The bald strong hair styling contest begins! There are also "bear haunts" ahead of the cinema, Huawei 5G mobile phone waiting for you to come!
The bald strong hair styling contest begins! There are also "bear haunts" ahead of the cinema, Huawei 5G mobile phone waiting for you to come!
Mothers are welcome to brainstorm with their babies.

when Egg Mommy was browsing Weibo yesterday, she saw an interesting hot search- strong bald hair Design Competition .

Click in and know that December 29th is Qiang's birthday, and his birthday wish is to have" beautiful hair ".

in order to satisfy the wish of bald head, netizens have picked up paintbrushes to design hairstyles and celebrate birthdays.

as to why bald head strength wants hair so much, we'll talk about it later. Let's take a look at the hairstyles designed by immortal netizens.

A strong brother wearing pearl earrings


Mona Lisa Qiang

Ha, although Qiang has no hair, the hairline is not so high after wearing a wig? Feel sorry for him for a second.

Marilyn Mengqiang

unexpectedly, skinhead Qiang will not disobey when she pretends to be the boss of women's clothes.


besides, there are a lot of amazing hairstyles. Trust me, just search on Weibo # shaved head strong hairstyle contest # , the source of happiness will be there all day, make sure you laugh like a rooster!

near Gouxiong Ridge, a new" Wild Land "has been opened, and everyone can change into various animals.

bald head Qiang transformed into a lion and bear, deeply aware of the joy of being hairy, so his birthday wish is to really have his own hair.

Fantasy size: 15px;\"> this is also the original intention of netizens to design hairstyles for bald heads. It can be said that it is very sweet ~ /span>

so how do the balls and Feifei know? It turned out that they had discussed it with their friends many times and watched the trailer many times.

Lunar New year's Day (January 25, 2020) Bear haunts the Wild Continent , it is an annual routine.

I can finally understand how these two little guys love bear haunting--

in the seven-year animation series of" Bear haunts ", my family's egg Feifei has hardly missed an episode.

two children who don't know each other talk about "how big bears play with bald heads" and "what are there in the northeast forest?" You can quickly get familiar with such topics as

of course the egg moms have to satisfy their wishes, not only that, but also invite you to watch the movie-

attention! Mom's manual will have advance viewing activity ~ want to see friends, don't miss it!


now, Egg Mommy wants you to join the carnival--

" Wild Land "

so, # if the bald head has strong hair # , what kind of hairstyle do you think suits him?

believe that you and your baby who have unlimited brains must have a lot of interesting ideas.

Let's share with you the strong image of bald head with hair in your heart. Mothers are welcome to open their brains with their babies.

first step : according to the following picture provided by Mom's manual, perform Free creation .

(long press to save the picture and start free creation)

second step : send your "ingenuity" to Mom's manual backstage , we will pick out 28 lucky fans and send his thank you gift package for bald head Qiang.

step 3: welfare broadcasts, here comes the point! ! ! all fans listen up, the prizes are as follows--

xa0 most Creative Award xa0

(1 name)

Huawei MATE30 PRO 5G phone

(it will be considered as a standard in terms of creativity, detail and completion,

selected by @ Movie Bear haunting Project team)

xa0 Best Vision Award xa0


Bear appearance gift package

(will be considered as the standard in terms of visual effects, styling and completion,

selected by @ Movie Bear haunting Project Group)

xa0 interest participation Award xa0


two tickets for" Bear in the Wild mainland "

( the final interpretation of this event is owned by @ Movie Bear)

how about? Are the gifts on it super stylish? Do you have any feelings?

move your fingers to add hair to your bald head, and the prize may be your Oh