people never take daily trivialities to heart and face them with a smile wherever they go.

comedian Jia Ling is the representative of the Fat Goddess. Although she does not have a popular beauty, she always wears a contagious smile.

Jia Ling said: "I would rather be chic fat than the same thin."

she never worries about her weight and can even use her weight to amuse herself and pass on her joy to everyone.

there are always many ups and downs in life, and many people may unconsciously fall into pessimistic self-consumption.

but slightly fat women always bring their own optimistic attributes and smile at life with positive energy.

as Joe Gillard said:

"I want to face the whole world with a smile. When I smile, the whole world smiles at me."

even if there are some disappointments in life, fat girls can always be their own healers and move on happily.

such a woman can live a happy and comfortable life no matter what kind of life she gives her.

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Women who are slightly fat are more receptive to who they really are

there is a question on Zhihu: "what is the most perfect weight for a girl?"

A high praise replied:

"born beautiful, there are all kinds of postures.

as long as you are confident, it is the most beautiful weight.


I strongly agree.

in this world, everyone is unique, and everyone's beauty is ever-changing.

do not doubt yourself because of the words of others, accept who you really are, you can live out of yourself, confident and optimistic.

Yan Rujing, a contestant in the wonderful work, has always been loved by everyone for her fat figure and exquisite dialectical ability.

many netizens think that her figure is not perfect, but Yan Rujing never worries about it.

she thinks that being fat is the loveliest thing about her, so she has become a favorite in the show.

Yan Rujing was not affected by her figure, but made her way through life with her own rigorous logical thinking.

each individual does not need to be defined by others, and living out his true self is a kind of beauty.

A slightly fat girl has her own unique charm.

face is always happy, with self-confidence and cheerful image to create a classic legend of their own.

slightly fat girls will not put themselves in a secular standard, because they know that they will always be the only ones who decide whether their lives are good or bad.

weight is just a number and doesn't determine a better life.

accept the appearance of non-standard, and try to live in harmony with them, you can live to be the most dazzling self.

there is a sentence in Silent confession:

"our whole life is to get rid of the expectations of others and find who we really are."

very often, it is because we are unwilling to accept ourselves that we get involved in all kinds of internal friction.

accept yourself as you are, welcome it, face it, and you will be able to tide over the difficulties of life.

if a man does not cross by himself, no one can.

in everyone's life, there will be storms and ups and downs, to seek self-acceptance, in order to deal with it freely.

likes a sentence very much: "Fat has a fat mind, thin has a thin pattern,


it is not important to be thin. One's virtue is the goal of one's life practice.


Don't confine yourself to a certain kind of beauty, and don't affect your life because of the disintegrated aesthetic.

can pick up, let go, full of love for life, live a simple and casual life.

A slightly fat woman can keep her inner innocence and purity even through the ups and downs of the years.

I hope that every girl can accept and embrace her true self and live her own calmness and self-confidence.


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