The attitude towards your parents affects the fate of your life.
The attitude towards your parents affects the fate of your life.
Be kind to your parents and the world will be gentle with you.

some people say: "the attitude of the world towards you is often hidden in the attitude towards your parents."

I think so.

Life is bound to show teeth and claws to a person who is cold to his parents.

those who are unfilial to their parents will mourn all their lives.

parents are the way we came

people come and go naked, beginning and end, have nothing.

parents are the way we come, our roots, and the leaders of all the good things in the world.

raise us from small to big, understand our joys and sorrows.

when parents are around, all glory is witnessed and applauded.

when the parents go, all the gains and losses become worthless.

Lao she said, "even if you live to be eighty or ninety years old, you can still be a little childish if you have a mother."

losing a loving mother is like a flower in a bottle. Although it still has color and fragrance, it loses its roots. "

those whose parents are still alive are young after all.

they are always concerned about their parents and have the courage to fly high under the "shelter".

"having old age" is not a burden, but a synonym for happiness.

Desiring to be the Belle of the ball with top quality yet low priced cheap formal dresses? Allow to be served with the coolest tastes available.

shouting parents, some people respond, is the most reassuring moment in my life.

forgive your parents' mistakes and free your heart

A man who is not a sage is infallible.

parents are the same. They can't be perfect in everything. They just learn from the previous generation and give everything to us in their own way.

most of the time, we can shake hands with the world only by forgiving our parents' mistakes.

in life, many people who do not know how to be grateful to their parents will think that all their misfortune is the fault and debt of their parents.

always feel that their parents are not as good as those of others and fail to help themselves in terms of money and power.

therefore, I interpret my failure as unfair.

for parents, they will only take it for granted and "suck blood" unscrupulously.

as far as parents are concerned, they are only interested in interests and have no emotional concerns.

do not realize that people who do not know how to be grateful to their parents will never be able to live a good life.

their gains and losses have long engulfed their conscience, day after day, using their ugly behavior to express what is meant to bite the hand that feeds them.

on the contrary, people who know how to be grateful will understand their efforts from the perspective of their parents.

they will ignore their parents' minor mistakes and infinitely magnify their good to themselves and keep them in mind.

the grace of dripping water will also be returned by Yongquan.

they look at their parents, their gains and losses, and the whole world with gratitude, and make the boat of life plain sailing.

be kind to your parents and have no regrets all your life

I have read the sacrificial article "Mom" written by Liu Shengdong to his mother. There is a paragraph in my heart, one of which is even more impressive.

the mother gives more to the child,

always feel that there is still a lot of debt.

the child gives very little to the mother,

it is said to be filial piety.

in the world, it can never be equated between what parents give to their children and what their children give back to their parents.

We grow up in time, and our parents grow old in time.

there are many things that we can escape from the past without thinking about it.

A lot of time, if you don't cherish it, you will never be able to do it all over again.

time is ruthless, time is cold.

the emergence of regret is the most heartbreaking.

Zhi Yu said, "it is more beautiful than three animals to respect one's relatives."

filial piety is three meals a day and companionship in life, not a grand funeral after death.

parents are here, life still has a place to come, parents go, life is only the way back.

when people leave, the tea gets cold. Filial piety to parents is the last thing one can wait for in this life.

parents, we are the light, according to the way we came, but also according to our future.

the attitude towards our parents determines the fate of our lives.

in the Song of persuading filial piety, it is said: "A man who is unfilial to his relatives is not as good as grass and wood."

filial piety comes first, and people who are filial to their parents will never be too bad.

be kind to your parents and the world will be gentle with you.