Ten little things that cure most in spring
Ten little things that cure most in spring
Only when you really go out, can you feel lively in spring and lovely life.

once saw a 15-year-old child say:

"the general feeling of our generation is that it is no fun to live."

writer Zong Pu also experienced a dark moment, but when she passed the wisteria waterfall, she was infected by its vitality.

was lifted, and the grief in my heart was resolved.

the flowers have bloomed, spring has come, and I want to share ten warm little things with you today.

May every day be real and specific in this hopeful season.


look at a spring snow

two days ago, there was the first snow after the Beginning of Spring in many places.

Imperial Palace, Qinling Mountains, Mount Tai, the Great Wall. All fade away flashy, become quiet, pure, be covered with a layer of romantic poetry.

as the saying goes, spring snow is the earliest flower in spring.

Spring snow falls lightly, falls less, falls shallower, a thin layer, not as thick and cold as winter snow.

you don't have to wait for the sun to come out, the sun just hides behind the thick clouds, and the snow melts quickly.

she seems to be just a passing messenger, hurrying to the world to tell us who are carefully enjoying the spring snow: spring and warmth are coming!


read a poem

there seem to be a lot of poems left in spring, because all things revive and the ancients are full of poetry.

when they saw the new hair of the wicker, they wrote that "the warm and cold February spring breeze is like scissors";

when he saw the lively swallow, he said, "whose spring swallow pecks the spring mud";

when I felt the wind blowing on my face, I read "the spring breeze has blown green the banks thousands of miles south of the Yangtze River"....

"the spring breeze moves the heart of spring, and the eyes flow into the mountains and forests. The mountains and forests are full of wonders, and the sunny birds utter clear sounds. "

every poem is the delicate moment of their life and the proof of their affection for every plant and tree.

the plan of the year lies in spring, and the plan of the day lies in the morning. Read a poem in the early morning of spring and copied down last night.

that is the classical rhythm written in spring.


find a flower

when did I know that spring was really coming? I think it was when my colleague said that the magnolia downstairs had opened.

I wonder if the taxi driver nearby will drive more slowly than usual when driving this road recently.

because it's so beautiful.

he may release the throttle ahead of time and slide slowly away from the red light, looking at the direction of the flowers.

the poet Gu Cheng said, "Spring counts her flowers every night."

perhaps, many people also open their mobile phone photo albums before going to bed and count the magnolia.


A thorough cleaning

Spring is the beginning of the four seasons.

many people will take advantage of the bright spring to do a thorough cleaning, cleaning, washing, drying quilts. I'm so busy.

but some people just take advantage of thorough cleaning, break out in a big sweat and lose some mood.

the house needs to be cleaned regularly, so is the heart, and the dusty heart is gray and confused.

sweeping the floor to remove dust can brighten the gloomy heart.

after tidying up the house, the mood of "constantly cutting and messy" is often swept out of the door along with the garbage.

after all, the past winter is old, we should use a new body and mind to embrace the breath of spring!


take one step

Tao Xingzhi once wrote a lyric:

"Spring is not a reading day. Birds talk about trees and flowers laugh in the west garden." I would rather dream of butterflies and sleep with flowers. "

he hopes that children will embrace nature and read "living books" in spring.

Spring does bring many people back to childhood.

everyone went out to run wild, shuttling through the fields of rape flowers that seemed to be unblooming, and running to the green rice fields.

go to the mountain to dig a handful of wild vegetables, even if the face is covered with mud, and then according to the experience handed down at home, pick a few non-toxic red berries, then pick a handful of wild onions, and take home fried duck eggs.

only when you really go out, can you feel lively in spring and lovely life.


plan a trip

recently, many people have begun to cash their travel lists that they have accumulated for three years.

in fact, a trip is not so extravagant and remote.

if you want to save trouble, call the travel agency and all kinds of three-day tours will leave at any time.

if you want to make it easier, you can choose your destination and go.

listening to the train "rumbling", looking out of the window at the vast field, the inspiration for travel just came out, or flipped through the netizens' strategy, or opened the map to choose blindly.

No matter how far I go, since it is in spring, let me meet spring!


have a picnic with friends

the spring sun makes the grass as green as it can be.

it looks so soft that people want to roll on it, but they don't expect to stab their buttocks as soon as they sit down.

on weekends, let's go to a nearby park with a couple of friends, spread a checkered picnic cloth on the grass, and bring some snacks and fruits.

if it's not too much trouble, bring a set of teapots and teacups.

before the water boils, there will be a few snacks, the water will boil, and two more cups of tea will relieve the tiredness.

there seems to be no more pleasant moment than such a wasted afternoon.


listen to a spring rain

it is written in the poem: "Zhu Zhai sleeps and listens to the rain, and moss grows in the dream."

listening to rain sleep is naturally romantic, but listening to rain when you are awake is like being in a dream.

such as fog, smoke, dust. This is the case with spring rain.

it comes with the spring thunder and the spring breeze.

with wisps of rain, everything in the world becomes a hazy freehand painting scene, flickering and flickering.

the branches and leaves of jasmine on the balcony swayed slightly, and I was suddenly delighted to think that there was no need to water or spray nutrient solution.

because spring rain is the best nourishment.

beautiful wedding dresses will make sure you radiate glamor and desire. Easy to use and great value too.

when the weather is hotter, the flowers should be able to bloom better.


make a phone call

some people say that the continuous spring rain is like the nagging and concern of the family.

when it rains in your city, it makes you worry about your relatives in your hometown.

is my grandfather with rheumatism a little sad? Did Grandma, who is afraid of cold, put on her thick socks?

although what we are told to do is to eat, dress, live and travel, and pay attention to our health, we will only nod and say yes to the good news but not the bad news....

there are only a few people who really care about you and care about you at the same time.

the family who survived the last winter accompanied us to this spring.

so, I hope that a good night before hanging up the phone can become Chun'an.


get a good night's sleep

the spring rain is slight and the spring breeze is intoxicated. In spring, people are particularly easy to get sleepy.

on gloomy days, the body secretes more melatonin than usual.

half asleep and half awake, comfort yourself: conform to the laws of nature. Just dive into the soft pillow.

I don't want to take care of the documents to be processed on the desk, and the plan for self-improvement.

the rain outside the curtain is a lullaby and dark clouds are hypnotic lights.

you have to believe that if you get enough sleep, your body will gradually recover.

if you feel that your life has almost come to a standstill recently, you might as well accomplish these little things one by one at the gentlest time of the year.

the grandeur of spring makes us feel small.

but whenever we feel that we can't hold on, such a grand and vigorous vitality will give us a steady stream of energy and make us feel good to be alive!