The adult shopping cart reveals the heart-wrenching truth: suddenly found that parents have been secretly getting old
The adult shopping cart reveals the heart-wrenching truth: suddenly found that parents have been secretly getting old
It often happens in an instant to find that parents are old.


my husband can't answer, so I can only make lists and make forms to buy things for family members.

I thought I could stock up on necessities this time, but a Wechat from my dad made me realize that there was nothing in my shopping cart for my parents.

Wechat he said: daughter, you have grown up, we can not keep up with the times, we will not buy online. I just went to the bank to transfer money for you, so buy what you need.

it turns out that after hearing that young people are buying with their hands, his first reaction is not to buy something for himself, but to send me a" shopping fund ".

but what about us? Sometimes even if I send them things and gifts, I don't think carefully about whether they really need them.

Why can't the children who are supposed to know them best know what they like?

think about it, because we know too little about our parents.


for many adults, they have no time to go home and sit down and chat with their parents, nor do they have time to make a phone call to ask how they are doing.

in the long run, our understanding and concern for them is becoming more and more limited, so limited that we can't even remember what they look like.

when many people come home for the Spring Festival, they are suddenly surprised that the man with bent back and busy work is no longer the middle-aged man with upright waist and thick hair as he remembered at that time.

as in the hot search # when did you start to find your parents getting old #, found that parents' aging is often an instant.

like Egg Mom, before I saw my dad's Wechat, he had nothing to do with old people at all in my heart.

they're really old, they don't know how to use smartphones, and they always have doubts about online shopping.

as we grow up and enjoy the convenience of Internet shopping, they are still stuck in the days when they have to go to the city and buy food early in the morning.

now when you see the topic "when did you find your parents getting older", the egg mother feels even more deeply.

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you know, my dad used to eat big pig's hoof sauce elbows.

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take my dad to a haircut, and the barber keeps selling us their imported hair dye, picking up my father's hair and saying," if this is dyed, your father's white hair will be completely invisible. "

my dad wasn't talking. I guess he was thinking something.

the next day, my mother told me that he went to the barbershop alone to dye his black hair.


maybe you don't remember your parents' age, but mottled white hair, curved back and confused memory will remind you that as the days go by, so do they.

what should we do besides sighing that the years are unforgiving?

two days ago, I saw a video and gave the answer:


Egg Mom was moved by Li Ruotong's carefulness and regretted not paying attention to the white hair on her parents' head.

when I chatted with my mother, I also mentioned doing hair, but at that time I thought it was normal to have gray hair.

after watching this video, I realized: parents love beauty, but we always ignore what they really need.

so I decided to dye my parents' black hair once. When I saw Liri Kunbu hair dye , I also searched it and found that it was very suitable for parents.

easy to operate, practical

you can also see from Li Ruotong's video that it is quite easy to dye your hair with this.

unlike the barber shop's AB agent, it does not need to be mixed with multiple agents, so it is especially suitable for your own home use.

put on the cling film or hair cover and wait for about 30 minutes-rinse thoroughly-just dry with a hair dryer.


it not only has no pungent smell, but also darkens all my mother's white hair at once, which is very convenient.

after dyeing, my mother looked "smug" in the mirror for a long time, and said that her hair seemed to be more moist ~

Why is this hair dye so magical? After deep stripping of its ingredients, the egg mother has something to say.

Natural plant pigment makes hair more natural

it is well known that most hair dyes hurt hair and scalp by directly opening the scales.

but the dyeing principle of Kumbo dye is different from this.

it uses four kinds of ionic pigments, aiming at the positive ions of damaged hair, and uses the negative ion pigments of damaged hair to combine with them and gradually permeate until the color is fixed. There are also nano-molecular pigments, which can penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum of the hair, making the staining more firm.

also extracted a variety of plant pigments to make the hair color more bright and natural.

to put it simply, it doesn't destroy hair scales, so don't worry about hair becoming irritable. It is especially suitable for parents who need to dye their hair black and white frequently.

low irritation and no harmful chemicals


" Kawajiri "is an island in Hokkaido, Japan, which is famous for its rich kumbo (that is, kelp), which has good moisturizing, water-locking and moisturizing effect, making hair healthy and glossy.

as you know by the name, this hair dye focuses on Hokkaido natural Liri Kumbo essence, unlike ordinary hair dyes with irritant ingredients such as phenylenediamine, acidifier and silicon ~

when I opened it, it was a faint plant fragrance, and it was not pungent at all ~

in addition, it also contains the essence of 27 kinds of plant extracts, such as ivy, rosemary, chamomile and Korean ginseng, which can make the hair color more natural!

all in all, this hair dye is natural, mild in taste, effective and easy to operate.After trying it out, it was even more popular!

less white hair, postpartum white hair . It can be said to be a multi-purpose, super affordable

in addition to hair dye cream, their family also has an artifact that works very well- hair dye pen.

original price use coupons only , it's quite a bargain.

not now, but when?


Open Taobao or Tmall International app search [Liri Kunbu overseas flagship store] and you can place an order. Yo

Let them understand that children have grown into towering trees, which can not only protect them from the wind and rain, but also make them feel at ease to rely on.